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Hit the jump and check out the latest from Tom Holland as the British actor reveals some “shocking” preparations for the Spider-Man reboot, and he also discusses his Web-slinging predecessor Andrew Garfield, and further explains how acrobatics helped him land the coveted role. - DCMarvelFreshman is really going all-out this Black Friday with deals on top of deals on some of the best superhero products on the market like this amazing Spider-Man Mask & Eyes Beanie Come check it out! Spider-Man debuts in Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016. - KingPatel
Check out IGN's Tom Holland interview in which he discusses a little bit about his involvement in the MCU. - SpiderHam
Tom Holland, the actor who will bring Peter Parker / Spider-Man to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has revealed in an interview that he received a little help from a fellow Avenger in bagging the role. Hit the jump to find out more... - LMB10
A ground-up reboot retelling of the Spider-Man story for (yet another) rebooted universe, hopefully with some surprising along the way. This is my take on the early years of Peter Parker. Written in standard screenplay format so you can read it as a comic, TV script, or film excerpt at your preference. - Natman
Hit the jump to watch MovieBob's whopping 1-hour long thesis on the original Spider-Mantrilogy (or 'duology' with Spider-Man 3 wisely omitted) and just in case the good folks at Sony file a bogus copyright claim/takedown notice on the video as is often the case with works of criticism, this article includes other MovieBob videos that'll eat up several more hours of your time. Check it out! - TucksDeluxe
I've got some more Marvel and DC drawings that I'd like to share with you guys. - TJJones96
While more announcements on the upcoming Spider-Man reboot are yet to be made, Marvel should consider adding another villain in the film so that their possible intentions on including Kraven the Hunter does not make the movie lame and disappointing. While there are many other Spider-Man villains in the comics to bring onto the big screen one of them should be included as the films secondary antagonist should at least be the Vulture. - PredatorRIsing
Okay, let's just pretend that the Marvel Cinematic Universe never got Spidey back and never made a shitty version of him played by Tom Holland! We would all have an exciting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Cinematic Universe courtesy of Sony. However, dis shit is happening and my life started to fall apart. But, what if the MCU is done after INFINITY WAR? Why not give the full rights back to Columbia Pictures? That way, they have plans for a cinematic universe again! - CFL
Who do you want to be the villain in the sequel to my first Spidey fan film - SpideySFCU
Anthony and Joe Russo commented on their forthcoming Civil War adaption while hosting a panel at a Community College near Cleveland. Hit the jump to check out what they had to say... - SmellofDuty
The Battlestar galactica actress was asked about the rumours about her playing Captain Marvel and if she would like to play Black Cat in the upcoming MCU Spider-Man reboot, click the article to see what she responded! - SebsCso54
Do Uncle Ben's famous words of wisdom actually hold up? - NerdSync
I need your help - SpideySFCU
An amazing spiderman 2 parody. I didn't like the movie, I'm sure you'll see. - dagenspear
A new photo from Tom Holland on Instagram reveals just how much the actor has transformed since being cast as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, while it's also worth noting that the British actor is sporting a haircut very similar to that of the Ultimate version of Peter Parker... - JoshWilding
With the amount of comic book films set to come have a look at some of the what ifs that we wished could have eventuated on the silver screen! Nic Cage anyone? - ConnorDaltonn1
Peter Parker has escalated the scope of his dual-life in the All-New, All-Different Marvel U, and his latest move? Acquiring the Fantastic Four's iconic base of operations, the Baxter Building. Turns out Johnny Storm isn't too happy to hear that... hit the jump for a preview! - staypuffed
Sam Raimi created two action-packed Spider-Man films, but when it came to the third one, it was a film that just didn't work very well. In a new interview with The Week, Raimi dishes on that film, and shared his thoughts on the newest Spider-Man. Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
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