THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: 'Puma' Is The Latest Character Teased In Daily Bugle Viral

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: 'Puma' Is The Latest Character Teased In Daily Bugle Viral

The latest viral article to be released via The Daily Bugle website mentions Fireheart Industries and casino owner and businessman, Thomas Fireheart. Who? Well, that just so happens to be the secret identity of 'Puma'; a character who has fought alongside and against Spider-Man over the years...

Smash the tail of a lizard, it grows back new. Smash a school with the tail of a lizard, it stays smashed. Until now, that is.

An endowment to the New York City public schools system from Fireheart Industires will help pay for the repairs to the damage suffered by Midtown Science High as a result of Dr. Curt Connors’ rampage three months ago.

Casino owner and businessman, Thomas Fireheart, presented the donation to the city school’s chancellor in an afternoon ceremony at the school. The gift of two million dollars will cover the entire estimated cost for repairs.

Attending the event, senior student and co-captain of the school’s football and basketball varsity teams, Eugene “Flash” Thompson said, “This place was a freaking mess after the Lizard smashed it up. But it would’ve been a lot worse if it wasn’t for Spider-Man.”

In The Amazing Spider-Man™ 2, for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), life is busy – between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can’t come quickly enough. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away – but that’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past.


Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson
Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon/Electro
Sally Fields as Aunt May

RELEASE DATE: May 2nd, 2014.
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Kurne - 1/2/2014, 3:15 PM
Please Sony, stop.

JoeMomma29 - 1/2/2014, 3:15 PM
Well there you go Venom!!!!!!
JoeMomma29 - 1/2/2014, 3:16 PM
I wonder which Venom they will push out!

Bearjew - 1/2/2014, 3:18 PM
That's the same venom
jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 3:18 PM
I like the idea of Fireheart paying the donation.
Smart viral.

jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 3:20 PM

there only one Venom and it's Eddie Brock.

Still, i won't be that much hater if they will combine Flash with symbiote.

That is of course if they won't [frick] this up like they did last time.
Dustellar - 1/2/2014, 3:22 PM
Thomas Fireheart = Puma!
VenomSpawnRises - 1/2/2014, 3:23 PM
These are just viral easter eggs. Jesus. They aren't going to have every character under the sun in this movie. These Bugle articles are just fun nods.
jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 3:23 PM

relax. It's just a viral. Still it would be cool to see Fireheart even for a cameo. I like the idea of him donating the school.
Jollem - 1/2/2014, 3:28 PM
this looks like an overcrowded mess
jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 3:36 PM

relax. it's just a viral.

Besides it's a good thing to see which characters Sony has rights too

They should make a goddamn list. And Marvel. And Fox.
JoeMomma29 - 1/2/2014, 3:36 PM
@ Praetorian

Yes I know it is the same Venom, I am pointing out which design are they going to go with?!
Bearjew - 1/2/2014, 3:38 PM
@JoeMomma29 yeah, probably neither
GLprime2814 - 1/2/2014, 3:39 PM
Soooooo are they just gonna have as many characters as possible in one movie?
Jollem - 1/2/2014, 3:39 PM
@jerryblake - no. sony sucks. this looks like an overcrowded mess. right?

@joedouchebag - what makes you think they are going with flash?
Interestein - 1/2/2014, 3:40 PM
Sony has great viral campaigns, I'm really pumped for this movie.
giannis - 1/2/2014, 3:45 PM
@jerryblake Jollem was just being sarcastic.
FantasticSpidey - 1/2/2014, 3:46 PM
Guys, you are taking waaaaay to much from this. They aren't going to have Puma or The Enforcers, or most of these viral characters appear in the films...

They are using the viral blog to add to the world, not tell you who is going to be in the next installment. There are too many characters in the Spidey world to bring them all to the big screen.

So they are giving us some of that background and some storylines on this blog to help build the world around him, and if they decided to pull someone into the films randomly it would make sense.

There are not going to use Puma for a Spidey villain on film.
TelaVizion - 1/2/2014, 3:46 PM
3 months time is enough for other villains to have popped up in the world. Movie should open to news paper articles about Spidey defeating different super villains...

Simple way to throw some characters in without needing to introduce them with a damn origin story.
jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 3:49 PM

I thought you were hyped for this movie ?

What happened? Are you passive - aggressive Jollem now ?

Take a pill :)

VISIONaryNPa - 1/2/2014, 3:51 PM
marvel72 - 1/2/2014, 3:51 PM
i remember puma,i haven't thought about that character in a long while.
jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 3:52 PM
Jollem - 1/2/2014, 3:53 PM
@jerryblake - this shit sucks. give it back to marvel studios
jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 3:55 PM
yeah ... give it back to Marvel. Superman needs to go back to Marvel too ;)
Namor - 1/2/2014, 3:55 PM
I love puma man! I mentioned him before as a perfect guy to fight spidey to start off the next spidey flick.. Hes somewhat of a bounty hunter, right? Meaning, hes for hire?
CherryBomb - 1/2/2014, 4:00 PM
As much of a crush I have on Chris Zylka,
I don't think he can hold his own blockbuster movie as Venom.

So I think they'll go with Eddie Brock.
ROMsnotdead - 1/2/2014, 4:00 PM
LIke VenomSpawnrises said, it's nothing but a nod to THE REAL FANS OF THE COMICS. I pity you if you don't get it. It's a nice move on their part, and it's apparently wasted on you you spoiled brats.
JoJo1982 - 1/2/2014, 4:07 PM
Oh no
Now ppl are complaining that the movie is overcrowded.... Smh lol

Y'all sure do find anything to bitch about
FantasticSpidey - 1/2/2014, 4:09 PM
and the only thing worse than being excited that these characters are going to be in the film, are the people who are yelling that Marvel Studios should get the rights back because the film is going to have tooo many characters.

Don't be dumb. They aren't going to put most if any of these characters into the movies. Marvel Studios gets this franchise back and it ends up just sitting there because all their money is tied up in Avengers and their follow ups and GotG and future releases like Ant-Man and others.

So then we get no Spidey. Which is worse for all of us.
jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 4:10 PM

Flash Thompson/Venom movie could be still in works.
That is of course if they won't go for a younger Eddie Brock routine ...
I'm afraid they might. Again.
jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 4:13 PM

first thing Marvel would do after getting Spiderman back would be introducing him in Avengers. I don't mind Avengers, it's the solo movie that worries me. I like Sony new Spiderman. If the part two will deliver i wanna see more.
Jollem - 1/2/2014, 4:14 PM
brock was mentioned in one of the virals. they don't necessarily have to make eddie the same age as peter. that's just what raimi did, which was vastly different than the comics
JoJo1982 - 1/2/2014, 4:14 PM
ROMsnotdead - 1/2/2014, 4:00 PM

LIke VenomSpawnrises said, it's nothing but a nod to THE REAL FANS OF THE COMICS. I pity you if you don't get it. It's a nice move on their part, and it's apparently wasted on you you spoiled brats.

Hey haters gonna hate, these Spidey movies are still going to happen regards what they think

jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 4:19 PM

i don't like the idea of young Eddie Brock. Eddie should be older. Also kind of a loser. His wife left him, he lost his job. He can't take a responsibility so he blame Spiderman. Venom is only making his ego getting bigger.

He also have a strange way of understanding justice.
He wan't to be a hero, but he ends up being an anti-hero.
jerryblake - 1/2/2014, 4:20 PM
*wants to be
CaptainAmerica31 - 1/2/2014, 4:22 PM
There are actually ppl who think that everyone in the virals are going to show up?
QuestiontheAnswer - 1/2/2014, 4:22 PM
Amazing Spider-Bomb 2
GL - 1/2/2014, 4:24 PM
They're getting out of hand with these things
Jollem - 1/2/2014, 4:26 PM
@jerry - lol. yes, i would like to see a more accurate take on brock as well. i hope they can delve into the cancer stuff--working on finding a cure and all that. somewhere down the line, if they do flash, they can involve military stuff and observations on that
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