Latest THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Clip Now Released In Standard Definition

Latest THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Clip Now Released In Standard Definition

Following the leak of a shaky bootleg, a properly recorded version has now surfaced of The Amazing Spider-Man clip which features Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker and Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy.

The Amazing Spider-Man is the story of Peter Parker (Garfield), an outcast high schooler who was abandoned by his parents as a boy, leaving him to be raised by his Uncle Ben (Sheen) and Aunt May (Field). Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy (Stone), and together, they struggle with love, commitment, and secrets. As Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents' disappearance - leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr Curt Connors (Ifans), his father's former partner. As Spider-Man is set on a collision course with Connors' alter-ego, The Lizard, Peter will make life-altering choices to use his powers and shape his destiny to become a hero.

Unfortunately, it cuts off a split second before the end of the clip, but we only seem to lose a word or two. This is in considerably better quality than the bootleg version uploaded yesterday, although this and the other three Kellogg's clips have yet to be officially released by Sony Pictures (it's unlikely they will so many months before Marc Webb's reboot hits the big screen anyway). Check it out below and be sure to sound off with your thoughts in the usual place.


Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors/The Lizard
Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben
Sally Fields as Aunt May
Denis Leary as George Stacy

RELEASE DATE: July 3rd, 2012.

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batfan175 - 4/5/2012, 5:43 AM
FAtypeofguy - 4/5/2012, 6:25 AM
omg pathetic haters its a 30 sec clip from a whole movie what do u excpect??....but as professional movie critics you have made your mind already!!
BLACKTHORN - 4/5/2012, 6:29 AM
ultra gay.
BIGBMH - 4/5/2012, 6:50 AM
looked good to me. i have a feeling it's going to get a lot of negative response because a lot of people on here are like "omg! high school romance is part of the plot! i must defend my masculinity by hating this!"
Boyle360 - 4/5/2012, 6:54 AM
The only thing gay about this is Ellen herself. If you're calling the movie clip 'ultra gay', then I'm afraid you're 'ultra retarded'.
Wildaniel - 4/5/2012, 6:58 AM
I like it, the movie will be AWESOME!
Wildaniel - 4/5/2012, 7:02 AM
At the end Gwen says "I still go see the nurse if I were you" something like that.
GUNSMITH - 4/5/2012, 7:13 AM
EditNinja - 4/5/2012, 7:22 AM
I predict this to be the XMFC of 2012.
-The underdog reboot that pleasantly surprises everyone.
JDUKE25 - 4/5/2012, 7:36 AM
I like it but the video still wasn't good quality.
drfate - 4/5/2012, 7:50 AM
hmm, Gwen with the husky man, er, I guess that's sexy.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 4/5/2012, 8:01 AM
I enjoyed that 30 second clip more than Spider-man and Spider-man 3 combined.
skidz - 4/5/2012, 8:04 AM
The movie doesn't come out until July and there are already more clips for it than The Avengers.
thanos83 - 4/5/2012, 8:14 AM
No..its not insecurity as to why this film has been getting such negative hype..or any other petulant "psychobabble" that the "plants"care to dish out on here(consequently making your whoal reason for spamming up the talk back "MOOT" in the first place,why insult the people your trying to court..seems like bad bushiness to me,)its because the majority of everything weave seen from this film just sucks..plain and simple
ad 2 the fact that we just had a trilogy of spidy films over that last ten years that in spite of a rotten third,made a favorable lasting impression in the minds of fans and average film goers alike

i feel if laura zizkin was still alive this movie would have never happened, atleast not in such a short timespan from the realse of the last film, some times u got 2 let people "breath" abit
TheAmarilloBlack - 4/5/2012, 8:25 AM

lol@haters who will be blown away
GizmoEl - 4/5/2012, 8:25 AM
I think 5 years is a sufficient enough amount of time for the reboot. And it's great that there's a diff storyline this time around.

With every piece of footage I see, I get more and more hyped for this movie. I am already loving this Gwen/Peter romance, the spidey jokes were AWESOME, and that last trailer we got shut up a bunch of the haters as soon as they saw it.
thewolfx - 4/5/2012, 8:27 AM
Sanderman - 4/5/2012, 8:35 AM
who complains about a movie over a 30 second clip?
just trying to find reasons to hate now. This, Avengers, and TDKR will blow people out of the water and keep CBMs coming for years to come
DrGreecelove - 4/5/2012, 8:41 AM
I approves.
thanos83 - 4/5/2012, 8:56 AM
lol..nobody ever grew up wanting to be a grammer coach,so pipe down with the snark will u,what i wrote was perfectly clear,stop cherry picking my statements to fit Your agenda

again this movie was only made so sony wouldn't have to pony up the rights back to marvel

KNIGHT3000 - 4/5/2012, 9:03 AM

thanos83 - 4/5/2012, 9:10 AM
she was involved yes,but u dont know enough to say to what end? and also i was merely speculating based of info thats in the public domain, alot of Sony(Todd black,rami,ziskin and the exec who canned spidy 4 thats currently running this cluster [frick])dirty laundry was put out for all to see, due to the fallout between rami and sony.and the damage control that soon came after ,even going as far as to smear ramis name in the process,by making up that vultiuris crap shit(a big fat lie) and spreading it every where they could in order to cast themselves as the voice of reason in a brewing fiasco,assuming u even know about it,take the time 2 read a post before u attempt 2 piss on it

thank u
Blitzed - 4/5/2012, 9:31 AM
@thanos83 I think your tinfoil hat is on a little too tight. "Plants' and 'damage control'?! Someone doesnt hold the same opinion as yours so they must be a plant! LOL What extent was Laura Ziskin involved? She was the producer! Emma Stone even referred to this as 'her baby'. I've been a Spidey fanatic for over 30 years and I am extremely excitied for this movie. I hated the campiness of Rami's films and love the majority of what I am seeing from the reboot, so don't attempt to speak for me when you speak for the 'fans'.
thanos83 - 4/5/2012, 9:34 AM
well blitzed..ur a idiot then..another cherry piker with no facts or research back up ur post,the bad blood between those people was very real and not imagined as u would attempt 2 frame it,and besides, what else would u expect someone whos been giving a sweet break in a summer tent pole that's cost millions of dollars(and above being paid, supposed to say. why are even here?!? Google is your friend

liking spidy 4 30 years means nothing if u dont understand what has made the character a lasting icon all this time,lol oh lord,another disposable idiot 2 add 2 the kindle. spidy has plenty fans,but that doesnt mean all of them could make a great spidy,film ,comic ETC

Fenlion - 4/5/2012, 9:41 AM
I'm a nolanite. And a marvelite. As the Jeffersons theme song says:
"Ain't nothin' wrong with that!"

Great summer ahead! For ALL Fanboys. So just enjoy it. Sheesh!
thanos83 - 4/5/2012, 9:44 AM
Also: in Hollywood, money and damage control go hand and hand,u might know that if u wasn't spending ur life in your grandmas basement wanking 2 amazing spider man 8..mark webbs favorite(LOL)

SpiderFan35 - 4/5/2012, 10:20 AM
@Dr Fate: Glad to know I'm not the only one who finds her voice unpleasant.
MrSuperheromoviefan - 4/5/2012, 10:29 AM
bad jokes
uninteresting diolauge
Blackreverend - 4/5/2012, 10:29 AM
This must be after he beats on Flash Thompson...
Blitzed - 4/5/2012, 10:36 AM
@Thanos Wow, I would have been more delicate had I known I was adressing someone who is clearly 'special'. You call me an 'idiot' when its obvious you are barely literate. Ive said before that the memebership on this site has got to have one of the lowest collective IQs on the web, and you are a large contributor to that.

Why am I here? Im interested in this movie; I thought that would be obvious. Why are you here?

'Facts and research' to 'back up' my post? Where are yours? I see nothing but speculation based off rumors you found on Wiki.

It seems that your only recourse when someone disagrees with you is to resort to rambling, name calling diatribe. I guess thats to be expected when dealing with someone hampered by an extremly low intelect. Keep fighting the good fight though as you should probably stick to the childish Rami films anyways, I think this one may be a little over your head
satanbakesale - 4/5/2012, 10:37 AM
This shit was filmed at my schooooool!!!
Blitzed - 4/5/2012, 11:22 AM
I gotta say that the editing is a little awkward in the clips weve seen. I know they are obviously still in post but I wouldnt have released these clips unless they were finished.
thanos83 - 4/5/2012, 12:11 PM
um,,u forgot u facts there once again..all this ducking and dodging your doing makes u look like a plant,thru all that self serving crap that dribbled out of your putrid mouth,alas, not a single VALID counter point was uttered,made or effectively demonstrated by u,just more "i know u are but what am i shit". And no what im talking about is not from wiki, but from this site and many others that hosted the leaked emails..Why should i have prove anything to u,don't u work for Sony/Columbia pictures? how can i prove what u already know and lie about.But then again a lowly plant on a message board would more than likely have no idea about the inner-workings of the company besides collecting their measly little check to "layaway" more copy's of Amazing spider-man #8 to jerk your tiny carrot off to..again Google is your friend.....jack ass.
MrReese - 4/5/2012, 12:13 PM
Ms.Stone u sooooo fine!! XD
Vital - 4/5/2012, 1:07 PM
I don't know how people could "love" this clip, there was nothing in it lol. I don't "hate" it either, it's just meh, nothing cool nor bad at the same time.
Blitzed - 4/5/2012, 1:13 PM
@Thanos83 I hope for your sake English is not your first language. Its clear reading comprehension is not your strongest suit so I will keep this simple. Laura Ziskin was a producer on this film, thats a fact (I believe they are even dedicating it to her). Other than that I dont think I made any other cliams that require 'facts and research'. It is a fact Im excitied for this film; I can research that right now...yes its a fact, I'm excited. You keep telling yourself that anyone who disagrees with you is a plant and I'll keep waiting for that check from Sony. Oh, and please stop imagining me jerking off, its disturbing.
Blitzed - 4/5/2012, 1:24 PM
@Thanos LOL! Laura Ziskin Productions is the production company behind The Amazing Spider-Man.

'Google is your friend' LOL!!
thanos83 - 4/5/2012, 1:26 PM
lol boy the more i try to talk 2 u the dumber i get.
thanos83 - 4/5/2012, 1:31 PM
all ur doing is lying twisting and turning what i say(badly) ....i never said she wasnt a producer ???again..what ur point?

i also noticed u didnt post any links 2 the emails u know exist

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