Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN Trilogy Gets An Honest Trailer

Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN Trilogy Gets An Honest Trailer

Sam Raimi ("Evil Dead II") kicked off his Spider-Man trilogy in 2002 with the highly successful, Spider-Man, and concluded it on a down-note with 2007's Spider-Man 3. Now, Screen Junkies has produced an honest trailer for all of them.

SPIDER-MAN 3 - Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) finally has the girl of his dreams, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst), and New York City is in the throes of Spider-mania! But when a strange alien symbiote turns Spider-Man's suit black, his darkest demons come to light changing Spider-Man inside as well as out. Spider-Man is in for the fight of his life against a lethal mix of villains - the deadly Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), Venom (Topher Grace), and the New Goblin (James Franco) - as well as the enemy within himself.

Cast: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church, James Franco
Director: Sam Raimi * Writers: Sam Raimi, Alvin Sargent & Ivan Raimi
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THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 4/29/2014, 12:13 PM
Wow, I just mentioned on the cinema sins Spidey video that Honest Trailers are better. And here we are.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 4/29/2014, 12:15 PM
At least they acknowledge that the first 2 are great haha
thewonderer - 4/29/2014, 12:15 PM
Still a thousand times better than the Amazing Spider-Man.
XelCorp - 4/29/2014, 12:17 PM
Spiderman 1 was ok, The second was Great and I don't think anyone wants to remember Spiderman 3.......
LEEE777 - 4/29/2014, 12:19 PM
My spider sense is tingling...
ThedamnBatman - 4/29/2014, 12:20 PM
much better than that cinemasins guy
SimyJo - 4/29/2014, 12:20 PM
Downhill after Doc Oc and not setting up The Lizard actor for his pay-off in a third film.
Pasto - 4/29/2014, 12:20 PM
They should do an honest trailer for John Carter (If they haven't already).
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 4/29/2014, 12:23 PM
These two scenes alone shit on everything from the reboot

KingPatel - 4/29/2014, 12:24 PM
While I don't mind The Amazing Spider-Man movies, I still wish Raimi got a chance to redeem himself with Spider-Man 4
CaptainObvious - 4/29/2014, 12:25 PM
@GoldenOne33- People are allowed to talk about movies, no matter how old they are. Everybody still talks about the older Batman and Superman film. Get over it.
charlie2094 - 4/29/2014, 12:25 PM
Lol, these videos are great :P

Never really liked the Raimi films
CaptainObvious - 4/29/2014, 12:26 PM
One of the best fight scenes in all of comic book movies.
incepticon - 4/29/2014, 12:27 PM
I still can't understand how or why so many people claim SM2 was "so good". It was literally the exact same movie as SM1, just with a different villain. Obviously it's "better" than SM3, no kidding, but that's not saying much and shouldn't mean it gets a default thumbs-up pass. It was [frick]ing terrible.
Mastyrwerk - 4/29/2014, 12:28 PM
I tried watching ASM the other night and was so bored I put in Spider-Man 3. Man, as bad as that movie is, and it is really bad, it is a way more enjoyable watch than ASM. The emo dance is hilariously bad, but ASM is just bad.
alamborn19 - 4/29/2014, 12:28 PM
No stop the words are making my eyes bleed
CaptainProg - 4/29/2014, 12:31 PM
This trilogy is garbage.
ALegendaryPanda - 4/29/2014, 12:32 PM
Spider-Man 2 is still my favorite out of them all, but I haven't seen TASM 2 yet so that could change!
maninfinesuit - 4/29/2014, 12:33 PM
The first two are classics, and this ending remains one of my favourite comic book film endings.

Nomis - 4/29/2014, 12:33 PM
Spiderman 2 captures the essences and spirit of the Spiderman comics than any other movie ever have. It is quite a remarkable movie!
GadoTheLion - 4/29/2014, 12:34 PM

yep,that aunt may speech alone,makes it one of my favorite cbm of all we went from that to "those are the best kinds of promises to break"is just depressing
judgedrew - 4/29/2014, 12:37 PM
"staring a man with a puppy dog face and a voice that sounds like a little puppy dog.'' hahaha that was hilarious.
cipher - 4/29/2014, 12:38 PM
I don't think you're an asshole, yoss. I just think you're kind of a son of a bitch.
cipher - 4/29/2014, 12:38 PM
Nah, you know I love ya, bro.
rebellion - 4/29/2014, 12:39 PM
Spiderman 2 captures the essences and spirit of the Spiderman comics than any other movie ever have. It is quite a remarkable movie!

cipher - 4/29/2014, 12:39 PM
I don't think I'm an alcohol enthusiast. I just think I'm kind of a drunk.
cipher - 4/29/2014, 12:40 PM

Wait a minute...
Nomis - 4/29/2014, 12:40 PM
@ maninfinehat - Still send chills up my spine every time I see it!
Platinum - 4/29/2014, 12:40 PM
I love how well these movies implemented the final swing. They showed how much Peter has grown as a character.

TASM on the other hand [frick]s it up by just shoving it at the end like "hey look it's that thing you liked at the end from the other movies hurr durr." completely missed the point of what the final swing meant, bunch of jackasses.
Vegeta - 4/29/2014, 12:41 PM
Garfield's Peter Parker isn't a hipster. If you think he is, I don't think you have a clear grasp on what a hipster actually is.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 4/29/2014, 12:42 PM

"Go get em Tiger"

[frick] Yeah!!
Humperdink - 4/29/2014, 12:44 PM
Wow, I just mentioned on the cinema sins Spidey video that Honest Trailers are better. And here we are.

This Honest trailer was very good and covered all films in a quick and funny way but I kind of liked the Cinemasins ones more because they did them individually and took more time mocking each one.

RetroFit - 4/29/2014, 12:44 PM
Aunt May and Peter's relationship with her were pulled right out of the comics and that's probably my favourite part about that entire trilogy. That little old house, her sweet nature and caring for Peter and how normal that all makes Peter is easily the heart of those movies. Aunt May grounds Peter and is the moral center. Andrew Garfield is a hipster dickhead and all Sally Field's Aunt May has to offer are secrets. Webb really dropped the ball there.
MexicanSexyman - 4/29/2014, 12:44 PM
@Nomis, yea because Peter quitting as Spiderman for most of the movie and letting a man get beat up and mugged while he just walks away, captures the essence and spirit of the Spiderman comics.
Pasto - 4/29/2014, 12:48 PM
I finally have my twitter icon next to my CBM icon at the top of my articles.

*Pats self on the back*
patrat18 - 4/29/2014, 12:50 PM
maninfinesuit - 4/29/2014, 12:50 PM
@MexicanSuperman Peter didn't help the guy being mugged because he felt he couldn't, and he's visibly bothered by it. Later on in the film his natural inclination toward heroism can't be resisted, and he runs powerless into a burning building. Your point is moot.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 4/29/2014, 12:51 PM
As honest trailers state for TASM1
"Peter Parker was just an attractive, intelligent, likable, athletic, well-dressed teenage loser."
giannis - 4/29/2014, 12:51 PM
The first two Spidey movies capture the feel of the comics imo.
Vegeta - 4/29/2014, 12:52 PM
Green Goblin (William Dafoe) was the best part about this trilogy, but the combination of Maguire, Dunst & Franco, as well as the abundance of mozzarella, make this trilogy near enough unwatchable for me.

The Amazing Spider-Man series is a lot better, in my opinion.
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