New THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Production Photos

New THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Production Photos

With one pic candidly teasing the Sinister Six, a new batch of production photos for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have surfaced online also featuring Stan Lee, Dane DeHaan & Paul Giamatti.

In “The Amazing Spider-Man™ 2,” for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), life is busy – between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can’t come quickly enough. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away – but that’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past. The film is directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci & Jeff Pinkner, with a previous draft by James Vanderbilt, and based on the Marvel Comic Book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are the producers. The latest chapter in the Spider-Man story is set for release in 3D on May 2, 2014.
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TonyChu - 8/18/2013, 1:57 PM
SINISTER 6 ?!?!?!
Jazza815 - 8/18/2013, 1:57 PM
Look at the reflection in Stan's glasses. Interesting.
DioFoRio - 8/18/2013, 1:57 PM
Avi Arad...forever alone
DioFoRio - 8/18/2013, 1:58 PM
@Jazzaz815..what is it? I can't make it out. Is it Batman?
JDUKE25 - 8/18/2013, 1:58 PM
Rhino looks ridiculous. Can't imagine what the "armor" will look like.
DioFoRio - 8/18/2013, 1:59 PM
Meant Bateman

Mike89 - 8/18/2013, 2:00 PM
Sinister 6?!

DioFoRio - 8/18/2013, 2:00 PM
So Sinister 6 huh?
TheManFromMars - 8/18/2013, 2:00 PM
LOL Sinister 6
BruceLeroy - 8/18/2013, 2:00 PM
Why are they spoiling the Sinister 6?
Abary - 8/18/2013, 2:00 PM
Stan Lee better have a great cameo in this! ;)
DioFoRio - 8/18/2013, 2:01 PM
Maybe Sinister 6 is like Pier 1 for assholes.
Abary - 8/18/2013, 2:02 PM
Maybe this is a different Sinister 6....
LEVITIKUZ - 8/18/2013, 2:02 PM
4 one done.

Is that Stan Lee?

Also Sinister 6? Please stop rushing it. Focus on making good films and telling great stories before doing the 6. Your 0-1 so far Webb.
Jollem - 8/18/2013, 2:03 PM
LEVITIKUZ - 8/18/2013, 2:04 PM
*down not done
koolaidbag - 8/18/2013, 2:04 PM
......all of the photos starting at stan's have very interesting, and odd things about them.....what do all these things mean, and what are there purposes.....these photos have raised my suspensions for this film.
Jollem - 8/18/2013, 2:04 PM
giamatti smiling is priceless
Abary - 8/18/2013, 2:06 PM
The Sony Logic: Since a Spider-Man movie with 3 villains failed miserably, they decide to reboot it with 6 villains...
Hemsey - 8/18/2013, 2:07 PM
Sinister 6 ???!?!?!?!! LOL
Abary - 8/18/2013, 2:08 PM
Who is the man in the 4th pic?
Abary - 8/18/2013, 2:08 PM
Abary - 8/18/2013, 2:09 PM
LOL "Stan Lee, Dane DeHaan, and Stan Lee"
Doopie - 8/18/2013, 2:10 PM
Giamatti looks like he's getting the blow job of a lifetime
LEVITIKUZ - 8/18/2013, 2:11 PM
Exactly ABAR. Name me a CBM with 3 or more villains that did good. And I want MAIN villains.
MarkV - 8/18/2013, 2:16 PM
Kind of a hot mess. I'll still be there opening day though.

I mean Spiderman has to be the coolest idea for a super hero ever.
FOOM - 8/18/2013, 2:16 PM
Visually it looks just fine. Not so sure about the script, direction and editing though.
charlie2094 - 8/18/2013, 2:17 PM
Electro's the only main villain in this reportedly. Apparently Rhino's just a small tease at the beginning, setting up bigger things. Other than that, we don't know what's happening with the Goblin.

No confirmation about any other villains, just rumours. The Sinister Six won't be in this one, like Webb has said with Rhino, it's all just set-up and teases, hence why 3 & 4 have already been confirmed.
Fanmar16 - 8/18/2013, 2:20 PM
¿What reflect the Stan Lee glasses?
Dandy - 8/18/2013, 2:21 PM
Before people get excited.....that's just a storage warehouse.

They just got creative and wrote a Sinister on it.

Still, I like the idea of them building up to a villain team-up in a similar way to how the avengers built up to a hero team up. After all Spidey has THE best rogue gallery.

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Lizard
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro & Rhino
The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Green Goblin & Vulture
The Amazing Spider-Man 4: Sinister Six (Green Goblin [harry], The Lizard, Electro, Rhino, Vulture, 1 other

I'd love to see that.
Gnyah123 - 8/18/2013, 2:22 PM
i just want carnage and venom in a movie at some point please!!
JorEllinator - 8/18/2013, 2:23 PM
Why is Andrew holding the camera!?
Dandy - 8/18/2013, 2:26 PM

Batman Begins.....

1) Ras al Ghul
2) Scarecrow
3) Carmine Falcone

It's not about how many villains there are. It's about how they are prioritized. There were three villains in Batman Begins but they balanced them appropriately.

From the promotion material we can label The Amazing Spider-Man 2 similarly with

1) Electro
2) Rhino
3) Norman Osborn
DioFoRio - 8/18/2013, 2:27 PM
why does andrew look like dane?
LEVITIKUZ - 8/18/2013, 2:28 PM

Let me rephrase.

Name one film with 3 plus villains not made by Nolan.
DioFoRio - 8/18/2013, 2:29 PM
just because some movies haven't done multi villians right, doesn't mean this one can't. Im eggcited for this flick!
jjk2814 - 8/18/2013, 2:30 PM
In absolute agreement with you on this one.
charlie2094 - 8/18/2013, 2:30 PM


Dark Knight had Joker. It had Two-Face plus an incredibly well fleshed out origin. It also has a scene with Scarecrow (probably similar to Rhino's appearance here). It also have the entire storyline with the mob, which could have just as easily been another 'main' villain.

The amount of villains isn't important, it's about how well they're put together. Nolan used multiple villains perfectly. Whilst I don't think this will quite be a Nolan film, Electro's the only confirmed main villain. Rhino only has a small "tease" which is mostly set up and we don't know the capacity of Norman/Harry Osbourne. Could be neither of them suit up until the third.
Dandy - 8/18/2013, 2:32 PM

Superman 2

1) Zod
2) Lex Luthor
3) Ursa
4) Non

And Thor

1) Loki
2) Laufey
3) Destroyer

Those were just off the top of my head....I'm sure I can think of more......
Curmudgeon - 8/18/2013, 2:32 PM
Because clearly, one cannot photoshop letters onto the side of a building.
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