Possible First Official Image of THE LIZARD Revealed in New Merchandise for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Possible First Official Image of THE LIZARD Revealed in New Merchandise for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Has the first official look at The Lizard been revealed on a piece of merchandising for the new movie? It looks like it from the image that appears on a remote control.

As you can see the Spider-Man images on the merchandise are official images, and I'll assume that image of The Lizard is an unreleased version of the official look at the villain. It looks very much like the Ditko artwork of the creature that was defined by The Lizard's short snout.

So what do you think? Is this what Rhys Ifans will look like once he has completely transformed into Spidey's nemesis? Or, do you think this is just an early stage in the transformation process?

Among the goods we found include a number of remote control Mini-Quads, a Sewer Chase Submarine, Transforming Racer, Pro Wheels Power Surfer (like our Rip Stick Caster Boards), scooters, skateboards and mooore. idlehands1.blogspot.com

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The Amazing Spider-Man focuses more on Peter Parker’s high school days and the development of his powers while navigating the troubles of a brainy geek in high school. And starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field, the films swings into theaters July 3, 2012 in 3D!

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GreenHalJordan - 12/29/2011, 7:31 PM
Im still hoping he will have a longer snout, but this is looking promising!
Dynamo - 12/29/2011, 7:33 PM
That lizard face [frick]ing sucks. Apart from that, I'm very excited to see more of this movie.
PaulRom - 12/29/2011, 7:34 PM
Is it just me, or does Lizard look like Abomination from The Incredible Hulk?
Viltrumite - 12/29/2011, 7:37 PM
I must say, the design for the Lizard is growing on me. It's very Steve Ditko. Truth be told, Spider-Man's costume/appearance/physicality is very Ditko as well.
BatSlam - 12/29/2011, 7:40 PM
i just can't stand the spider-suit. The over stylized gloves to the reebok track pants to the nike sneakers. I am now not a big fan of the lizard, hopefully the movie is going to be great and I can look past that stuff.
WolvieCBM - 12/29/2011, 7:44 PM
Love it! Ditko FTW!

Though I still think that is not his final look based on everything we know.
MovieGeekFreak - 12/29/2011, 7:57 PM
I love it! but it looks too much like killer-croc to me.
MovieGeekFreak - 12/29/2011, 7:57 PM
I also wish for a longer snout!
Howlett - 12/29/2011, 7:58 PM
he looks like an amalgamation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and the Toxic Avenger LMAO
Minghagz - 12/29/2011, 8:04 PM
Still disappointed
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 12/29/2011, 8:04 PM
I say the lizard motorcycle needs to make an appearance and look just like that! I don't understand why Spider Man needs one. I get that they are trying to make toys but that doesn't even make sense. Why be stuck in NYC traffic when you can just swing from building to building. Oh well, I assume most of these toys are just created for the sake of creating them and have no tie in to the movies. Much like TDK toys and all the different batman gadgets and suits.
Dynamo - 12/29/2011, 8:04 PM
The sneak peak never had a snout. Check the descriptions again, people. Everyone who saw it said that he had the Ditko face.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 12/29/2011, 8:06 PM
This movie will be the surprise hit of the summer. I see a 90% fresh rating and about 300 million at the box office. It will garner better reviews than The Avengers, but i think it will make slightly less.
batmanrises - 12/29/2011, 8:08 PM
Glad to see "Goomba # 3" from the Super Mario Bros movie found some work in Hollywood again finally! It's hard out there for a pimp!

California - 12/29/2011, 8:08 PM
I'm with Batslam. I know I sound like a 90 year old, but I too can't get past the friggin Spider-Man suit. Why did they need to f**k it up so badly? 'I put my own touch on it!' It'd be like depicting Santa in Surfer shorts or something. It was just totally unnecessary. I either hope the movie or great so everyone enjoys seeing it and it does well OR that the movie sucks and it flops and Marvel gets the rights back.
SuperSpiderMan5778 - 12/29/2011, 8:09 PM
great so its not the classic Lizard and it looks like shit. Sony has disappointed me again. fawk i hate hollywood.
Nick56 - 12/29/2011, 8:09 PM
CaptainTall - 12/29/2011, 8:10 PM
Being true to Ditko is cool and all, but it looks like garbage.
Sanderman - 12/29/2011, 8:11 PM
Kinda reminds me of the jeeper creepers monster face..Idk y
RR51 - 12/29/2011, 8:11 PM
even for a mid-transformation this looks horrible. But I am still going to watch the movie.
Shellac - 12/29/2011, 8:13 PM
I am still interested in the movie, but the lizard looks pretty bad. Hopefully, the movie is good enough to make me forget about how awful he looks.
EdParker - 12/29/2011, 8:14 PM
The movie, the game,the tv show and sequel set for 2014. Spidey Killen Em hard!!!
TheSpiderSlayer1997 - 12/29/2011, 8:16 PM
great found!
DCnerd46 - 12/29/2011, 8:17 PM
I'm still looking forward to this movie despite what I just saw. Rhys Ifans' Lizard look is still 1000x better than Tom Hardy's Bane look.
InnerVenom123 - 12/29/2011, 8:19 PM
I prefer Mcfarlane's Lizard, and I hope he looks like that in the movie (the cellphone pics really seem to hint at that, so here's hoping!)
batmanrises - 12/29/2011, 8:20 PM
I'm not even using Raimi as a benchmark...This movie just looks like dookie. Spider-Man-In-Name-Only being in it, Emma Stone's hotness and Dennis Leary are the only things it has going for it. I don't have time to list all the negatives.
AsianVersionOfET - 12/29/2011, 8:22 PM
Holy no snout Batman! Oh, wait...wrong movie...
Coachella - 12/29/2011, 8:23 PM
I think that's how he will look in the movie. Why would they make a toy of the lizard that is not his final look?
40oz - 12/29/2011, 8:24 PM
Could care less what they all look like as long as it fits and is good
xXkryptoniteXx - 12/29/2011, 8:25 PM
JerBear - 12/29/2011, 8:26 PM
Aaaaawwww.. no labcoat? :(
Comix - 12/29/2011, 8:27 PM
Man whyd they have to change the suit? was it really all that necessary? Anyways the lizard looks pretty cool so yeah.....well if I can get over tdk and tdkr having crappy costumes i can surely get over this...
JerBear - 12/29/2011, 8:27 PM
Captain America???
AlibiBreakfast - 12/29/2011, 8:28 PM
The Lizard looks rather pleased with himself while riding on that 4-wheeler.
SHHH - 12/29/2011, 8:30 PM
Jeepers Creepers

TheSpiderSlayer1997 - 12/29/2011, 8:32 PM
spectrecls07 - 12/29/2011, 8:33 PM
just as long as he doesnt ACTUALLY ride a lizard shaped 4 wheeler in the flick. then we're all good
redleaf - 12/29/2011, 8:33 PM
Snout or no snout, it will always look silly. It's a Lizard-Man. I think how he moves is more important.

Don't like the yellow underbelly though.
heisei24 - 12/29/2011, 8:34 PM
if there's a 4-wheeler race between spidey and lizard,i'm in
brewtownpsych - 12/29/2011, 8:37 PM
haha, looks like godzilla's semi-retarded son
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