Is This Proof that Christoph Waltz is in The Amazing Spider-Man?

Is This Proof that Christoph Waltz is in <i>The Amazing Spider-Man</i>?

For a long time Christoph Waltz had been rumored to be up for a villain in the movie, but once news came that Rhys Ifans had landed the role of The Lizard talk seemed to have died down. Who is Christoph playing? Norman Osborn perhaps?

Thanks to SHH's Pac-Master for the find & JaD for the screengrab

Originally Posted by Pac-Master
If you download the ASM trailer off of the PSN store, they list Christoph Waltz as part of the cast.

The actor has been on quite the tear ever since he demonstrated his amazing acting chops in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. Where he played a Nazi who has an adapt ability to track down Jewish people. He played the role with multiple shades, and stole scene after scene, outshining Mr. Brad Pitt in the process. Since then he has been the talk of the town, and studio after studio has been trying to attach him to one big movie after the other.

Last we heard of Waltz and his possible involvement with The Amazing Spider-man it was a rumor he would play The Lizard. But what if that was all a smoke screen, and the whole time he was being brought in for another villain? Norman Osborn perhaps? It seems very strange that in the trailer they make many references to Norman's company Oscorp, yet we still don't know who is playing that character. Most have assumed the role might not even be cast til the sequel comes out, but this might prove differently. What do you guys think?

The Amazing Spider-Man focuses more on Peter Parker’s high school days and the development of his powers while navigating the troubles of a brainy geek in high school. And starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field, the films swings into theaters July 3, 2012 in 3D!

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RunDTC - 9/1/2011, 7:45 PM
um...could just be a goof
ThreeBigTacos - 9/1/2011, 7:53 PM
hmm.. I don't think its a goof, but who really knows. IF he is in the movie, that's pretty awesome and it was kept a secret pretty well.

If it is a goof, then damn you Sony.
Dynamo - 9/1/2011, 7:55 PM
Kind of hoping he's playing Norman Osborn.
bleedthefreak - 9/1/2011, 7:58 PM
I think this is someone mixing up rhys Ifans for Christoph Waltz, I think he was rumored for a role in this film way back, but I'm not so sure about it.
dellamorte1872 - 9/1/2011, 8:01 PM
he'd be better as CHAMELEON
bleedthefreak - 9/1/2011, 8:01 PM
oh...your teaser paragraph list that it was a past rumor. I think this is still BS, but who knows.
JackDexx - 9/1/2011, 8:07 PM
I'd love it if they manage to hide a villain from us this whole time and when i saw it he was chameleon and was ruining spiderman's name, but spider-man defeats him early on. after the credits he escapes by dressing like a guard. i would love that little surprise in the theater, but i think its a goof.
BooYah - 9/1/2011, 8:12 PM
I'm with @Dynamo probably Norman Osborn.
BooYah - 9/1/2011, 8:15 PM
I wonder who Harry Osborn will be.
CaptainDC - 9/1/2011, 8:15 PM
I can easily see Christoph Waltz being Norman Osborn. With the proto goblin slowly becoming a villain gradually throughout the film, in order to give some hints towards a sequel, they definitely will be throwing around the growth of the goblin villain in there. In fact, I can see Christoph Waltz playing one bad ass green goblin...
bleedthefreak - 9/1/2011, 8:17 PM
You know how many mistakes like this have spun out rumors. Hell one website that was an official site for the guy playing proto goblin listed Rhys Ifans as Norman, and we know he isn't. This very well could be BS, How do these people know that he is in it, with out the news leaking before. It just doesn't seem likely. I won't believe them myself until I see where they got their proof for this.
RockNRollCC - 9/1/2011, 8:17 PM
Please do not be Osborn! He's to...Nazi...(sorry) to be GG.

since my friend told me of a dream he had about this movie, i wouldnt mind seeing Kevin Spacey as Norman Osborn.
MaddMonkk - 9/1/2011, 8:17 PM
Spiderman vs Dr Brown!!!!! there is a heaven
Anthrax - 9/1/2011, 8:21 PM
@nail add me im bio5shock
Anthrax - 9/1/2011, 8:22 PM
oh wait nevermind i forgot i got banned:p
Anthrax - 9/1/2011, 8:23 PM
sony frick you for now
bleedthefreak - 9/1/2011, 8:25 PM
Like I said with the actor who will play proto goblin (the bollywood actor guy) who is officially in the flick, his own website screwed up the cast and characters. They seem like they should have got it correct. Who really knows, I just won't hold my breath on this being true, until something more reliable proves it. But what ever man, we still just have to wait until proven right or wrong no matter what.
cable23 - 9/1/2011, 8:26 PM
I would literally dance in the streets if Waltz is Norman Osborn. But I can also see him as Chameleon.
RedHood3113 - 9/1/2011, 8:29 PM
clearly he'll be playing kraven the hunter.................... or maybe not..... just a guess tho haha
TheFlyingGarcia - 9/1/2011, 8:37 PM
lvolcoml - 9/1/2011, 8:37 PM
It's def fake guys, you can tell the difference in font..
ThreeBigTacos - 9/1/2011, 8:42 PM
^ It looks like the same font to me
Anthrax - 9/1/2011, 8:43 PM
man i cant wait till those [frick]ers who said the suit looks like shit and made fun of andrews hair eat their words prob by the time the second trailer comes out they'll say they've supported this film from the beginning
Anthrax - 9/1/2011, 8:44 PM
where are you edit button?
DioFoRio - 9/1/2011, 8:48 PM
I'm with Ncreb Otto Octavious....sounds like a name worthy of an accent
95 - 9/1/2011, 8:53 PM
Well somebody has to play Norman Osborn. Waltz is a good actor but correct me I'm wrong, he can't hide his accent very well.
TheFlyingGarcia - 9/1/2011, 8:55 PM
very very interesting.....
spearman91 - 9/1/2011, 8:56 PM
I got to meet Waltz when he was filming "Water for Elephants." I was visiting family in Georgia and my dad's pastor owned the hotel that they cast and crew were staying at. He was extremely nice and is one of my favorite actors. i would love to see him in ASM as he would probably steal all his scenes.

(ps: sadly i did not meet pattinson. you would have seen it on the news if i had :D )
JackLaw - 9/1/2011, 9:00 PM
TheSoulEater - 9/1/2011, 9:10 PM
I woudl say have Brian Cranston as Norman Osborn....BUT...have Christoph Doc Ock...he would OWN!!!!


christoph waltz Pictures, Images and Photos
Supernature - 9/1/2011, 9:11 PM
He's an incredible actor.

Yes plz !
freakybatman - 9/1/2011, 9:14 PM
ahhh that would be awesome
Doctorwho22 - 9/1/2011, 9:51 PM
i would just be giddy with gamma rays
JoshJones - 9/1/2011, 10:14 PM
This is already the film I look forward to most next year. If he's playing Osborn, I'll [frick]ing go completely nuts.
OnePunchBaldy - 9/1/2011, 10:16 PM
Its obvious he's Mysterio... I mean come one, it was a MYSTERY that he suddenly appeared on the cast list. Huh? Huh? :D that was a good one huh? Haha but seriously, most likely he'll be Norman.
DEATHbyEXILE - 9/1/2011, 10:28 PM
Optimus83 - 9/1/2011, 10:34 PM
he is a good Norman Osborn, but I prefer Jason Isaacs
DarthTesla - 9/1/2011, 11:02 PM
AWESOME! I hope he's really in it and playing KRAVEN!!
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