TASM 2: 'Alistair Smythe' Is The Focus Of Latest Daily Bugle Viral

TASM 2: 'Alistair Smythe' Is The Focus Of Latest Daily Bugle Viral

We recently found out that actor B.J. Novak would indeed be portraying Smythe in Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man sequel, and the latest Daily Bugle viral titled "Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship?" deals with the character's rise through the ranks at Oscorp.

"Within a week of the announcement that the NYPD and the District Attorney’s Office had opened an investigation into illegal activities and questionable medical practices at Manhattan’s Oscorp Industries, sources indicate several of their top scientists have been asked to leave.
Reports cite the recent forced resignation of Dr. Spencer Smythe, the Director of Robotics, amongst others. He was seen leaving Oscorp Tower yesterday with a box of his personal belongings.

When asked to comment on the current employment situation of Dr. Smythe, Oscorp spokesman Donald Menken had no comment. Later in the day, Oscorp sent out a press release congratulating Alistair Smythe on his promotion to the Director of Robotics formerly held by his father. How Mrs. Smythe expects this will impact holiday dinners remains unknown."

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon/Electro, Sally Field as Aunt May, Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn, and Dane DeHann as Harry Osborn. The movie hits theaters May 2nd, 2014.
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XelCorp - 2/11/2014, 2:24 PM
I'm guessing.. We're going to see some these characters in the future? It would be a shame to see all of this Viral go no where....
MrReese - 2/11/2014, 2:26 PM
Spencer [frick]in Smythe!!!!!
Comedian03 - 2/11/2014, 2:47 PM
Director of Robotics? I think it might be a safe bet to assume he has a hand in creating the Rhino's "suit"
GinjaNinja - 2/11/2014, 2:57 PM
Looks so good tie it in with the MCU Sony! it would be great
DaVinci31 - 2/11/2014, 3:01 PM
PeepingTom - 2/11/2014, 3:09 PM
Has anyone seen the visual effects on the trailers and TV spots? Absolute SHIT!!

My prediction? This will be the beginning of the demise for Sony's Spider-Man franchise.
StrangerX - 2/11/2014, 3:11 PM
The rat reminds me of Vermin
Platinum - 2/11/2014, 3:13 PM

LOL. That's pretty much the entire movie in a nutshell.
MightyZeus - 2/11/2014, 5:16 PM
Dont mess with the Smythe!!!

Baconman21 - 2/11/2014, 5:40 PM
RetroFit - 2/11/2014, 7:36 PM
Who cares. None of this stuff about Shocker or anybody else will even make it into the movie. It's all just a bunch of extra pointless fluff for the superfans so the movie seems to be about more than what it actually is.
UltimateTypeface - 2/11/2014, 7:59 PM
Spider slayers are so lame...just like this movie
TheSoulEater - 2/11/2014, 8:04 PM
Just wanted to say: CALLED IT!!!!
6of13 - 2/12/2014, 2:52 AM
I take this to mean that "the gentleman" is therefore not Spencer Smythe. Probably Miles Warren?.
hulkrash - 2/12/2014, 3:06 AM
@PeepingTom well that's your opinion you're entitled to it, even if it's wrong.

Marketing for this movie rules.

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