UPDATED! First Look At Rhino & Green Goblin! New THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Poster!

<font color=red>UPDATED!</font> First Look At Rhino & Green Goblin! New THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Poster!

Holy Moly! Hit the jump to get your first look at Rhino and Green Goblin, as they appear with Electro and Spidey on a brand new poster for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Jeser Piedra was at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas today where he came across the first poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. On the poster are: Spider-Man, Electro, Rhino and even Green Goblin. Yes, the image is in low-resolution and not from the best angle, but that's Rhino on the left and Goblin in the middle, and even one of his face on Times Square video screen to the far right. The Rhino costume appears to the the mechanized suit that was used in the "Ultimatum Spider-Man" comic. Goblin is certainly "Green" but we can't be sure if it's Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) or his son Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) that has been transformed. Although we might be able to make a guess based on these spoilery storyboards.

Image Credit: Jeser Piedra, via Marvel_Spider

TASM2 - Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), life is busy – between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can’t come quickly enough. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away – but that’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be directed by Marc Webb from a script written by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner and James Vanderbilt. The film will star Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Sally Field as Aunt May, Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, Paul Giamatti as Rhino, Jamie Foxx is Electro and Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn. The Amazing Spider-Man sequel will swing into theaters May 2, 2014.
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DCMarvelFreshman - 11/28/2013, 7:56 PM
Wow, I hope this won't be a big mess. Looks cool though
RorMachine - 11/28/2013, 8:02 PM
Can't make out Gobby..but Rhino looks....crap.
Jollem - 11/28/2013, 8:04 PM
[frick] yeah. looks awesome
Abary - 11/28/2013, 8:05 PM
WTF Rhino? More like Scorpion!
Jollem - 11/28/2013, 8:05 PM
@DCMF - don't worry. it'll be a mess of awesome
Abary - 11/28/2013, 8:06 PM
This looks like shit. At least Green Goblin has his Glider. That's an advantage.
GhostSurfer - 11/28/2013, 8:06 PM
Oh man wtf did they do to Rhino?
DrDoom - 11/28/2013, 8:06 PM
Crowded much?
Jollem - 11/28/2013, 8:06 PM
great find, mr. biter
McMeatFace - 11/28/2013, 8:07 PM
Can't make out either Rhino or Goblin, but I guess that means we will see both of them in AS2.
Jollem - 11/28/2013, 8:07 PM
need...to see...clearer pic...of gobby
Abary - 11/28/2013, 8:10 PM
Are those birds or 4 more Green Goblins flying behind the main one?
GhostSurfer - 11/28/2013, 8:10 PM
Is Rhino supposed to be the Ultimate version, but even more robotic?

Like this:

CaptainObvious - 11/28/2013, 8:10 PM
Oh my God, the Rhino is going to blow.
TheSuperguy - 11/28/2013, 8:11 PM
This movie looks very promising.
Thorsday - 11/28/2013, 8:11 PM
I cant really make out what any of them look like!
RorMachine - 11/28/2013, 8:12 PM
GhostSurfer , yeah from what I can make out he actually looks very similar to that pic.
Jollem - 11/28/2013, 8:12 PM
rhino's snout isn't long enough. snout length really matters to me. instead of a rhino suit, couldn't they have just made him a poncy, british actor that makes stinky poops?
TheYoungMan - 11/28/2013, 8:13 PM
BANE5000 - 11/28/2013, 8:14 PM
Cant really make out whats what with The Rhino or what pose he is in, whats with the red light also?
Abary - 11/28/2013, 8:14 PM
Womb holy shit that may actually be him
Nick56 - 11/28/2013, 8:14 PM
hope this is better than the first, it really does have potential to be (better writers, hopefully a better tone, etc) . but im not at all impressed by the looks of rhino and electro (my favourite spidey villain). rhino especially looks like shit. and come on 3 villains? may be a little too much
jarel93 - 11/28/2013, 8:15 PM
And, if you look towards the top-right corner...it appears as if we have a look at the Goblin's face, presenting us with something that looks a lot more comic book accurate.
Poolio - 11/28/2013, 8:15 PM
Yea...I can't really make anything out other than Rhino looking like a mech dinosaur
EpitomeofAwesome - 11/28/2013, 8:15 PM
So it begins...
Superjon - 11/28/2013, 8:15 PM
Not pleased with what rhino looks like
19001560 - 11/28/2013, 8:15 PM
can't see The Rhino, is it an armor?
SuperBond - 11/28/2013, 8:16 PM
Im really lookin forward to this movie but why does it look like rhino stands on all fours? tf
GhostSurfer - 11/28/2013, 8:16 PM
Thanks Ror. If he ends up looking like that and the face part slides down (like Iron Man's mask), to reveal Giamatti's face, then I will understand it and be fine with it. Hopefully that's the case.
Jollem - 11/28/2013, 8:16 PM
sorry...i'm fanboying really hard right now

edge13 - 11/28/2013, 8:16 PM
based on Ultimate version
,but i heard in this Movie Rhino had 2 "form",this 1 and more monstrous version
Bearjew - 11/28/2013, 8:16 PM
Should've called this movie Ultimate Spider-Man as were getting Ultimate Electro, Ultimate Rhino and Ultimate Green Goblin
EdgyOutsider - 11/28/2013, 8:17 PM
lmao!! Rhino looks so stupid. Which is great cause the character sucks so much ass. Looks like Electro will be THE villain and we get (this is my assumption at the moment) The Death of Gwen Stacy. At least it's not Hulk Goblin. I think this movie will be fine.
typicalfanboy - 11/28/2013, 8:18 PM
What what what??!! Gobby, rhino, n lectro? This movie b trippin son. Can't wait
superbatspiderman - 11/28/2013, 8:20 PM
I don't think that we will see Green Goblin be a main villain in this movie but he might show up at the end to lead into the next film. Or maybe he will kill Gwen at the end of the movie and Peter will want revenge which he will get int he next movie.
Jollem - 11/28/2013, 8:20 PM

Bearjew - 11/28/2013, 8:21 PM
It looks like an actual physical mutation for Green Goblin but in the classic look
Tainted87 - 11/28/2013, 8:21 PM
Rhino is going to look stupid no matter what. You can't make the character look cool - it is impossible. Don't try.

Kind of looks like a cross between Iron Monger and Ravage (from Revenge of the Fallen).

As for the number of villains - the more the merrier. I just hope whoever is on that glider isn't rehashing more Goblin drama from the Raimi trilogy.
EdgyOutsider - 11/28/2013, 8:21 PM
I forgot to mention the other part of my assumption is that, we actually won't get Gobby vs Spidey properly until TASM 3
MrCBM56 - 11/28/2013, 8:22 PM
This looks great!
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