Which Mary Jane Watson Is Shailene Woodley Playing In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2?

Which Mary Jane Watson Is Shailene Woodley Playing In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2?

The heated commentary about Shailene Woodley's Mary Jane Watson centers around a desire to see the super model/pin-up version of the character but there's a different portrayal of the classic Peter Parker love interest that might be in play.

Mary Jane Watson is a curvaceous pin-up model/Hollywood actress that should have sex appeal oozing out of her every pore. At least that's how she's depicted in the primary Marvel Comics Universe that's designated Earth-616. Part of the appeal of the MJ/Peter relationship is that the geeky Parker would realistically never obtain a girl like MJ but he miraculously does. That's a fantasy scenario that more than a few comic book fans long for. When it was first announced that Mary Jane would be appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel, names such as Deborah Ann Woll, Jane Levy, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and others were bandied about in casting discussions. When news broke that Shaeline Woodley would be playing the red haired temptress it was met with a nervous murmur and with the first set-photos emerging yesterday, that nervous murmur has exploded into a full-on fervor. But what if the Mary Jane Watson we were expecting to see in Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man sequel is not the one the director and screenwriters have in mind?

In the original Spider-Man comics that started in the 60's, there's a bit of a running gag that the reader never gets to see Mary Jane's face during Aunt May's pestering of Peter to take out Anna Watson's niece on a date (a gag that lasted over a year, imagine if Slott did something like that today). Don't expect that to happen in the film, expect Woodley to be front and center as I think Webb is borrowing a bit from The Ultimate line of Marvel Comics. In the Ultimate line, Mary Jane has a passion for broadcast journalism and uses Peter as her cameraman, which would actually be a nice segue to The Daily Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson. This version of Mary Jane is not the walking sexpot that her 616 counterpart is often illustrated as; instead she's a quirky, short-tempered loudmouth who can match Peter's wisecracks with her own sarcastic humor. Ultimate Spider-Man also features a relationship between Mary Jane and Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) before things begin between her and Peter. That's a likely scenario to unfold on screen for two key characters joining the cast at the same time. We'll have to see whether MJ is Peter's girl or Harry's but with a film that includes Rhino, Electro and probably another villain or two, you have to wonder how much time will be left for love triangles (or maybe that should be a love rectangle, Gwen has also dated Harry in the comics).

Don't get me wrong, Shaeline Woodley probably wouldn't be my first choice for Mary Jane either as I would like to see the 616-version but keep in mind that movie studios have had great success borrowing from the more modern, Ultimate Marvel Universe and that appears to be the case here. Different doesn't mean inferior folks.

Running Time: Filming in progress
Release Date: May 2, 2014 (USA)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (probable)
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Sally Field, Shaeline Woodle, Paul Giamatti, Jamie Foxx, Felicity Jones, Colm Feore, Dane DeHaan and Martin Sheen.
Directed by: Marc Webb
Written by: James Vanderbilt (story),Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Jeff Pinkner (screenplay)

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BIGGGHEADTJ - 2/26/2013, 5:31 PM
TonyChu - 2/26/2013, 5:31 PM
Seems to be the Ultimate Spider-Man route where she is still hot and popular but is quite smart as well.
CapFan79 - 2/26/2013, 5:33 PM
An ugly one.
TonyChu - 2/26/2013, 5:33 PM
And to those people saying this chick is ugly needs to be reminded that this was just a set photo and nothing official. She was probably on her way to make up. The girl has some acting talent and I can't wait to see what she brings to the role of MJ. But I still think she looks too young for the role.
ahhmynuts - 2/26/2013, 5:34 PM
she's hot. checked her twitter interviews on youtube. very adorable, intelligent, and sweet.

dont judge me...
DaenerysTargaryen - 2/26/2013, 5:35 PM
Mary Plain Jane
ahhmynuts - 2/26/2013, 5:35 PM
twitter *and* interviews on youtube
TonyChu - 2/26/2013, 5:36 PM
You can google the chick and tell she is not ugly.
CaptainAmerica31 - 2/26/2013, 5:37 PM
Well a lot of marvel movies today borrow from ultimate so I wouldn't be suprised, especially with this movie. This movie is a mixture between spectacular spiderman, the amazing spiderman, and ultimate Spidey.
AnotherSinisterClone - 2/26/2013, 5:39 PM
he looks too thin, she looks too thick. gotta say, i hate her solely cuz my wife watching that F'n secret life show. which must be paid by how many times the word sex is used each show. or whatever the "special word" of the day is. freaking Pee-wee Herman style. dont dig his sides shaved on the hair neither. i dont remember Peter being a HIPSTER
SpectacularJoShFest - 2/26/2013, 5:39 PM
The ugly one.

Okay I know she's not ugly...but she DOES look like Channing Tatum and she doesn't look like MJ should look. When you see MJ you should feel a party going on in your pants...when I see Shailene Woodless I feel...woodless.

superpooper - 2/26/2013, 5:39 PM
Some of you guys have been very mean to this poor girl. I think she's cute. She may not be model hot, or any type of pinup girl by a longshot, but darlin', if you're reading this, you are absolutely good enough for this dog and I would do you any day of the week with bells on. Don't let these geeks on her make you question your womanliness sweetheart. You've absolutely got all it takes to get mine honey :) You go girl!
wolverinesfury - 2/26/2013, 5:40 PM
Or you know, shitty casting. Have you thought of that?
webheaded - 2/26/2013, 5:40 PM
She's playing Ultimate Mary Jane. As in she's not model hot, but she's definitely not drop dead ugly. But idk what the whole motorcyclist thing is for. I dig it, though. TASM2 is looking goooood.
MBZ1993 - 2/26/2013, 5:41 PM
notice in raimi's trilogy the suit was true to the comics but kirsten dunst wasnt a hot Mj in TASM got a bad suit but hot gwen....now we got awesome suit but Mj is not wut were expecting so far. we can have one way but not the other
JordanKing - 2/26/2013, 5:41 PM
Woof Woof!
JerBear - 2/26/2013, 5:42 PM

End of story ^
IronManny819 - 2/26/2013, 5:43 PM
Still would bang.
UltimateTypeface - 2/26/2013, 5:43 PM
I feel sorry for this chick...she is going to get crucified.

What is so wrong with wanting a hot chick to play a hot character?

The casting guy on this movie must hate fanboys!
Mrcool210 - 2/26/2013, 5:43 PM
yes she is playing ultimate mj, mj in ultimate wasn't very attractive, and for a high school version mj ultimate seems like the best version tog go with
superherofan21 - 2/26/2013, 5:44 PM
Woodley isn't bad looking. In fact, with the right makeup, she can look gorgeous. I've seen her in other films, and she's a great actress, too. I have no problem with her in this movie. Oh, and for those who think she's too young for the role... she's 21, and playing a high school girl. Garfield's only 8 years older than her, and he looks younger than that. All's good. So stop complaining.
IgnurRant - 2/26/2013, 5:44 PM
Can't be the Ultimate version because Gwen in ASM is the ultimate version of Mary Jane. She isn't the 616 b/c she isn't attractive.
MarkV - 2/26/2013, 5:44 PM
You guys must have low testosterone. I would wreck her like Ralph. I would break her like Drago. Very, very hot.
faver - 2/26/2013, 5:45 PM
From the moment they cast her it was clear that it would probably be the ultimate version.
anthonyEstark - 2/26/2013, 5:45 PM
I think she will be pretty good as a classic MJ. Now, can we please have J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson? Please!
mctrinket - 2/26/2013, 5:47 PM
Ugh. Wretched casting there.
SciFiNut - 2/26/2013, 5:48 PM
This site is seriously pissing me off with all the trashy comments concerning our new Mary Jane.

This girl is gorgeous, and the fact that she looks that good/natural without make up is an enormous plus. These photos were taken while she was WALKING TO THE SET, not while she was on set. Massive difference.

Wait until you see a publicity photo of her in character and make up.
NoJobBOB - 2/26/2013, 5:49 PM
I like either or really. I loved the Ultimate comics. I still think they should do the classic version of her for part of the movie. Have Aunt May bug Peter about meeting Mary Jane and he blows it off for a 1/3rd of the movie so he and Gwen can still have a relationship. Then build up Peter and MJ's friendship the rest of the film with her being there for him after Gwen dies.
thewolfx - 2/26/2013, 5:50 PM
Shes obviously doin ultimate mj

This whole reboot should be called ultimate spiderman cus its not amazing
marvel72 - 2/26/2013, 5:52 PM
i suppose she ain't bad looking,one of these girls that need to rely on make up.

it'll probably be ultimate spidey mary jane.

jtown904 - 2/26/2013, 5:52 PM
SO UGLY!!!!! aghhhhhhh
sweetre15 - 2/26/2013, 5:53 PM
I think it's the look of Ultimate/Spectacular MJ with the sassy 616 attitude.
ComicFan523 - 2/26/2013, 5:54 PM
I'm starting to feel pretty bad for this girl, she's really not that bad looking. Knowing Webb he's probably going for a geeky take on this character, and I think she'll fit pretty well with that kind of role.
NoJobBOB - 2/26/2013, 5:59 PM
@Yoss thats mean dude.

Chewbacca shouldn't be brought into this :[
CaptainAmerica31 - 2/26/2013, 6:00 PM
Gwen in TASM is actually the spectacualr version of the charcter
Platinum - 2/26/2013, 6:02 PM
Does it even matter what version she's playing? It's probably a whole new take on character anyways.
BritishMonkey - 2/26/2013, 6:03 PM
I don't understand why so many are calling her ugly. She actually looks pretty darn attractive.

And I think this MJ would be more like the '99 ultimate universe and a bit of the Spectacular Spider-Man tv series MJ. So MJ would just be a very close friend to Peter with no romantic interests.

One thing I also think many are forgetting to realise is this film is set in a seperate universe of Spider-Man from the comics, so there would be drastic changes from the characters and this just being ASM2's and Marc Webb's itteration of MJ. And Shailene will do really well, despite MJ just being a minor role.
EagleEye21 - 2/26/2013, 6:05 PM
Yeah I'm sorry to all you guys who wanted slutty looks, but Megan Fox is currently too busy destroyin' another beloved franchise to play Mary Jane
MBZ1993 - 2/26/2013, 6:05 PM
not ugly just expected more
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