Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Dumbest Spider-Man Moments!

Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Dumbest Spider-Man Moments!

Nostalgia Critic goes through a list of moments that were dumb, or just plain goofy, from the Spider-Man movies. Take a look at his latest video on the Top 11 Dumbest Spider-Man Moments!

I think a lot of you, like myself, will love this:

He does bring up a lot of good points about all 3 of the movies, but that doesn't really change my opinion on them. To me the first two were the best, while the third one could've been A LOT better.

Let me know what you think!

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marvel72 - 2/9/2011, 3:49 AM
my biggest faults with movies.

spider-man (good film)

green goblin costume
dunst as mary jane
the dialogue

spider-man 2 (very good film)

dunst as mary jane
the dialogue

spider-man 3 (pfffft,apart from the action pretty shit)

mistreatment of venom
flint marko killed ben parker
harry osborn becomes night surfer crap
emo parker
peter parker dancing
dunst as mary jane
the dialogue
manymade1 - 2/9/2011, 3:58 AM
Lol I don't feel like watching it because its 26 minutes but nice find man. Lol someone also found this a while ago.

airbeyonder18 - 2/9/2011, 7:59 AM
The guy has a FEW points but most of it...the guy's crazy!!! Willem Dafoe was a problem?! He was awesome!! Spiderman was one of the greatest trilogies of all time! Sure spiderman 3 wasn't too good, but the other two films were great.
Swanky - 2/9/2011, 10:29 AM
He got #1 right. I was like W....T....F!!!
THORGodOfThunder - 2/9/2011, 10:52 AM
LOL @ #6
thor19b - 2/9/2011, 11:21 AM
Damn that dudes voice gets on my nerves!
thor19b - 2/9/2011, 11:27 AM
Damn that dudes voice gets on my nerves!
MovieTheaterLad - 2/9/2011, 11:32 AM


MovieTheaterLad - 2/9/2011, 11:33 AM
Also, Spider-Man 3 was a damn good movie and perfect end to the trilogy. Butthurt Venom fanboys be damned.
DeadpoolFTW - 2/9/2011, 12:19 PM
I really hate this guy. Seriously annoying.
AC1 - 2/9/2011, 12:28 PM
I liked the trilogy (even 3, just less than the other 2) but I gotta admit that he was right about everything up there... I wont be able to watch these anymore though, this was so funny I'd probably p- my self laughing if i watched the trilogy again
Vinny1138 - 2/9/2011, 1:24 PM
I love This Guy! He is F*cking Hilarious. I've followed him since the beginning on his youtube days.

I highly recomend everyone to check out the rest of his episodes, he is amazingly talented at comedy writing.
Kevwebsz - 2/9/2011, 1:50 PM
nostalgia critic is funny
GUNSMITH - 2/9/2011, 1:53 PM
valeriesghost - 2/9/2011, 3:07 PM
god, that was annoying.
TheHierophant - 2/9/2011, 5:10 PM
I absolutely despise the Nostalgia Critic. I've seen 2 of his reviews that I found to be both funny, AND deliver good points. My problem with him is that he doesn't seem to do his homework, or he's entirely too nit-picky. Case in point: "The Nostalgia Critic: Mortal Kombat Annihilation." He actually says during said review, "What's with all the fighting?" If you're going to review movies, you can be funny, and make good points. You don't have to nit-pick a film just for the sake of comedy. AND, do your damn homework. "Mortal Kombat" is a fighting game. I'm positive nobody expected the movie to be good. Anyone who saw the movie, knew exactly what they were getting into. That being said: He did make some decent points about this "Spider-Man Trilogy." I don't like the 3rd, but I do have fun when watching ALL of these movies. Whether it's because of the great FX, or because it's fun to rag on it, it's a blast, everytime.

PS. The 2 Nostalgia Critic reviews I like are "Stephen King's IT" (He does get quite nit-picky, but brings about some decent points, and points out things you miss if you're not paying attention), and "The Room."
commanderhulk - 2/9/2011, 6:40 PM
I like the Nostalgia Critic, I find his reviews funny and informative. I enjoy his earlier stuff more because he has recently become a bit to over the top (to much like the Angry Video Game Nerd), but I still enjoy his videos.

I do agree with him a lot on this list. I enjoy the Spiderman film trilogy, and I agree they are fun but not great films that everyone makes them out to be. I actually fell like him in the beginning because I enjoyed Spider-Man 3 the most out of all of them.

I espically agree with him on the dialog, the special effects in Spider-Man, the extras, and the wierd and awful love story in the movies, as well as the dancing. I love Sam Raimi as the director, and I think the films are fun and enjoyable, but not great and have a lot of faults. Can't wait for the reboot and the direction they take with it.
Bezzacat - 2/9/2011, 7:34 PM
Jonah Jameson's son is the man wolf, becomes the man wolf after going into space which would have been a set up for future films. Betty Grant has always been a nice side character and deserves screen time.
Vinny1138 - 2/9/2011, 8:14 PM
@ReflectingHierophant, I used to have the exact same problem you have in the past when seeing many of his older episodes. I have pointed that out to him, as well as many other fans of his at Conventions he's attended. (Not to mention this is the second time in his video series, that he accidentaly called The Lizard as Lizard Man) I think he's tried a little better lately in researching a movie before creating a review.

PS, At least he's not as Painfully controversal as The Distressed Watcher.
MovieTheaterLad - 2/9/2011, 8:16 PM

Actually, it's "Brant". Also, I hope that rumor of Zoey Deschanel playing her is still floating. Not many people know that she was the first girl Pete ever dated.
spidey1994 - 2/10/2011, 12:25 AM
I love Nostalgia Critic, I disagree with most of the picks but I found this to be very funny lol
ZombieOverEasy - 2/10/2011, 7:53 AM
Goblin costume was horrid. Wish they would have gone with Alex Ross's design for it.

3 had so much more broken in it than just "Not Enough Venom" and the dancing. Letting Sandman go at the end was a horrible idea.

I think "LOLIHAVEADAUGHTERSOIT'SOKAY" should have been #1. Maybe I'm not a forgiving person? I dunno, but if someone killed someone as close to me as Ben was to Peter, I wouldn't just be like "Get outta here, you silly bastard, you have a sick daughter, so killing and stealing and destroying property and attempting to kill the woman I love is alright! :D" <--I was more pissed off by this than any other lack of character development/line/surprise dance scene in the entire movie.
captaingeorgestacy - 2/10/2011, 1:56 PM
Check out "Spider-Man 3: Redemption"
jjmeylar - 2/10/2011, 1:57 PM
This is kinda like me and my friends. lol
captaingeorgestacy - 2/10/2011, 2:32 PM
This guy seems to miss the point of these movies with a lot of his comments. He admits he only read some of the venom stories which might explain some of his points


1. 60's dialouge (Sam was trying for the older comics)
2. Oscar Winning screen writer (Ordinary People) Alvin Sargent rewrote the script on all 3 movies
3. All the bit part characters are there for the fans of the comics who know who they are.
4. The screening lady, the american flags, the cheesy dialouge (these are all Raimi trademarks)
5. The long pause in the lift (that's the point not the problem of the scene)
6. The finish the prayer scene is so she can say the line "Deliver us from evil" which ties in with the rooftop scene in which the goblin is tempting spider-man with an offer to join him. Much like a certain satan tries to temp another saviour. Maybe religious imagary isn't his strong point.
Bezzacat - 2/10/2011, 5:27 PM
@Movietheaterlad yea I knew it was Brant, had a typo there just got done working my 4th 12 hour day at the time.

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