Great New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Close-Up Images, Concept Art, and Oscorp Featurette

Great New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Close-Up Images, Concept Art, and Oscorp Featurette

MTV News has the exclusive on new concept art, behind-the-scenes footage and stills from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with stills giving The Rhino, Electro and plutonium great closeups. Check them out!

We’ve always known that Spider-Man’s most important battle has been within himself: the struggle between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. But in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker finds that a greater conflict lies ahead.
It’s great to be Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield). For Peter Parker, there’s no feeling quite like swinging between skyscrapers, embracing being the hero, and spending time with Gwen (Emma Stone). But being Spider-Man comes at a price: only Spider-Man can protect his fellow New Yorkers from the formidable villains that threaten the city. With the emergence of Electro (Jamie Foxx), Peter must confront a foe far more powerful than he. And as his old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, Peter comes to realize that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp.
Directed by Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for release on May 2, 2014!
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NightWatcher - 3/21/2014, 8:37 AM
Im still smh on the metallic rhino.
MrCBM56 - 3/21/2014, 8:50 AM
Rhino looks badass. Lol. I can't see the 616 Rhino working. Although I would've like to be proven wrong, I'm happy with what we got.

It's so awesome he still runs on all four legs.
write33 - 3/21/2014, 8:51 AM
@NightWatcher me too. the Spidey costume is a home run, I cannot decide if I like the Rhino..which probably says something right there.
KarolosPrime - 3/21/2014, 8:51 AM
This movies looks so Awesome!!!!!!!!👌
charlie2094 - 3/21/2014, 8:52 AM
Rhino looks brilliant! After having Lizard, didn't expect another giant animal, just a Rhino with Giamatti's face...this does make more sense, and isn't this more based on the Ultimate Spider-man? It's a lot like the ultimate Rhino

Electro looks good, kind of wish he had more than just a basic black costume, but I guess it works, webshooters look good too
ProfessorX - 3/21/2014, 8:59 AM
RHINO looks great.
Luminus - 3/21/2014, 9:03 AM
Why can't the pumpkin bombs just look like pumpkins? How hard is that?
TopCat89 - 3/21/2014, 9:03 AM
I like the brighter vibe/more comic book feel this movie has....'Amazing Spider-Man' for me was too dark and depressing for a Spider-Man movie...I like that Marc Webb, seems to have corrected this!

As 'MrSundayMovies' said in one of his podcasts..."He's a teenager with superpowers....cheer the [frick] up!"
Joementum - 3/21/2014, 9:07 AM
Shia LeBeouf invented the Rhino Transformer.

He has a truly inspired mind.
Spideyshawn - 3/21/2014, 9:08 AM
R.H.I.N.O looks badass if I say so myself the poster view was very jarring but in motion and in most of the new pictures dropped I like it.
Dandy - 3/21/2014, 9:14 AM
The new pumpkin Bombs looks cool.
YeezusWept - 3/21/2014, 9:14 AM
I've warmed up to the Rhino; it's very crude yet practical but again, this is his first appearance. It's likely he'll get a more source-accurate version of the suit by the time Sinister Six comes out.

Goblin, on the other hand...
CaptainAmerica31 - 3/21/2014, 9:17 AM
I actually really like that rhino look
theowl - 3/21/2014, 9:18 AM

because - why? Why would they build a suit and make the bombs look like actual pumpkins?
thalidomide - 3/21/2014, 9:18 AM
Just saw the trailer for the first time on HD, the movie looks cool.
SauronsBANE - 3/21/2014, 9:20 AM
How exactly is a robot that looks like a rhino "practical"? Besides the obvious "Well, he's a giant rhino in the comics!", someone needs to explain to me why Oscorp would give someone a giant rhino-shaped robot to mess around with. If there's literally no explanation given other than the fact that the comics does it, that's kind of ridiculous IMO.
ComicsBornAndBred - 3/21/2014, 9:20 AM
Why are Spidey's webshooters on the outside of his costume?? They're usually tucked in beneath his gloves. No winder they get electrocuted and damaged so easily in that final trailer clip.
Vegeta - 3/21/2014, 9:21 AM
Electro looks pretty cool in that pic.
Luminus - 3/21/2014, 9:21 AM
@theowl: Why would someone build a suit like that anyway. How does a teenager make a Spider-Man suit THAT complex? How does a man turn into an electric being, simply because he fell into an electric eel pit? Why in the world is there a guy in a Rhino suit wrecking things?

Do you see a pattern here?
Dandy - 3/21/2014, 9:22 AM

That is the most nitpicky thing I have ever heard. It's a giant mech suite that sort of resembles a rhino.
Spideyshawn - 3/21/2014, 9:23 AM
Oscorp didn't make that suit.
JJJameson - 3/21/2014, 9:25 AM
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be two of the best superhero films ever made.
venkman9993592 - 3/21/2014, 9:25 AM
These new Spider-Man movies that revolve around Oscorp and people gaining abilities from animals (spider, lizard, and you see eels in a tank as Jamie Foxx falls into it) is a lot like Ninja Turtles fighting Krang/Shredder. They should have focused on other origins in the 2nd movie. leave the animal splicing with human genes alone. Electro's original origin is cheezy but they should have gone another route with this one.
Luminus - 3/21/2014, 9:26 AM
@whysoserious54: Ouch!
stoptheworld - 3/21/2014, 9:27 AM
OMG I saw Gusto in the final trailer! D:
Magus - 3/21/2014, 9:28 AM
Bitch bitch bitch. Thats all you guys do here. The Rhino is the only villain in this movie that looks like a good adaptation.
CaptainAmerica31 - 3/21/2014, 9:34 AM
@luminus why would they make pumpkin looking bombs? What's the purpose
Fornication - 3/21/2014, 9:35 AM
Never in my life I'll be able to understand the people who complain about Rhino. Do you people SERIOUSLY want a gigantic man dressed up as a Rhinocerous in a grey unitard like in a Halloween costume? Rhino being a mecha makes him much more dangerous and hard to stop.
DVonShakari - 3/21/2014, 9:36 AM
The rhino is the only villain in this movie that looks like a horrible adaptation.
DVonShakari - 3/21/2014, 9:37 AM
I wanted Rhino to have the face of a Human but with a mutated, cross breed of Rhino...
Primordiac - 3/21/2014, 9:38 AM
Yeah I love the pumpkin bombs.
SauronsBANE - 3/21/2014, 9:41 AM
@Dandy, So it's just a giant robot that happens to have a giant horn for a nose? That just happens to sometimes need to run on 4 feet? That, in all likelihood, will be given a codename like R.H.I.N.O.? Gimme a break.

At least in The Winter Soldier, Falcon actually has a practical use for his set of wings. It at least makes sense. In The Amazing Spider-Man universe so far, nothing ever makes sense like that. Harry is going to turn into a Goblin because, heck, that's how the comics did it! Paul Giamatti is going to run around in a rhino suit, because get it? Rhino!

Ugh. Users here on CBM are literally some of the only people who have such high hopes for this movie. Almost everyone else, comic fans and non-fans alike, is expecting a disaster based on the terrible first movie. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
UltimateHunt - 3/21/2014, 9:42 AM
Seeing the rhino in last TASM-2 Trailer moving was pretty cool
UltimateHunt - 3/21/2014, 9:47 AM
1st let me lol
2nd I agree with your statement, u make a good point(s)
3rd U have it backwards thoe, its the fans CBM who DONT have expectations for this film. And non-fans aka general audiences who want to see it.

Example. Transformers, we all know michael bat, well how he is as director, well general audiences dont give a damn, they will watch transformers 4,5,6.even been mediocre as the last 2
GreenLantern519 - 3/21/2014, 9:47 AM
MTV's video player sucks so much.
theowl - 3/21/2014, 9:53 AM
what will the age limit be for this movie? agelimit*?.. I don't know what it's called
SauronsBANE - 3/21/2014, 9:53 AM
UltimateHunt, Please believe me when I say I'm not trying to be a douche but IMO you couldn't be more wrong about that.

Comic book fans aren't this special unit of movie fans who are more "enlightened" or "knowledgeable" than other fans. That's a myth. There's PLENTY of so-called general audience fans that aren't quite dumb enough to just lap up whatever someone like Michael Bay pumps out. You're severely underestimating these people.

Spend any amount of time on movie sites other than, or just talk to movie-loving people on an everyday basis, and you'll easily see that.

From my first-hand experience, its comic book fans who are showing MUCH more anticipation and excitement about TASM 2. And based on the comments section of any Transformers articles on this site, it's the comic fans who actually think Transformers 4 will somehow be better than the other movies.
ekrolo2 - 3/21/2014, 9:53 AM

How do you know "everyone" is expecting a terrible movie?
Fornication - 3/21/2014, 9:54 AM

Have you seen the movie? We don't know the origin of the Rhino mecha. Also it is clear that he is very fond of Rhinos judging from his underwear in the scene Spidey pulled down his pants. He could have made the robot in a way that would look like a Rhino because he obviously love the animal just like in our world there are several military equipment based on animals.

"Almost everyone else, comic fans and non-fans alike, is expecting a disaster based on the terrible first movie."

And the reason why people have hopes for this movie is because it looks nothing like the first one. ;)
xXkryptoniteXx - 3/21/2014, 9:57 AM
Lol Rhino looks like a poor man's iron man, still in the realm of Sony's Spiderman. This looks sick. Still not a fan but will check it out for the purpose of being entertained and having open mind.
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