Unused Promo Images From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Unused Promo Images From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Take a look at some never before sen promotional pics from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, featuring Andrew Garfield in various Spidey poses. There's also a pretty suggestive snap of he and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy). Check them out after the jump.

Thanks to Marvel Spider for the heads up.

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MrReese - 6/16/2013, 6:09 PM
Garfield is 1 lucky bastard 2 be bangin Stone XD
LEVITIKUZ - 6/16/2013, 6:23 PM
Shit movie.

But Garfield is a lucky son of a bitch. Stealing my girl and all. One day Emma. One day. A man can dream damn it and maybe those dreams can become reality. I'll be gentle.

TonyChu - 6/16/2013, 6:25 PM
Yeah I can see why they did not use that second promo image. Parents would have a field day if they saw that.
wildstar13 - 6/16/2013, 6:28 PM
LEVITIKUZ - 6/16/2013, 6:30 PM

Wildaniel - 6/16/2013, 6:30 PM
I loved the movie, Emma and Andrew were perfect casting, but I really hate the suit, lol. Glad the 2nd movie will have a new suit.
subzero1077 - 6/16/2013, 6:32 PM
Terrible reboot. Bring on the next reboot.
Rhys - 6/16/2013, 6:33 PM
TheWolverine08 - 6/16/2013, 6:34 PM
I still don't get the hate for TASM. I think it is the best Spidey film beesides Spider Man 2.

One main thing I hear when people complain about this film is that Peter was a douche. Did they want a sanctimonious, paragon of truth and responsibility in the first film? Not me, I rather watch Peter develop as a person.
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 6/16/2013, 6:34 PM
Fun movie!!! Why so many unmasked shots?
thorhulk77 - 6/16/2013, 6:34 PM
Second picture: Awkward boner
thorhulk77 - 6/16/2013, 6:36 PM
Have you guys actually seen a terrible movie? I can agree with some points but TASM is far from a terrible movie. If anything, it's an average/okay movie. Not trying to start an argument lol
bbarber2323 - 6/16/2013, 6:37 PM
Levi will be gentle. Well, makes sense..most virgins are..
ALmazing - 6/16/2013, 6:37 PM
So while dealing with the disappointment of MoS I am now reminded of another disappointment, swell.
NBAfanaddict - 6/16/2013, 6:38 PM
.......Two things about the second picture

1. The person who didn't let that one go public is a genius
2. The person who thought that was a good picture needs some help.....
MrCameron - 6/16/2013, 6:40 PM
RorMachine - 6/16/2013, 6:41 PM
Great actors..not a great movie. I'm sure the sequel will improve.
MrYurMomm - 6/16/2013, 6:42 PM
This movie surprised me.

Its not as great as Spider-Man or Spider-Man 2, and it pains me to day so as it should've been epic, and is still better than TDKR.
LEVITIKUZ - 6/16/2013, 6:45 PM
Sigh. Once more harshed by bbarber2323. Too bad I don't care for haters.


And the dude who convinced Andrew & Emma to take that photo should get a raise.
wildstar13 - 6/16/2013, 6:46 PM
@Levi-Yes, TDKR was a TERRIBLE movie with so many plot holes and so damn boring.
LEVITIKUZ - 6/16/2013, 6:49 PM
Not as boring as watching the same movie I saw 10 years ago.
deadpool123 - 6/16/2013, 6:57 PM
"Lexi..if you dont care for haters you would mind to reply them, you're one of the biggest fanboys and haters on this page...
MrCameron - 6/16/2013, 6:58 PM

Get off Raimi's nuts already. We all know the reason that you didn't like TASM was because they made it instead of Spider-Man 4.
thorhulk77 - 6/16/2013, 7:00 PM
Lol damn leave @Levi alone
CPBuff22 - 6/16/2013, 7:01 PM
@Rhys Thank you for that "kinky" comment. Now I am picturing Emma Stone in bondage. :)
CaptainKalamari - 6/16/2013, 7:02 PM
he's suck a weak peter parker... i hope the second one is better
NBAfanaddict - 6/16/2013, 7:02 PM
@LEVI The guy only had to convince Emma. Andrew had absolutely no issue taking that pohoto. Trust me.....

marvel72 - 6/16/2013, 7:03 PM
the amazing spider-man & the dark knight rises are as bad as each other,the amazing spider-man 2 does look interesting though.
VinzClortho - 6/16/2013, 7:03 PM
Superman Returns was a better movie! No, if ands or buts, it just is!
NBAfanaddict - 6/16/2013, 7:03 PM
CaptainKalamari: I agree that he wasn't my favorite Peter. I did prefer him as Spider-Man though. More joking than Tobey.
CaptainAmerica31 - 6/16/2013, 7:04 PM
Cough* at least it's not like that one bay formers movie cough* best CBM my ass
sameoldthing - 6/16/2013, 7:08 PM
I can see "SPIDER-TAINT".

That costume is crap..so glad the sequel will have good suit & I'm sure it will be an improved film.
Highflyer - 6/16/2013, 7:10 PM
To be honest I don't think its copying sam raimi's movie. Its just being accurate. Its basically a ultimate spider-man movie adaption.
Spideyguy94 - 6/16/2013, 7:12 PM
I think TASM is an average movie that has great performances (Garfield in particular), I was a little bit dissapointed with it, mostly because its being held back by the origin and now that's out the way I think we'll get the movie we wanted first time around.
Highflyer - 6/16/2013, 7:12 PM
@MrMrtinMarvel, peter is human. Don't you think it would have been exactly like raimi's ending where peter stays away from mary for her own safety?
LEVITIKUZ - 6/16/2013, 7:12 PM
Who's Lexi?


Lol true that.


Speaking of sequels, why haven't you gotten one?


I like this guy. Not in the same way as Emma and Andrew in that photo.
TheWolverine08 - 6/16/2013, 7:13 PM
@MrMartinMarvel Peter is still growing as a person. His disrespect towards Captain Stacy's final wish is a sign that he is still selfish and irresponsible. Traits that I believe will come back to ominously haunt him in TASM 2. Just watch him grow as a person man, he'll learn by the end of TASM 2.
Giznad - 6/16/2013, 7:13 PM
that football field goal post thing was whack
Highflyer - 6/16/2013, 7:17 PM
@Thewolvweine08, I agree. We already have captaim america and superman to be flawless heroes. Its refreshing to see something new. Just like Avengers, I'm looking forward to the sequel more than the original.
LEVITIKUZ - 6/16/2013, 7:18 PM
TBH MMM, I'm not sure I would listen to Captain Stacy's request. Mostly due to the fact I have a crush on Emma.
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