EDITORIAL - Speculation on Who This Car Thief in "The Amazing Spider-Man" is.

EDITORIAL - Speculation on Who This Car Thief in "The Amazing Spider-Man" is.

So, most of us have already seen the new TASM clips. Here's what I think who this car thief is. - FriendlyJoShFest

Since the first issue of Spider-Man came out back in 1962, we all know that Peter Parker's uncle (Ben Parker) was killed by a common thief.We even got to see how this event was ravaged by the third Spider-Man movie from the Raimi trilogy, where we were told that the actual killer was Flint Marko(a.k.a Sandman), upsetting fans all over the globe, including me.

Since the story of the character can only be altered so much, we already know that Uncle Ben is going to die before Peter becomes Spider-Man. In the first Raimi movie Uncle Ben was killed by a carjacker (Carradine) who could have been stopped by Peter but he chose not to. Originally he was killed by a burglar named Carradine, but that's the premise itself.

So, like I said before, the story can't be changed that much,whether this Carradine is going to be a carjacker, a burglar or whatever, he is the man that's going to kill Uncle Ben and that's a given fact.

My theory is that this guy who we see in the second "The Amazing Spider-Man" trailer, could be Carradine himself and I'm going to show you why I believe that's him.

In one of the pictures from the trailer we see Peter in his room sewing what will later be his Spider-Man suit. But if we look closely, we can see a sheet of paper hanging from his wall where we see the police sketch of a burglar(or carjacker according to the trailer).

This "wanted person" could be anyone, except by the fact that if his mugshot is there in Peter's room, is probably someone important...even if he's only a carjacker.I mean, if this common thief had killed someone important for you, wouldn't you do something about it if you had the power? So that leads me to believe that perhaps he's only a common thief for the police, but Uncle Ben's killer for Peter.

This is only a theory, but I really believe that this guy from the picture is Carradine, besides he does resemble an awful lot to the car thief in the trailer. So think about it, if this was true, wouldn't you all be trash-talking this guy as you humiliate him as well?

Let me know what you guys think leaving your comments below.

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