Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 Release Date: May, 4th 2007 - Sony/Columbia Pictures

Cast: Tobey Maguire - Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst - Mary Jane Watson, Thomas Haden Church - Sandman, James Franco - Harry Osborn, Topher Grace - Venom, Bryce Dallas Howard - Gwen Stacy, James Cromwell - Captain George Stacy, Rosemary Harris - Aunt May Parker, J.K. Simmons - J. Jonah Jameson, Dylan Baker - Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard, Elizabeth Banks - Betty Brant

Summary: Peter Parker is finally getting some respect as Spider-Man is now being looked to as a hero of the city. But all is not well in NY. A new villain arrives in the form of Flint Marko a.k.a. The Sandman. His body is entirely composed of sand which he uses to devastating effect. Not only that, but Pete is having to defend himself against a newly super powered Harry Osbourne, who has taken up his Father's Green Goblin memorabilia and is using it to exact revenge for his Father's death! And if that wasn't enough, a symbiotic space alien has taken over the Spidey suit, imbuing Spidey with more power, but heightening his aggression. At work, Pete is competing with an upstart photographer who will become (with help from the evil suit) Venom--one of Spidey's most powerful enemies! Whew! This should be good.
Hollywood costume and FX company, Frontline Design Inc., recently had the pleasure of designing Superman's suit for Man of Steel, but they also are known for their work on Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. Come see an unused design for Topher Grace's Venom.
Everyone wants to give Raimi a free pass on Spider-Man 3 being one of the worst comic book movies ever. But should we?
As if fans needed a reason to hate Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 3" even more, see what Sam Raimi's more comic-accurate black costume suit for old Spidey would've looked like.
This film has tricked everyone into thinking it has a plot.
The trailer for SM3 made it look like a great superhero drama. Sadly that's not true.
Spider-Man 3 is one of the most controversial comic book movies of all time. Here I revisit it, I've defended the film a lot in the past, has watching it now made me change my stance? Come check out my in-depth review.
Spider-Man 3 was a successful box office film, but critically and from fan opinions it is the worst, but I'm going to look at what it should of been and what could of been of this movie that died!
At the time, Spider-Man 3 was one of the most hotly anticipated comic book movies... after it hit theaters it became one of the most hated comic book movies.
We all know Spider-Man 3 was....bad, but could it have been saved?
In an interview with Ain't It Cool News Sam Raimi has revealed new information about the process of making Spider-Man 4 as well as the future of the franchise!
Papa John's Superhero XL3 Pizza debuts in alliance with Spider-Man 3 DVD! Delivered in uniquely designed box featuring Spider-Man™ 3 DVD image, three-topping, extra-large pizza arrives just in time for Halloween, one of the three busiest days of the year for the pizza brand
The final Spider-Man movie is on its way to DVD.
'birdie3' has pointed us to ezydvd.com.au where they have put up Spider-Man 3 for sale on DVD in a collectible tin can along with a mousepad.
How does Stan the Man feel about the way Hollywood has treated his precious comic book creations?
Spider-Man 3 remained the number one movie over the weekend taking in another $60 million.
George Lucas says Spider-Man 3 is a "silly" movie? Poo doo!
spider man has stolen #1 spot at the box office proving that pepole cant get enogh of spider man
"Spider-Man 3" took in a record $59 million domestically on opening day Friday, breaking the previous all-time high of $55.8 million for "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" in its first day last summer.
This film goes way beyond FANTASTIC!!!
Q&A with Director Sam Raimi
As Spider-Man 3 prepares for it's North American opening, with the Widest launch of all time, it's debut in the Asian markets has already set new records.
I had the pleasure of meeting the "Spider-Man 3" star at NYC's Forbidden Planet...
From the very start of Spider-Man 3 with the credits we get a flash back of what came before with scenes of the previous 2 films, it’s a perfect set up to what’s coming in this next chapter of Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s life.
The three villains from Spider-Man 3--opening May 4--give fans insight into the motivation for their characters, find the good in being bad, and share with us their favorite cinematic villains.
Wizard Magazine digs up 25 factoids you didn’t know about the ‘Spider-Man’ movie franchise