Sony has officially confirmed that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be present at the San Diego Comic-Con Friday, July 19th, with star Andrew Garfield in attendance. Plus, the studio's presentation will include the RoboCop remake among other films.

We heard previously that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will make a Hall H appearance at San Diego Comic-Con later this month, with stars Jamie Foxx (Electro) and Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn) both saying that they will appear at the panel. Now, the studio has confirmed (via the LA Times' Hero Complex) that Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) will be in attendance at Sony's panel presentation on Friday, July 19th. Director Marc Webb and a couple of producers will also be present. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters May 2nd, 2014.

Also appearing at Sony's panel is RoboCop, the remake of the cult classic sci-fi film. Stars Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish and Samuel L. Jackson will be in attendance to discuss the movie, along with director Jose Padilha. The reboot hits theaters February 7th, 2014. Finally, the studio will be bringing September 27th's Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 (Anna Faris, Terry Crews and directors Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn are attending) and August 21st's The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones (featuring Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, director Harald Zwart and author Cassandra Clare) to its Hall H presentation. Are you looking forward to seeing what Sony has to offer this year at the Con?
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marvel72 - 7/3/2013, 2:32 PM
i hope any footage shown is leaked online.
LEVITIKUZ - 7/3/2013, 2:34 PM
So instead of one, it's a 2 shit films in 1 combo.

Ramiel - 7/3/2013, 2:39 PM
Abbie Cornish
MexicanSexyman - 7/3/2013, 2:39 PM
Hopefully Sony will show how the rhino will look like. This movie and XMDOFP will own 2014. I think Robocop will good.
MexicanSexyman - 7/3/2013, 2:40 PM
^ will be good.
MexicanSexyman - 7/3/2013, 2:42 PM
@ Levi, bro shut up already
ALegendaryPanda - 7/3/2013, 2:45 PM
I hope someone leaks dat footage.
Danielm2048 - 7/3/2013, 2:47 PM
So excited for TASM 2.
Gonna be epic.
amazingspideygal - 7/3/2013, 2:49 PM
TASM2 is my #1 anticipated movie between now and its release.

Levi and Grif should drown together in their misery.

Webhead007 - 7/3/2013, 2:57 PM
Lol, give just give Spidey a chance
sanyaya - 7/3/2013, 2:57 PM
im not interested
Ryagan - 7/3/2013, 2:58 PM
We get it--you hate The Amazing Spider-Man. You've already told us about 8,3240,580,398,450 times. Find something new to whine about.
Brainiac13 - 7/3/2013, 3:06 PM
I can't wait for both....they could end up being spectacular!
AmazingFantasy - 7/3/2013, 3:06 PM
Levi strikes again!
Lindsey35 - 7/3/2013, 3:07 PM
Lol guys, why even reply to Levitikuz's nasty, invalid comments?
MrCBM56 - 7/3/2013, 3:09 PM
I don't understand the hate towards TASM and the sequel. I loved TASM, and I'm very excited for the sequel.

I'm kinda excited to see robocop too for some reason.
MrCBM56 - 7/3/2013, 3:09 PM

iZinDiaN - 7/3/2013, 3:10 PM
Guys, stop hating on the orphan child. He's had a rough life. Let Levi troll in peace -_-.
NBAfanaddict - 7/3/2013, 3:10 PM
Does anyone know if LEVITIKUZ dislikes The Amazing Spider-Man....

McNyagano - 7/3/2013, 3:17 PM
McNyagano - 7/3/2013, 3:19 PM

Because TASM was basically a remake of Raimi's 2002 film. TASM did nothing new to the origin of Spidey. At least MOS was diffrent to Donner's '78 film :D
thebearjew - 7/3/2013, 3:21 PM
ya tasm 2 will probably suck frm wat ive gathered it has like 5 villians??
they really shoulndt have done a reboot
thebearjew - 7/3/2013, 3:24 PM
........and WWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYY remake robocop
but garry oldmans in it so ill c it
thebearjew - 7/3/2013, 3:28 PM
alexthekaiser ya it could be good i just dnt get why they had to remake it in the first place
thebearjew - 7/3/2013, 3:37 PM
ya but thats pre-existing materiak theres decades worth of story to pull frm robocop is just a movie series so .....what just do what workd before n hope modern audiences still love it? plus robocops a classic
thebearjew - 7/3/2013, 3:38 PM
material noy materiak stupid god dam phone
thebearjew - 7/3/2013, 3:38 PM
not nok i meant not
ThisIsHeavy - 7/3/2013, 3:53 PM
Robocop better be R rated.
gambgel - 7/3/2013, 3:53 PM
AS1 a remake of Raimi movie??

Did you guys see the same movies as me or what? LOL

Peter's parents and backstory, Lizard as the main villain, Gwen as his girlfriend....

yeah.... "same movies" XD XD XD
JoeMomma29 - 7/3/2013, 3:57 PM
Gusto is happy that Detroit will be represented at SDCC!

JoeMomma29 - 7/3/2013, 3:59 PM
Infact Gusto is all ready for SDCC himself!

MrCameron - 7/3/2013, 4:04 PM
Since when did LEVITIKUZ become the new Grif?
MrCBM56 - 7/3/2013, 4:05 PM

While TASM did have simalarities, (not as much as people claim), it still cherished the nature of Spiderman from the comic books unlike Man of Steel which had something new entirely.

I still love both movies though.
Platinum - 7/3/2013, 4:06 PM
TASM2 is probably gonna suck, but PlayStation-Man seems like it could be good.
AmazingFantasy - 7/3/2013, 4:07 PM
"it was the same [frick]ing movie"

Should have gone to spec-savers
MrCameron - 7/3/2013, 4:09 PM
TheAbomination - 7/3/2013, 4:10 PM
Fvck both of these movies up the asshole.
Arrow96 - 7/3/2013, 4:13 PM
@Levitikuz, I know you're expressing your opinion, but stop saying that the movie is going to be bad when you don't know anything about it. I think that you hate the new one because it was made for the sake of keeping copyrights and getting money. That is true, but it is still by far better than Spider-man(2002), although I like them both. Please, just stop commenting like that. It gets anoying and we all now see you as a buthurt fanboy. I'm not insulting you btw, just telling you how things look from my perspective.
exe - 7/3/2013, 4:14 PM
Only footage I care about is ELECTRO!!!
Arrow96 - 7/3/2013, 4:15 PM
@gambgel I agree. The movies are as far apart as they can be. Both are amazing in my opinion, and Raimi's trilogy will always have a special place in my heart, but I really like what they did with TASM and I liked more than 2002 Spidey.
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