To have gone from directing 500 Days of Summer to The Amazing Spider-Man would seem like quite a leap, but in this exclusive interview conducted by CBM's Ed Gross, Marc Webb relates how he rose to this and other challenges.

For the first part of our exclusive interview with Marc Webb, check out the video below.

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TheWebSlinger - 7/2/2012, 3:08 PM
@Therealgoomba, 500 Days Of Summer was brilliantly directed. Even if you don't like those type of movies there's no denying that much. If you think that 500 Days Of Summer wasn't well directed, then you need to learn what makes a good director or good directing.
AC1 - 7/2/2012, 3:15 PM
absolutely agree with @TheWebSlinger, (500) Days of Summer was beautifully directed, and is one of the best feature film directorial debuts in recent history. Even if the film isn't to your personal taste, you have to admit it's well directed.

And @therealgoomba, if you can't see his directing talent, and one of your biggest gripes is the lack of a single quote being used in the film, then you clearly have no idea what makes a good film.
AC1 - 7/2/2012, 3:33 PM
It's a theme! The importance of the "With Great Power..." line is the theme and meaning behind it! You don't need to have the line physically said in the film, as long as the message works as a theme of the film!
Spider-Man isn't about that one line. Spider-Man is about a boy coming of age despite a life that has been filled with misfortune. He was orphaned as a kid and brought up by his aunt and uncle. He was bullied all the way through school. He was bitten by a spider and gained superpowers - it sounds cool, but can you imagine how scary that must be for a boy, especially at such an awkward time in life?
Then on top of that, he falls in love for the first time, and when it seems like things may just have started to look up for him, his Uncle Ben, the man who has been a father to him for most of his life, is murdered - possibly down to his own carelessness and irresponsibility. And despite all this confusion and grief, he still chooses to use his newfound abilities to help others, to try to prevent these tragedies happening to others, and to honour the morality his Uncle and Aunt taught him. He barely balances his education, his social life, his love life, and risking his life for the good of others.

So I actually do know Spider-Man. I'm a lifelong fan of the character. And I understand that Spider-Man symbolises the idea that "With great power must come great responsibility" - no matter whether or not his Uncle actually says that to him. I mean after everything that has happened in his life, and how he has always been a good kid thanks to his Aunt and Uncle's love - does he really need the line spelled out to him?
AC1 - 7/2/2012, 3:34 PM
And no, I'm not trolling, and I was backing it up. It just took me a while to type out exactly why I disagree with you in as much detail as possible.
AC1 - 7/2/2012, 3:37 PM
"With great power comes great responsibility" is the moral of the Spider-Man story. Sure, it would've been nice to hear Uncle Ben say it to Peter, but it's not something that can make or break a movie.
skidz - 7/2/2012, 3:53 PM
Now if Marvel just put in the effort to get the rights to Daredevil back...assuming that's actually possible right now.
AmazingFantasy - 7/2/2012, 4:29 PM
1 day.
angus666 - 7/2/2012, 4:39 PM
I just read a 1.5 stars out of five review for this movie... Expectations lowered.
CoolantTech - 7/2/2012, 5:14 PM
"With great power comes great responsibility" yea, its a pretty cheesy line, may have worked for the kiddy Raimi movies but not this more real spider-man.

Marc Webb> Sam Raimi
AC1 - 7/2/2012, 5:36 PM
@therealgoomba fair enough, your opinions are equally as valid as anyone else's, and all anyone can do is respect them. But if you seem so convinced that this film is going to be awful - why is your avatar a still from the movie?

@CoolantTek it's not really that cheesy :P It could've worked in the film but it's understandable why it wasn't used. I mean, it was used like 25 times in the Raimi films so it's not like anyone will have forgotten it.
Jollem - 7/3/2012, 4:05 AM
still good stuff, Ed

saw this tonight. i, and the whole theater loved it

i will be very disappointed if mr. webb does not direct the sequel(s)

in the comics, the line, "with great power, must also come great responsibility" was never said by any character to anyone. it was a narrator kind-of-deal going on.

the intent of that line is very prevalent in the film. didn't need to be verbalized, imo
CloserPleasures - 7/3/2012, 6:49 AM
spiderman is favorite superhero but this could have been so much better its good but amazing but andrew was perfect as spiderman thats what i liked the most

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