Concept Art Featuring The Lizard For SPIDER-MAN 2 & Alternate Looks For The Silver Surfer

Concept Art Featuring The Lizard For SPIDER-MAN 2 & Alternate Looks For The Silver Surfer

It's fair to say that Marc Webb's take on The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) in The Amazing Spider-Man divided fans. But, if you ever wondered how Sam Raimi's version of The Lizard may have turned out just take a look at the artwork Constantine Sekeris created for Spider-Man 2.

Some of you may be shocked to learn that director Sam Raimi was initially planning to have Dr. Curt Connors (Dylan Baker) turn into The Lizard for Spider-Man 2. He, along with Dock Ock, Black and Harry (James Franco) as the new Green Goblin, were all to be featured in the sequel, but screenwriter Michael Chabon suggested narrowing the field down to just Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina).

So, as I was scouring through Constantine Sekeris' website today I came across concept art of a reptilian figure. I asked the artist if it was for The Amazing Spider-Man. He then emailed me back explaining that it was actually created a long time ago for Spider-Man 2 when the choice of villain(s) was still up in the air.

Also below, you can find werewolf designs for Joss Whedon's Cabin In The Woods, Freddy Krueger make-up designs for 2010's A Nightmare on Elm Street, creature designs from NBC's Grimm, and different versions of The Silver Surfer's chrome look for Tim Story's Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer.


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TheFascinatingMan - 12/31/2012, 4:55 PM
Wow! That makes me feel a lot better about Marc Webb's version. Great find nails!
iZinDiaN - 12/31/2012, 4:56 PM
That first design almost made me puke...
KryptonitePen - 12/31/2012, 4:57 PM
that freddy krueger is dog-poop IMO, glad that never made it onscreen.
Jollem - 12/31/2012, 4:57 PM
i would have liked to have seen the spider-man trilogy that raimi wanted to make
thewonderer - 12/31/2012, 4:58 PM
Better than TASM, at least this one has some kind of snout
JorLBola - 12/31/2012, 4:59 PM
Wow, the first Lizard was terrible, looks like an alien, the second was Ok, but I'm glad with final product
JorLBola - 12/31/2012, 5:01 PM
That image of Tobey crying Out of context is very funny :P
bazinga85 - 12/31/2012, 5:06 PM
The lizard is a lame character. Even with the snout he wouldn't work well on screen
JokerFan21 - 12/31/2012, 5:07 PM
It just says Black as opposed to Black Cat.
Jollem - 12/31/2012, 5:07 PM
@thewonderer - i see you're one o' them "snout aficionados"

the lizard in tasm looks like the lizard more than how bane in tdkr looked like bane
Mrcool210 - 12/31/2012, 5:08 PM
what do ya know? another thing webb did better then raimi would have, hopefully that will shut people up about tasm
Durf - 12/31/2012, 5:09 PM
Yeah this Lizard design isn't that great either, but I think I like it better than the TASM design. Which really isn't saying much mind you...
Anderson - 12/31/2012, 5:16 PM
Chora Pete
superotherside - 12/31/2012, 5:18 PM
LOL. Nice find Nail's.
CaptainObvious - 12/31/2012, 5:22 PM
The designs aren't that good but Spider-Man 2 is still one of the best comic book movies ever.
thewonderer - 12/31/2012, 5:22 PM

*Feels insulted at Lizard insult, insults irrelevant design of another movie*

Comic accurate DESIGN comes second to actually looking good on the big screen.

You have to make sure the design doesn't look completely stupid in the movie. Lizard looked like shit, non threatening, based on an old obviously outdated prototype design.

Banes comic design did him no favors, considering he wasn't popular at all and considered a joke (Even the TAS creators originally didn't want Bane in TAS because they thought he was lame, and his VA in TAS is laughable anyway).

The Arkham games even messed him up bad.

Banes movie design is badass, you don't have to think so, but everyone I know loves the TDKR design.

Because of Nolan, Bane is actually a relevant Batman villain now. His lines and voice are emulated by tons of people, and I have a Bane T-shirt I constantly get complemented on.
Ranger14 - 12/31/2012, 5:28 PM
"Comic accurate DESIGN comes second to actually looking good on the big screen"

Your opinion and one I don't agree with. You don't have to compromise one for the other. The only relevancy Bane has now is amongst those who are Nolan fans. For the rest of the regular folk, he is forgettable. Lol @ "his lines and voice are emulated by lots of people". What world do you live in? Certainly not the same one I do.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 12/31/2012, 5:29 PM
I would have loved to see Tobey Spider-man face off against Lizard. The Raimi films felt more like Spider-man to me rather than the dark version we got with Amazing Spider-man.
PapaEmeritus - 12/31/2012, 5:30 PM
Great find nail! That Silver Surfer looks like a [frick]ing Grey alien! LOL
thewolfx - 12/31/2012, 5:35 PM
Least raimis had pants , you nutless nude lizard lovers
0bstreperous - 12/31/2012, 5:35 PM
@thewonderer you don't think bane was a little silly?

Watch this I cringe every time I think about sm3 and tdkr

Good superhero movies can have a lasting positive influence on a real fan these movies were insulting
XxComablackxX1937 - 12/31/2012, 5:39 PM
I happen to like The Lizard in these pictures a lot more then The Amazing Spiderman one.

This one at least looks creepy, the one in TAS looked goofy.
SpideyMan123 - 12/31/2012, 5:39 PM
My God that lizard is horrible
ATrueHero1987 - 12/31/2012, 5:45 PM
@thewonderer O_O...lmao, you just contradicted yourself.smh
thewonderer - 12/31/2012, 5:48 PM

You realize a video was like that was made for the Avengers too? So does that make Avengers a bad movie? no. And don't even respond with, "but its not true for Avengers!"

People these days like tearing apart every major release for flaws as a joke. TDKR has problems, Avengers has problems, TASM has a ton of problems, and so did TDK, EVERY movie.


You don't have to compromise one for another?

Why is Mandarin not oriental in Iron Man 3? Why doesn't he have magic?

Why did they mix two villains badly in Iron Man 2?

Malekith the Accursed doesn't look that much at all as his comic counterpart either.

Why is Thors whole origin COMPLETELY different in the MCU?

You don't have to, but on film not everything translates.

For the rest of ordinary folk?

Bro, South Park had an episode on Bane, Memes are all over the place, I've seen his shirts all over the place.

Get over yourself, and stop attacking me. I see this, you don't allegedly, whatever.

Caps helmet bothered a lot of people in Avengers. It didn't bother me, but not everything translates to film.

JerBear - 12/31/2012, 5:51 PM
What do these filmmakers have against the lab coat?
Jollem - 12/31/2012, 5:55 PM
@thewonderer - i didn't feel insulted. i never take personal offense when someone insults something that is not me. it would be silly to, otherwise

i thought the lizard looked good and horror monster-style threatening. he could tear apart inches-thick sections of metal. if you came across that lizard in a dark or brightly lit alley you would probably pee yourself rather than laugh

i like bane's look in the comic and the movie. bane had popularity in the comics and i don't think he was considered a joke. and i thought the arkham games version was good as well

"Banes movie design is badass, you don't have to think so, but everyone I know loves the TDKR design."

i never said i didn't like the look of movie bane. chill. if you are not already aware, i have been in defense of the nolan batman films from attackers many times

"Because of Nolan, Bane is actually a relevant Batman villain now. His lines and voice are emulated by tons of people, and I have a Bane T-shirt I constantly get complemented on."

seriously, there is no need to preach to me. also, bane has always been a relevant batman villain to me, even before the movie

in other words...

ATrueHero1987 - 12/31/2012, 5:56 PM
Anyway, I remember that Spider-Man 2 was originally going to have Doc Ock, The Lizard, AND Black Cat. Good ol Superherohype
maxxgone - 12/31/2012, 5:57 PM
jesus christ, what's that 5 villains?! maybe raimi isn't the genius i've always thought he was. thank god for chabon because i still feel SM2 holds up as one of the top 3 CBM's of all time.
Jollem - 12/31/2012, 5:58 PM
@AmericanPsycho - well, apparently. that was not my intention :/
KalebAmos - 12/31/2012, 6:25 PM
Something about the second Lizard concept looks a bit more creepy to me. And I like creepy.

Kind of random Surfer designs?
Coachella - 12/31/2012, 6:29 PM
Spider-Man 2 still is the best Spidey film.
Ranger14 - 12/31/2012, 6:30 PM
thewonderer@ You are switching your argument from design to other character traits and rather lame attempts at it as well. The discussion that you were having was on Bane and the Lizard. Why are you bringing up other films?

"Why is Mandarin not oriental in Iron Man 3? Why doesn't he have magic?"

Mandarin is a descendant of Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan's descendants were scattered all over Asia and Europe.Kingsley is of Asian descent, thought it really doesn't matter, I think the look in images we have seen is close enough. Why doesn't he have magic? It is obvious you have never read an Iron Man comic. Mandarin did not use magic. His rings' powers were science/technology based.

"Malekith the Accursed doesn't look that much at all as his comic counterpart either."

Huh? If one can't tell right away that is Malekith, I don't know what to tell you other than you may need to get your eyes checked.

If the rest of your post was coherently written, I may be able to respond, but Bane being on some t-shirts and on South Park hardly impresses me. I can't say I have ever seen an adult wearing a Bane t-shirt. Can't rightly say I have seen one on a kid here in the Phoenix area. You like Nolan's Bane...I get it...though I don't get it. To each their own.
storyteller - 12/31/2012, 6:57 PM
Folks these people make hundreds of concept images. What you see in concept may not be the one that's chosen as the final design.
Billium3 - 12/31/2012, 7:09 PM
Wow, that first Lizard design would have been great to see on the big screen as opposed to what we actually got!
Jollem - 12/31/2012, 7:11 PM
@AmericanPsycho - flame wars-just like money-may be a necessary evil. i've never really been a fan. people can debate without personal hate

DCjohnny - 12/31/2012, 7:11 PM
I wish u all a happy and prosperous new year ....
MrYurMomm - 12/31/2012, 7:35 PM
Wow... that concept art just makes me REALLY appreciate what we got for part 2. Just looking at those designs makes me feel that SM2 could easily have been as bad as SM3. BUT IT WASNT AND THANK GOD FOR THAT (or whoever you personally thank).
SpideyQuad - 12/31/2012, 7:35 PM

Thanks for the picture, it really brought back memories. Gwen Was my first crush, I was probably 12 years old and still having gotten over her death.

Happy New Year's everybody !
FightAs0ne - 12/31/2012, 7:43 PM
Thanks for not using this. Spidey 2 is still the best one.
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