THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Rant on haters, discussion on Actors and LIZARD.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Rant on haters, discussion on Actors and  LIZARD.

Check out my rant discussing the problems with the RAIMI films and who stands being a true Spider-Man fan and a Raimi fanboy. I also discuss the hate on Lizards new look.

Seriously what the hell is wrong with all the people that are complaining about this movie? I bet the majority of you don't know anything about Spider-Man and only know him from Raimi's trilogy. You aren't Spider-Man fans, if you think you are then why not show Spidey a little bit of respect and give this movie a chance? If not GTFO. Spider-Man fans my arse.

And really? If I see one more person say they miss the old movies and cmplain about this movie "changing everything" because of a missing jacket and them using an older design, I'll scream. Did you refuse to see the first movie because Green Goblin was in a suit of armor and schizophrenic instead on developing amnesia later on after being caught in an explosion? Did you complain when they had Mary Jane not act at all like Mary Jane and skip completely over Gwen Stacy only to copy a key scene involving her character and then completely alter both it and the ramifications of it? Did you complain when Doc Ock was a nice fella being controlled by super-smart sentient robot arms he built himself only to mysteriously gain the ability to control them with one case of willpower later on? Did you complain when Gwen finally WAS brought in as Eddie Brock's girlfriend, whom peter just used to make MJ jealous, the Sandman being made into a dad just trying to help his sick daughter and a victim of circumstance, or Harry suddenly appearing as the second Goblin wearing... skydiving gear with some armor, goggles and a rocket snowboard? About Eddie Brock being changed from a buff fella to a skinny fast-talking punk, almost more Spider-Man than the guy playing Spider-Man? Or how Venom was utterly butchered? (And before you blame the studio, they ASKED him to add Venom at the END and have the next film about him and he refused to split and had his writers cram him into the last 20 minutes.) Did you complain when part 4 was in development and Raimi was going to take Felicia Hardy and reduce her to The Vultress, Vulture's daughter, rather than Black Cat? Studio wanted the Lizard there, fans were asking for him, was a CLASSIC villain which Raimi insisted on working with as he hated new villains like Venom and Carnage by his own admission.

Now lets get onto TASM.

For those having problems with THE LIZARDS look, it may not be the iconic look with the long snout and lab cot like the T.MAC version shown below:

But what Webb did in his version is use the classic design, NOT A GOOMBA. The Ditko Lizard has no snout, can speak slurred English, and doesn't have sharp teeth. Thats the design Webb wanted to give a sense of humanity to the villain. Tell me to my face that this doesn't look menacing:

Another thing I dont get is that, LIZARD seems to be wearing his iconic Lab Coat in most scenes:

Then why is he called a GOOMBA even he looks his classic charetcer?

I dont get it.

And even then if Lizard isn't wearing he coat, a menacing DR. CONNERS under the influence of the regeneration drug with the tail, scales and all still wears the lab coat:

Lets get this straight.
This is a GOOMBA:

The movie version Goomba from the failed "Mario Bros. Movie" this isn't the Mushroom-design we all know and love from the games, it was a "creative decision" This is that design:

A goomba has a small head, sharp teeth and looks plain silly and un-menacing. The Lizard has a normal head, no sharp teeth, sharp claws and can speak slurred English. The only slight characteristic that they both hold is that they both have a small head, that's it.

And now to the actors of SPIDER-MAN.

ANDREW: Actually Andrew Garfield is the perfect choice to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man and all of us real Spider-Man fans are delighted with this casting decision!
Andrew looks just like Peter Parker (especially the way Peter looked in the majority of the comics and cartoons of last century), he portrays Peter/Spidey correctly, he is a big Spidey fan, he is very passionate about playing the character, and he is a very good actor. It's perfect casting!

TOBEY: Spider-Man is supposed to be skinny. He was never a chubby little man like Tobey's version was.
Also Tobey looked nothing like Peter from the comics & cartoons, he played the character totally wrong, his acting was poor, and his queer voice is way too annoying. All real Spider-Man fans hated Terrible Tobey in the role!
The only people that ever did like Tobey as Peter/Spidey were little kids and non-comic readers who know nothing about Spider-Man and lacked the intelligence to see how bad Tobey's acting was.




....Need I say more?

If a user by the name LOGANXX36 is not behaving to the sites standards of conduct, I will delete your comments because I do not believe in constant and ignorant hate on something.

Be warned now.

End rant.
Thanks for reading. Sound off below.
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EdgyOutsider - 5/14/2012, 6:51 AM
No offense but who are you to say whether someone is a true Spider-Man fan just by whether they liked the original trilogy. The third film is the least liked and it could be improved upon, but the first two are two of the best comicbook movies to be made. It's a no brainer. Also, an actors acting is by opinion. I've found alot of people who liked Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. You complain about him like people complained about Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom. All you cared about is how they physically look and not how their spiritually portrayed. A slight change to a look isn't gonna hurt no one. People complained how Venom wasn't huge when the character was acted great. Tobey's acting as Peter Parker/Spider-Man was great. All I'm gonna say is that you're a hater like most people on here just because someone doesn't share you're opinion.

Haters are gonna hate and you sir are a hater. Where has the respect gone in the world?
EdgyOutsider - 5/14/2012, 6:58 AM
@Teabag: I hope you know I was talking to TheAmazingHipsterMan, and not you.
antonio - 5/14/2012, 8:01 AM
Not surprised this article is coming from a Marvel supremacist who shits any and everything Dark Knight Rises.
marvelstudios - 5/14/2012, 8:32 AM
lol only reason why I want this to flop is so the rights can come back to marvel studios. and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one thinking this
jambabeanjuice - 5/14/2012, 8:47 AM
@antonio I agree with you.

I want to give this reboot a shot but the thing is the way they changed Spidey's origin is way too much for me. Spider-man's origin is comic book gem and for me that is an integral part of any Spider-Man adaptation.

Still hoping that it's not gonna be like Ang Lee's The Hulk. Let's just wait for July and see :)
Zarog - 5/14/2012, 8:50 AM
@marvelstudios NOPE! :)
SamWinchester - 5/14/2012, 9:00 AM
Whoever wrote this article is very arrogant.
Ashes2Phoenix - 5/14/2012, 1:54 PM
@Just1Superguy: Where do I begin ?

"Garfield is terribly annoying in this movie"

What gives you that assumption ? He doesn't appear annoying at all to me. He does smile several times in the trailer. I used to know a kid that I befriended during school that would only smile and be himself around the people he trusted. He was a terribly nervous guy and was pretty much an outcast. It sounds to me like he is having fun when he is Spider-Man and to be honest if a thug pulled a knife out on me and I was Spider-Man I would act in a similar way. I would completely mock him because I know he does not stand a chance. The humour is fine.

"He doesn't wear a lab coat at all"

Actually yeah he does. If you have seen the new trailer and the new still of The Lizard he is clearly wearing the lab coat in more than one sequence. There is a shot in the trailer where the swat has shot him by the looks of it and his lab coat is in tatters. That is when I assume he will lose the lab coat. It is still a shout out to the fans so I don't see it as a problem. When the Green Goblin in Spider-Man 2002, wore his mask it really hampered the experience in my opinion because it acted like a barricade. You could not tell what the character was feeling in those moments and made it very detaching. My favourite moments of Willem Defoe's performance are when he is not wearing the mask because you can see the wide variety of emotions he is portraying. One, second he is a snivelling wreck the next he is psychotic. My point is, the Green Goblin was the most interesting when you could see his face because it gave Defoe the opportunity to portray his full acting capabilities. This is why I think it is very important for The Lizard to have a humanised face.

"It is aimed towards the Twilight crowd"

Just because it is based in high school does not mean the themes are immature. Chronicle was set in high school and many of the themes in that film were very adult. What people take for granted, is that even though the film may be directed towards a younger demographic, it doesn't mean it is going to only have themes based on that demographic. We have all been in high school, so in my view that makes the film relatable to any audience range.

"Tobey was comedic but you wanted him to make corny jokes"

Let's look at this for a moment

"You're out Gobbie.... out of your mind"

" I'm the sheriff in these parts"

" Let mumma and pappa talk for a minute"

" That's a nice outfit, did your husband give it you"

If you didn't think these jokes were corny then your point is completely invalid. Spider-Man is meant to be slightly corny that is a part of his character. Also, Andrew Garfield is not joking in the knife scene he is being sarcastic. There is a big difference between the two.

I am cool with both versions of Spider-Man. I liked Tobey Maguire and I will like Andrew Garfield. They are both very different actors and I think that is why the change is jarring for some people. I believe in liking both but you are clearly just as bad as you are claiming TheAmazingHipsterMan to be. You are not even giving this new film a chance. You have already made up your mind which is a shame because this film is looking more and more promising.

Ashes2Phoenix - 5/14/2012, 2:49 PM
@Just1Superguy: Did you like Spider-Man 2 because that inner monologue you were referring to, was very apparent in that film.
Ashes2Phoenix - 5/14/2012, 3:09 PM

No Snout - You said Spider-Man is not based on realism which I agree with but I think you and many people are missing the point of what they mean by realism. They are looking to make the character interactions more realistic and relatable. Yes there are things such as The Lizard that break through the concepts of reality but that is not what they are getting at. They are trying to make the character of Peter Parker more realistic ( besides the spider bite).

Also, in regards, to The Lizard conveying emotions, it really depends what they do with this version of the characters. Even though he is meant to be a monster if he is complete monster that cuts the audience off from the character completely. By having even a speckle of humanity in him it still retains part of the character. If you have him as a beast for 70 percent of the film with no emotions he won't be a particularly compelling character in my opinion.

On the Comedy - As I said in the post above. Spider-Man in that car thief clip is not attempting to be funny he is being sarcastic. There is a significant difference between the two.

Garfield's Attitude- He won't be depressing through the whole film. When he interacts with Emma Stone I am sure he will become happy and that will build a great connection with the characters. She is one of the only ones he let's in and it makes their relationship that much more special. She will be the one who brings out the best in Peter and if they do decide to go down the route of Gwen dying, it will make her death that much more impactive.

On the Movie themes: But the themes you are talking about are hat makes Spider-Man, Spider-Man. He worries about girls, money, social clicks just like anyone else his age. That doesn't make it Twilight. Twilight is about lame love traingles that go on for several films at a time. This is nothing like that movie.

I think the problem you have is not the film itself. It is Spider-Man and if that is the case then ofcourse this film is not going to impress you. Me and you are the complete opposite because I can't stand Superman. He is such a boy scout and I find that aspect of the character unbearable. Hopefully they will tone it down a bit in The Man of Steel and change my mind. Superman just doesn't have anything relatable or interesting about him and I am not trying to annoy you but that is how I feel. I like Batman and Spider-Man because they have aspects to their character that are very relatable. The world is not a safe place and I like the fact that their optimism is conflicted by this. The fact they rise up from the tragedies is what really intrigues me. With all the stuff those characters have gone through they could have easily become the villain but they were better than that. I find them inspiring.

That's my point of view of this situation.
JustAnotherFilmGeek - 5/14/2012, 4:38 PM
I think people are also forgetting probably the most important part of the CONNORS character :his family i dont see any traces of his wive and kid in the movie and that would be taking a lot from the character since those two are really connected to Connors and are what helped him not lose his touch with hummanity
Thanos005 - 5/14/2012, 4:51 PM
If Webb wanted his lizard to be more human than animal, why wouldn't he ALWAYS wear the labcoat then? Aren't clothes a pretty human thing to use? Consistency. All I ask for. And if Uncle Ben doesn't die, Webb will have to deal with a lot of pissed off fans. Uncle Bens death is like Bruce Waynes parents. They MADE them heros. Taking it away diminishes the character.
Ashes2Phoenix - 5/14/2012, 5:10 PM
@Thanos005: It is very important you read this article then. It is over on Superhero Hype. It is an interview with Marc Webb :

Q: In the comics, Uncle Ben's death is really the catalyst for Peter becoming Spider-Man. From the trailer it seems the search for the truth about his parents is the catalyst.
Webb: The first domino in the story is the parents. He goes out looking for his father and finds himself. That's my tagline. But Uncle Ben, of course, and his death... well, you have to see the movie! But, there's three elements that Marvel was very protective of and I think are very important parts of the Spider-Man origin story. Uncle Ben's death transforms him and has a huge impact on him. That's an incredibly important part of the mythology. I would never subvert that. That's all I'll say about that.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about bringing the Lizard to life and how, technically, you accomplished it?
Webb: There’s a lot that goes into it. I mean, when we shot those sequences, we actually shot a human. There was a combination of things. A guy, Big John, who was this guy who was literally a big guy named John, who did a lot of the interactive stuff. When you're trying to interact with Andrew or with Peter, you need someone grabbing him and doing those things so we would replace him with computer-generated Lizard. Then the performance capture was done with Rhys and, for that, we would shoot Rhys in a similar environment and get his facial composure. We're still working on it. I actually just came from SPI [Sony Pictures Imageworks] where we're trying to incorporate his performance into the Lizard itself. That takes an enormous amount of time. It's tricky, you know? In the comics there are different incarnations of the Lizard. There's the MacFarlane one, which has the snout, but I was interested more in finding something that could relate human emotions. I wanted to keep Rhys's performance in that creature. Performance -- Pixar does it extremely well, creating those emotional qualities within characters that are, essentially, computer generated. So Rhys's performance is giving that nuance, getting the eyebrow tics and the looks. Creating an armature that can actually speak and lips that make sounds. It's a very detailed and, frankly, tedious process. I really wanted to capture emotion. I wanted him to have a face, have a feeling and that's the way I chose to do that. Then there are the physical components of it. I wanted to make him very powerful. I wanted to make him stronger than Spider-Man. That was a really important part.
Kalel219 - 5/14/2012, 5:22 PM

Superman's weakness is kryptonite.

Both the writer of this article and yourself are as bad as each other.

One is a arrogant fanboy
One is a arrogant hater
Kalel219 - 5/15/2012, 12:11 AM

No it doesn't....[frick]ing hell
antonio - 5/15/2012, 6:55 AM
"One is a arrogant fanboy
One is a arrogant hater".

AmazingHipsterMan is both.
EdgyOutsider - 5/15/2012, 11:51 AM
@Just1Superguy: I'm pretty sure everyone knows that your statement "most human character in comics" is wrong. I know alot of people bash on here on who's right and wrong based off of opinions. But that statement you made was wrong because I'm pretty sure he's an alien and yes he has problems but his weakness is a [frick]ing rock that is super hard to find. Spider-Man and Batman are the most relatable and most human of the superheros in comics. EVERYONE (apparently except for you) knows that Spidey and Batman are the most relatable.

Not trying to hate, but I'm sorry to burst your bubble with facts.
EdgyOutsider - 5/15/2012, 12:03 PM
actually I take that back. The heros are relatable depending on the class of people. Superman is relatable to the middle class people, Batman with the higher class as with Spider-Man who is more relatable to not only people who struggle with life, but he's a teenager which makes him even more relatable, more than most.
D117 - 5/16/2012, 6:51 PM
What's wrong with liking both portrayals of the character? So many people bitch and whine about Tobey's version of Spider-Man. It's so [frick]ing annoying, everyone has been on his shit ever since the reboot was announced. For me I thought he was a pretty good Peter Parker and I'm looking forward to this new interpretation of the character. Don't understand why Tobey keeps getting called a bitch like any of you could play a better Spider-Man, bet you wouldn't have the balls to say it to his face.
spager45 - 5/17/2012, 12:54 PM
I gotta agree with D117, I like both. I completely agree with your argument for TASM movie but don't call out anyone who liked the originals or undermine their love for the character. Tobey played a Peter that was true to the character, it just didn't show enough of him. My only grievance with Spider-Man cinematically is that they never let the character of Spider-Man be himself. Less unmasking please, I didn't ask Santa for a Peter Parker faction figure when I was six. Peter's great, but he is Spidey. And Spidey is for everyone, he's accessible to all kids and adults from every background. So let's do this. Let Spidey crack wise and kick ass. Let Pete get his geek on, and fumble with Gwen. Give us an interpretation that excites us the way in which The Avengers did. Raimi did the best he could and I still regard Spidey 1 and 2 as some of my favourite pictures. Hopefully ASM will go even better. Let's get behind it, fanboys :)
D117 - 5/17/2012, 3:40 PM
Good to know that someone else agrees
MattyFowl - 6/8/2012, 10:11 PM
the new movie is going to be more true to the comic book and the whole first movie is a lie it should have been gwen stacy instead of mary jane. Toby was the worst actor for spider-man in the first place he played the character to nerdy and winey. The only thing i like about the first series is the costume

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