Paul Giamatti's Stunt Double On The Set Of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2?

Paul Giamatti's Stunt Double On The Set Of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2?

Come see these set pics from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rochester set. They feature a thug who shares a resemblance with Paul Giamatti's character? By the way, this very same thug/stuntman was spotted having a key role in the day's chase scene, he was driving the getaway vehicle.

Exclusive set picture reveal the thug that was driving the tow truck through the main street in Rochester, NY, while being chased by a dozen police cars. The resemblance between this stuntman and actor Paul Giamatti are uncanny. The stuntman/driver has a typical Russian 90's mob stereotype look. Just look at his Russian ring tattoos, the same ones that were featured in production photos tweeted by director Marc Webb.

If that's indeed Paul Giamatti's stunt double - Rhino's presence in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is guaranteed.

Filming takes place in Rochester, NY, Main Street, between East Avenue and South Plymouth Avenue More, April 30 - May 9, between the hours of 6 a.m and 9 p.m each day.

In The Amazing Spider-Man™ 2, for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), life is busy – between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can’t come quickly enough. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away – but that’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past.
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TheDpool - 5/1/2013, 2:05 AM
You know if he is playing rhino maybe he's just playing a gangster called rhino?
GenerationX - 5/1/2013, 2:06 AM
Wow...poorly writen. But still interesting nonetheless. Would love to see Rhino
sevenwebheads - 5/1/2013, 2:09 AM
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Russian ring tattoos
Image Hosted by
sevenwebheads - 5/1/2013, 2:11 AM
@TheDpool Russian mob, who apparently decided to hijack Oscorp's truck with some Rhino's equipment, such as part of robotic costume or some other piece of technology related to Rhino's suit
Spiderman2o29 - 5/1/2013, 2:13 AM
A Gangster Called Rhino That Can Flip Over And Throw Cars Without A Rhino Suit ? Don't forget from the latest set photos that during those scenes they shot, Max dillon has not turned into electro yet so something is causing that destruction and I am betting that it's rhino.
jimoakley666 - 5/1/2013, 2:17 AM
Weird. I'd normally say you were clutching at straws but there may be something going on here.
AmazingFantasy - 5/1/2013, 2:19 AM
Rhino comes before electro, when Electro is born, they might team up ( possibly later on after a prison break).

Would this be the first time two veteran actors, portraying Villians team up and [frick] shit up?

I dare you to say Rhino teaming up with Electro wont be cool.

staypuffed - 5/1/2013, 2:24 AM
Am I the only one who wishes they kept the suit from TASM?
sevenwebheads - 5/1/2013, 2:27 AM
I think it's pretty obvious now
Image Hosted by
AmazingFantasy - 5/1/2013, 2:31 AM
I think they chnaged the suit, becuase peter has grown up and matured from the first film, that his homemae suit wioth Asics was too teenager-ih for him, so he " upgraded" it to make less... how do i say, " shitty looking"

DONT GET ME WRONG, I love the TASM Suit, it's my favouiite Spidey costume apart from the classic one.

It's the materials and designs were obviously made to look as if it were done by a teenager.


AsianVersionOfET - 5/1/2013, 2:36 AM
Teh 'matti!
madhatter2332 - 5/1/2013, 2:59 AM
the eyes are too concaved. looks like a facial prosthetic on the stuntman to me. which is fine for quick shots, or distant shots, and less costly for production when compared to cg face replacement.
theowl - 5/1/2013, 3:03 AM
I really hope they don't use the Rhinosuit from the comics... I cant picture any scenario that it would look good in this movie. I'm either for a mutated rhino ( still kind of lame ) or its a robot suit. like a iron suit. Maybe from the russian military. Just don't make him look like a big muscular dude with a skin tight suit with a horn on he's head... just my opinion
Lawliet - 5/1/2013, 3:04 AM
@MrSpock I know what you did there

theowl - 5/1/2013, 3:05 AM
actully I would love Rhino just as a russian gangster
ZombieOverEasy - 5/1/2013, 3:12 AM
I don't mind a change to Rhino at all, especially since it's Paul Giamatti, BUT could he be Hammerhead instead of Rhino?
JaiHo - 5/1/2013, 3:17 AM
Well, he sure ain`t playing J.J. Jameson.
AmazingFantasy - 5/1/2013, 3:20 AM
Unless JJJ is a 90's Russian Gangster.

Thus, he creates Scorpion and goes in that suit to kill Spider-Man.

I may have hit the gold mine.

@mrSpock- Add this in the script.
tripttwe - 5/1/2013, 3:27 AM
There's too much spoil going on here!!!
datNAMEtho - 5/1/2013, 3:29 AM
I really hope this is going to be better than the first TASM, because it wasn't amazing at all.

Luckily, there are already some improvements! Like the new suit and that they shoot this on 35mm.
Invictor - 5/1/2013, 3:30 AM
BOOP! There it is!
FreedomFreeLife - 5/1/2013, 3:36 AM

Alexander wears mask so then cops can´t see his real face.
So after he escapes away from cops he puts Rhino suit on himself. After that he becomes Ultimate Rhino.

Ultimate Rhino is more real than having another accident villain. Would be stupid to have Electro and Rhino both at same time having accident and both becomes a villain.
DutchMovieFan - 5/1/2013, 3:37 AM
I'm very sure he's wearing a mask, and I can think of no other reason to do that but to make him look like an actor. Why would you do that for a random thug? You might be on to something here.
DutchMovieFan - 5/1/2013, 3:42 AM
Wait a second, wasn't Rhino in the videogame? Does anybody know if the games are canon? Because that would mean there are two of them, if he is indeed in the movie.
FreedomFreeLife - 5/1/2013, 3:47 AM
video game and movie has no connection at all.
Masterpace - 5/1/2013, 3:49 AM
Maybe he will be just normal gangster in this part and he will be Goblin's henchman as Rhino in third instalment.
FreedomFreeLife - 5/1/2013, 4:00 AM
Masterpace no... Norman is owner of oscorp and he let steal by his own henchman oscorp stuff? you need logical thinking.
giannis - 5/1/2013, 4:06 AM
@staypuffed No, you are not!
LoneShadow99 - 5/1/2013, 4:13 AM
Nice. Rhino before Electro. Nice.
theowl - 5/1/2013, 4:51 AM
Marc webb said that he is making a massive Amazing spider-man universe.. I'm thinking that Paul Giamatti wont turn into Rhino in this movie at all.. Maybe spiderman stops him, he goes to prison and he comes back as rhino in the third movie?
CoulsonLives - 5/1/2013, 5:04 AM
I wonder what he will actually look like in the movie... Like the game perhaps?
Spideyguy94 - 5/1/2013, 5:05 AM
Well at least it kind of proves he's not sympathetic at all which is something that the spider-man movie franchise has yet to do.
AmazingFantasy - 5/1/2013, 5:16 AM
Giammatti always wanted to play RHINO and Russian.

he's so miscast, it works.

He's gonna be a funny charecter for sure as Rhino
ahhmynuts - 5/1/2013, 5:27 AM
i think hes going to play rhino but i dont see the 'guarantee' in this article
Masterpace - 5/1/2013, 5:43 AM

What you misunderstood is that I never wrote that he would be Norman's Henchman since the begining. When he turns into Rhino he would be hired by someone with a lot of money cause with power like that everyone would like him on their side. There won't be Fisk so there's only the gooby/Norman...or Silvermane I guess.
NorrinRaddical - 5/1/2013, 6:02 AM
i like it
CaptainAmerica31 - 5/1/2013, 6:22 AM
Ppl were worried about him, but this look actually really makes it seem like the perfect choice
TonyChu - 5/1/2013, 6:25 AM
Very interested to see how this plays out.
AlexDeLarge87 - 5/1/2013, 6:26 AM
Suit could be samekind of armor like in Crysis games. Only with horn on the head.
AlexDeLarge87 - 5/1/2013, 6:28 AM
Igor Jijikine would have fit the role perfectly.
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