SPIDER MAN 3- How it Should Have Been and What it Could Have Been

SPIDER MAN 3- How it Should Have Been and What it Could Have Been

Spider-Man 3 was a successful box office film, but critically and from fan opinions it is the worst, but I'm going to look at what it should of been and what could of been of this movie that died!

Spider Man 3 to me will go down as one of the biggest, hugest disappointments in my life of watching movies right next to 2003's The Hulk (ugh your next HULKY!) But either way this is something that I thought was going to be the best, I thought no there is no way you can ruin this movie, no way you can screw up this up. The cast back, we have an Academy Award Winning actor as the villain, TOPHER GRACE AS VENOM (Ok I was really mixed about this.) and the rumors of Sandman, Venom to be the main villains was swirling with anticipation in my head. But when the movie was released, it turned out to be everything I did not expect, THE OPPOSITE! Why? Well we already established that for years but what could of been better, what could of been Spider-Man 3, that my friends is why I feel I should write this! (Opinion wise not fact!)


Man this could of been something. The story we were shown in Spider Man 3 was so bad and convoluted I don't even know where to start. But to make it better I feel this is how it should of been. For one I thought the symbiote idea was great, the idea of man spiraling down into darkness who goes through a lot of emotional trouble. It could be the story of a man who just can't take it no more and decides to explode in anger. Peter has been through a lot and he has always just let it be especially in Spider-Man 2. Don't you think getting angry and pissed instead of all happy and giving the I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ATTITUDE WHILE DANCING!? The symbiote should of been used as a tool to reveal that every hero has a dark-side that could be unleashed and showing that no body is perfect. One thing I do believe about this movie is also Sandman, he is a cool villain but he shouldn't be the main villain. I saw his storyline and i realized what a waste of talent. He should be a VILLAIN not a OH IM NOT THE BAD GUY, IM TRYING TO HELP MY DAUGHTER type villain. IVE SEEN THAT BEFORE! Sandman should still retain his villainous side, he does whatever takes though to get the daughter his care, robbing banks and doing side-jobs for money is one of them. Again he can have a human side I'm not saying he shouldn't, but I feel Sandman was a dull and boring villain, your supposed to feel sorry for him but its hard too. The relationship between Mary Jane & Peter should of had MJ thinking Peter is not who he seems he is after a while, seeing that he is more angry, and more sinister as she gets to know him totally oblivious to the fact that it's the symbiote doing this. The whole UNCLE BEN WAS KILLED BY SANDMAN? SCRAPPPPP! Things like that people, ERASE!


Sandman and Harry should of have been THE ONLY VILLAINS. The symbiote is a big and hard enough complicated story to introduce Venom along the movie. BUT I'M NOT SAYING EDDIE BROCK SHOULD BE RULED OUT! I feel if your going to develop a character better instead of throwing him toward us then a good way is to save him up. Raimi and the studio should of considerably talked this over instead of throwing in Venom for a fans request. Let me tell you, I LOVE VENOM! But he is a HUGE CHARACTER, TOO BIG AS A MATTER OF FACT! What they should of done is after all that is said and done with the symbiote. The last 20 minutes should of been the last battle between Sandman and Harry or just Harry. One thing is Gwen Stacey who I thought was just....pointless. I saw no point to her or Capt. Stacey, barely dialogue, barely any screen time. WHY? Just pointless cameos thrown in to keep the fans saying OH LOOK CAPT. STACEY, OH LOOK GWEN STACEY! I believe Gwen should of stayed a cameo for future Spider-Man films but Capt. Stacey should of been the man to track down Spider-Man who he believes is now a menace to the city with the symbiote on him. That would of been cooler in my opinion instead of GWEN, WHAT IS SHE DOING UP THERE? (WHERES YOUR DAMM CONCERN FATHER!) I believe all the characters should see what Peter is anger, especially Aunt May. The line she said to him was so damn good, It gave me chills.....in the trailer. If the movie delivered it better instead of not even building to something than maybe I would of enjoyed Aunt May but again I felt she just said stories just because she is getting senile. As for Eddie Brock, his story should stick close to the comics but not being the JOKEY KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHER (Man that was lame.) I would like to see some seriousness dude! No hokey bullshit with the editor, GET YOUR GAME FACE ON BRO!


Yea I said it, a continuation to end the whole film saga. Like I said the last 20 minutes should be the final battle between the 2 villains with Spider Man in his regular costume and Peter in the process to redeem himself to everyone he has ever wrong including the city. Before the movie ends it should be noted that Eddie Brock has taken control of the symbiote and it is implied to all the wrong Peter has done to him, getting him fired, and making a mockery of him VENOM is unleashed. Leading directly to the fourth film. The story with Harry should end in epic proportions but the fourth film SHOULD BE EPIC. This is the story of how a hero who believes he can redeem himself and still do good can also be broken by an adversary. That adversary is Venom, a monster who will stop at nothing but to destroy Peter and Spider-Man together even if it means putting people in harms way. This could also be treated as the final Spider-Man movie, an excellent way to wrap up the whole entire film series with an ending that says Spider-Man is the hero and no matter what will happen he will always conquer it. Like I said though, the fourth film should only be VENOM AS THE VILLAIN THOUGH. Only about him!

What do you guys think? Do you think what I said is better (if you say no than man you must have a feeling for Spider man 3) again this is opinions people and how I felt. You can tell me OH YOUR WRONG or OH THIS IS STUPID. Just be honest.
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golden123 - 5/11/2011, 4:28 PM
Shouldn't the Sandman rant be part of the second section, and I don't quite get your rhetorical question in the first section. Jus' Sayin'. I agree with the third section the most. I think the movie could of been so much better if Venom was just saved for the fourth movie. If that was done, I think people would care about the dance scene a whole lot less.
MovieTheaterLad - 5/11/2011, 9:52 PM
I [frick]ing loved Spider-Man 3.

So here goes:

"The story we were shown in Spider Man 3 was so bad and convoluted"

Really? I had no problem understanding it at all.

"Don't you think getting angry and pissed instead of all happy and giving the I DON'T GIVE A [frick] ATTITUDE WHILE DANCING!?"

Peter Parker always becomes a pompous douche when he wears the symbiote too long. He got way too cocky in his abilities and turned into a show-off. The dancing scene was par for the course.

"The whole UNCLE BEN WAS KILLED BY SANDMAN? SCRAPPPPP! Things like that people, ERASE! "

Actually, it fit perfectly with the films chief theme, which was forgiveness.


I disagree. I like venom the way I like my Phoenix. One Time Villain and have the power (be it the symbiote, Phoenix force, whatever) be a legacy power that passes on from person to person.

"As for Eddie Brock, his story should stick close to the comics but not being the JOKEY KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHER (Man that was lame.)"

I disagree. Having him be very similar to Peter Parker just goes to show what would've happened to Peter Parker if he had kept the symbiote. It made lots of sense from a thematic standpoint.
FanboyTrump - 5/12/2011, 2:19 AM
actually isnt Venom more of an anti-hero, people apply him as the straight out evil version of spider-man. But from what I remember he has always had kind of a "I dont give a [frick]" attitude. Carnage is the straight out evil one.
GoblinBomber - 5/12/2011, 6:59 AM
biggest problems
1. tobey dancing
2. tobey crying
3. tobey feeling like a man after pushing ERIC FOREMAN into a wall.

... who couldnt beat up topher grace...
cadairjr05 - 5/12/2011, 7:39 AM
The villains should have stayed Sandman and Harry. Harry Osborn as the villain wasn't a strong enough performance though. Cheers to James Franco for deciding to save his best performances for his recent work...

But the real issue was the story, so we cut James some slack. Raimi's problem was he wanted the audience to empathize with EVERY villain (well, except Green Goblin). Every other villain was just the "mean" kid on the playground who eventually became friends w/ Peter--after it was revealed that they had feelings/hopes/dreams too...boo hoo :(

Make them VILLAINS

Venom is just not a good movie villain. The character is great, but the story arc is too complex. And most of you comicbook fans won't allow anyone to change up the origin of a character to fit the film genre. So with his arc, it would take 2 movies to tell his story. The best way to end the 3rd would have been Peter getting rid of the symbiote, the symbiote scooting off into the middle of no where, and Peter finishing his fight as regular Spiderman. As the 4th film sets up the drama, THEN have the symbiote take control of Eddie Brock.

BUT my biggest problem with this is--you tell a story in 3 movies--not in 4. 3 is a charm. It took 2 movies to establish who Peter The Hero was, and I think thats enough time. To set up a 3rd movie with Venom as the villain, they would have needed to start his arc in the 2nd movie--and they didn't have enough time to create the FULL profile of him as a hero (strengths, weaknesses, will, desires, struggles) in the first film.

Hopefully Harry will be done right next time. They should have left Gwen and her father out, unless they were going to introduce her before MJ (like they are doing with The Amazing Spiderman movie now (good job)). And it's ok to empathize with the Curt Connors...he has just one freakin' arm!!

But no more patty-cake villains--PLEASE!!
RadicalDuck - 5/12/2011, 8:00 AM
I completely agree with most of this but too be honest, overall the film didn't turn out as bad as people say it did. I liked that Sandman was essentially good because its a reference to the comics in which he reformed on several occasions but I do agree that the whole Uncle Ben thing took a dump on Spidey's origin story. I think the symbiote would have been better if he'd got it in Spider-Man 3, Eddie Brock turns up in Spider-Man 3, but Peter realises its bad in 4 and Venom became 4's main villian-in the comics he has the black suit for ages. The Stacy's should have been left out- both actors who played them are very decent and were underused. And Venom... I was so hoping to hear the classic 'WE ARE VENOM.' Also he's Catholic and doesnt like killing innocents- he the anti-hero who sees himself as the good guy and Spider-Man as evil for ruining his/the symbiotes life. You know what, I think I might write a review of this film...
TheDorkKnight - 5/12/2011, 5:58 PM
I share SotoJuiceMan's sentiments for the most part. Especially how the ending should've led to Venom for a 4th film. I think spidey's dancing was pretty funny though and it showed how much different his personality became with the symbiote. But hey.. You forgot to mention how much of a [frick]in brat MJ was too. They should've used an actress other than Kristen Dunst or whatever her name is to be MJ from the start. She does not look like a supermodel type at all (to me at least maybe to others...)
TheDorkKnight - 5/12/2011, 6:07 PM
@GoblinBomber lmao.. pushing eric foreman into a wall hahaha
Opt1mu5Pr1m4l - 5/13/2011, 6:38 AM
I thought spider-man 3 was pretty good. But it should've taken an extra movie for Venom to to be introduced PROPERLY with a "To be continued" at the end of the 3rd movie and then have him kicking arse in the 4th.
annacrasto - 12/4/2011, 10:03 PM
i like the sandman.

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