The Villain For Spider-Man 4 Is the Lizard..And the Lizard Only?

The Villain For <em>Spider-Man 4</em> Is the Lizard..And the Lizard Only?

According to a "reliable source" it seems the Lizard may not just be the villain in Spider-Man 4, but he'll be the only villain present in the sequel.

While reviewing comic book-related news, I came across an article on involving the most current and highly talked about comic book sequel..."Spider-Man 4."

It has been in discussion for weeks as to who the villain or villains would be in the sequel. With the recent update of Dylan Barker returning for the role of Dr. Curt Connors, everyone speculated that this means The Lizard would finally get some screen time.

The site goes a bit further by stating not only will the villain be the Lizard, but if the reliable source is correct, he'll be the only one to appear in the film.

"Jim here. In what must be exclusives week at MarketSaw, we get a quick update on SPIDER-MAN 4 which of course is getting lensed in stereoscopic 3D.

We all pretty much knew that either The Lizard and/or Carnage would be in this movie and now we have word that it will be The Lizard ONLY. No multiple villains. Again, strong source here. Of course, things could change - but it is highly doubtful.

I couldn't be happier! SPIDER-MAN 3 suffered from too many story lines in my mind and with only one villain, Sam Raimi can focus on the character development and really build Dr. Curt Connors / The Lizard the way it should be. If there are too many bad guys you lose the connection - it is a good thing to almost feel bad for them when they lose (or win as the case may be). It is very hard to develop two villains within the same movie and establish that honest mind meld with them."

Whispers68: Do not shoot the messenger, I'm only reporting comic book related news so if this turns out to be just another movie rumor that swirls around during casting, put it off as such. But if this is true, I think Raimi would be on the correct path of having only one main villain.
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supermarioworldE - 10/27/2009, 9:30 PM
cool. I like the lizard storyline. spidey 4 needs to get back to what made the first two good (although I would have preferred if half of NYC didn't find out about spidey's identity by part two). I probably still wont see this in theaters, but things are looking good.

2011: A Geek Odyssey
Betty - 10/27/2009, 10:50 PM
Too few villains isn't good either. Having to go through an origin story every single movie is going to get tiresome. They should be smarter about this and stagger the villains. Have one as a direct antagonist and set up the other for a later antagonist while making sure the secondary still seems relevant to the story.

Yeah he's had Dr. Kurt Connors in the last few Spiderman movies but unless you're one of us he is an extremely forgettable character. Raimi must have gotten distracted by the last Spiderman.
thwhtGuardian - 10/27/2009, 10:53 PM
the lizard is by far one of my favorite villains. I just hope the horror angle is played up more so that it doesn't feel to similar to doc ock
Whispers68 - 10/27/2009, 11:14 PM

I can definitely understand your point with how you explained it. Having two villains, one where the primary villain receives substantial and a well put together story, whereas incorporating the secondary villain as a sense of backing up with a story of his own that still meshes with the entire movie. That can work if he truly learned from the horrible incorporation of the three villains in part three. If the writers did learn from the tragedy and want to improve by this time perfecting multiple villains, then having two can work well.

As for The Lizard, the rumor has been swirling for so long, something tells me that Raimi may give the "fans" what they want. That's my opinion but then again, since everyone is expecting that particular character, he may pull a fast one and leave him out entirely.
WeaponX - 10/27/2009, 11:15 PM
He should be in it. Let's also hope he tones down the preachy attitude of Aunt May. She was insufferable in the 3rd one.

I would have liked it if they worked JJJ paying to create Scorpion to "out hero" Spider-Man in capturing the Lizard. Like proving a point that the city doesn't need the wall crawler because Scorpion is much better type of deal. Then have Spidey realize who Lizard is and tries to take him down safely while trying to also defend Lizard against Scorpion. Then Lizard is saved/cured and Scorpion is humiliated and goes his usual mental route, snaps and go nuts on everyone etc. and in the final scenes he goes looking for Dr.Conners in his office only to have a final show down with Spider-Man and as he runs to fight another day we see that during the fight, the small sample of symbiote Conners kept had latched onto Scorpion, setting up for a proper and current Venom for Spider-Man 5.

That'd be an entertaining use of Lizard. Also, bring back his wise-cracking and maybe we can avoid those stupid "Donnerisms" that plagued all Spidey films. That is, not finding a reason to whip off his mask every 10 minutes for fear of - as L.S.Donner puts it - "The audience will lose the connection that it's Toby under the mask." 'Cause we're [frick]ing retarded or something according to her.
Wadey09 - 10/27/2009, 11:19 PM
i feel that raimi could really show spidey's conflict in this movie by having also having a secondary villain.
raimi has already set up the character of connors except for how he lost his arm. it would be great if after he becomes the lizard, jameson hires a hunter to take him down.
on one end is the lizard, a mr. hyde of sorts who wants to take out all mammals.
in the second corner is kraven, a man seeking the thrill of the hunt and the challenge of a true predator.
and then there is spider-man, who needs to stop the lizard but wants to help his friend/teacher.

spider-man 2 left us all gawking and i think raimi needs to amp up his game on this one.
not in the way he did in spider-man 3.
Whispers68 - 10/28/2009, 12:01 AM

"That is, not finding a reason to whip off his mask every 10 minutes for fear of - as L.S.Donner puts it - "The audience will lose the connection that it's Toby under the mask." 'Cause we're [frick]ing retarded or something according to her."

apparently we are because when it comes to action films, to studios, the formula doesn't work unless there's an overwhelming amount of emotional attachment of some sort or a love story to adhere to the female viewers.
NERO - 10/28/2009, 12:16 AM
I like the idea of Kraven and Lizard like Wadey said.

Kraven is hired to hunt the beast for sport; Spidey knows the Lizard is Connors and is trying to save him and reverse his condition while Kraven is trying to mount his head on a wall and Spidey is stuck between the two... good tension there.

And another thing:

Has anyone noticed that we only get sympathetic villains in the Spidey movies? Sandman; I can see that he's been a good guy in comics before. Osbourne; yeah maybe a little sympathy for the devil there, sure. But even Ock and Venom were made sympathetic. Ock? Really?

Lizard is like Sandman; he should be sympathetic so they will do this one right. I've wanted Lizard in there for a long time so I am happy about this, but in Spidey 5 can the bad guy have no redeeming qualities please? Just give us someone we love to hate.
Betty - 10/28/2009, 12:24 AM
Yeah! Some no holds barred kick-assery!
Whispers68 - 10/28/2009, 12:25 AM

It relates back to my theory about most Hollywood "action" films. In order for the formula to be projected for a wider audience, I genuinely feel the writers/director or simply the entire development team believe the character must appeal to the sentimental side of women mainly. They already know men will see the movie but in order for others to feel attracted to the film, it must possess a sympathetic ordeal in one way or another.

If I want romance, lifetime is readily available at home...I don't need to see it in everyone of my action films. It's a lame and tiring approach. It works at times but other times it's just the wrong direction.
NERO - 10/28/2009, 12:38 AM
@ Whisper lol... Spidey 1-3 where sentimental enough just in terms of Peter alone. Jeez, has anyone ever counted how many times Tobey cried in those things, and that also explains the musical numbers and dancing in the last two... I hope.
supermarioworldE - 10/28/2009, 12:40 AM
What about T2? The villain in that movie had no redeeming qualities, and the film wound up making 500 mil
NERO - 10/28/2009, 1:00 AM
Mario: don't forget T2 got the female audience through Sarah Connor's kick ass girl power and it had a kid in it. Even if it was wormy rat faced little Edward Furlong... I never like that guy for some reason, don't know what it is about him.
supermarioworldE - 10/28/2009, 1:23 AM

very true. These kid actors all seem to grow up into assholes. I miss Jonathan Brandis
Whispers68 - 10/28/2009, 1:24 AM

I mentioned most movies or perhaps I should've hinted at a better term..."some." I didn't use "all" because I understand there are still a good amount of action films where the angle of sentiment isn't protrayed heavily or at all. In other words, it's just an action film but even in T2, the female lead possessed the female empowerment angle...the take no nonsense from anyone and defends herself in the face of adversity in a midst of men. That in itself could draw a wider audience but at the end of the day, there are action films where the angle is never taken. Just as there are films where the angle is used repeatedly
WeaponX - 10/28/2009, 4:02 AM
@Whispers68 - I get what you're saying, I wasn't really going in that direction but you bring up a good point. Batman is arguably a perfect example of just shoving it in there solely for the demographic and hurting the flow of the overall story.
What I find insulting about this mask crap is L.S.Donner's attitude that if Toby is wearing the Spider-Man mask for more than a few minutes we'll forget it's Toby - we lose that equation some how. If he pulls on the mask and swings around and does battle at some point we'll all turn to one another and ask "Who the [frick] is wearing that mask?" so it has to be blown off or destroyed so we can all see Toby is wearing the mask. Which is bullshit. The assumption that we have A.D.D or that we pay to sit in theaters with our eyes closed is ridiculous. It's as if she thinks everyone is as [frick]ed in the head as she is. It's arrogant and ignorant on her part. If someone with balls said "Shut up you dumb bitch, you're clearly medicated - we don't need to discard the mask if Toby is constantly talking trash throughout the battle just like in the comics. Yeah the comics, y'know?, those things you're mildly aware of, ya [foo foo]." We would have unspoiled Spider-Man moments on screen. It's the same reason Eric Foreman kept poking his [frick]ing face through the Venom suit. I think it's during one of the audio commentaries on the first Spider-Man that she reveals her meddling as if it's a stroke of sheer genius.
I found the same "Donnerisms" in XO:Wolverine. He popped his claws nearly every 20 minutes as if without popping the claws we'll forget it's Wolverine. She's such a douche. They need to curb that kind of shit cause it takes away from the flow and feel of the moment in the film.
But bouncing back to jamming in the romance, if I was a woman, I'd be insulted with that too. It takes away from a woman's intelligence and forces a mind-set on them that they are incapable of showing interest in any movie that doesn't break out in a date at some point. Really, way to stick people in a box Hollywood.

Wadey09 - 10/28/2009, 7:18 AM
@ teabag
like when lizard first transforms and a student checks up on him.
dead kid on campus.
LEEE777 - 10/28/2009, 7:27 AM
We know its the LIZARD!!! ; D

And about [frick]ing time!!

LEEE777 - 10/28/2009, 7:29 AM
LEEE777 - 10/28/2009, 7:29 AM
Theres another one!!! ; D
gac - 10/28/2009, 7:33 AM
Sweet!!! One villain and it's the Lizard. If this is true, then Spdey 4 is exactly what it should be. Every movie should have been like this. They should introduce or set up a different vilain for the next movie at the end of every movie.
comicb00kguy - 10/28/2009, 7:37 AM
This would be good news! I blame Batman Returns for inflicting the idea of two villains in one movie on us. That may work with some weaker villains who really can't carry a story by themselves, but is terrible with the better villains. The Lizard certainly is a strong enough character to build a really interesting story around that he could carry a film by himself. He's also another of my all-time favorite Spidey foes. I hope and pray that Raimi has learned from the numerous mistakes of the last film and will get this franchise back on track.

And WeaponX: your last post is absolute brilliance. I couldn't agree more, and couldn't have said it any better. Standing O!
Bamf7 - 10/28/2009, 7:41 AM
This will be good if true! I would still prefer to have Kraven in it also, but I'd be ok with just the Lizard too.

Sidenote - Heath Ledger's Joker had NO redeeming qualities...and neither would Carnage, should he ever make it to a film!
Denn1s - 10/28/2009, 7:41 AM
oh man not only the lizard. have kraven too. use the lizard storyline from the spiderman 3 videogame. or have carnage using the ultimate storyline
JoshWilding - 10/28/2009, 7:44 AM
Great find Whispers68!

However, this sounds more like general speculation on the sites part than anything actually confirmed...I cant imagine that Carnage was ever considered especially as Raimi doesnt reallyknow anything about the character and was pretty much forced into including the other symbiote, Venom in Spider-Man 3!

I think that the movie could effectively feature just The Lizard as the sole villain but Im still not convinced how interesting that it would be - at least if my other least favourite Spider-Man villain, Kraven was included it might add a bit more to the movie (though if things end up as messy as 3 did Id rather just one or the other if it has to be either of them)

I would prefer to see Scorpion in the next movie with Lizard as a minor villain perhaps - the PI MacGargan could be trying to find out who Spider-Man really for JJJ which eventually results in him becoming Scorpion and all whilst this is happenning we could have Spidey vs. Lizard!

Something like that is what Id sort of prefer to see but by the time 2011 roles around Ill be glad just to have a Spider-Man movie! :)
LEEE777 - 10/28/2009, 7:52 AM
Damn you @ LUFFY!!! ; D
LEEE777 - 10/28/2009, 7:54 AM
And LIZARD all the away!!!!

Only A TRUE SPIDEY fan would want LIZARD in the next SPIDEY movie, coz its a long time coming and has been building up to it with the fans!!!
JoshWilding - 10/28/2009, 8:10 AM
LEE: What exactly do you have to do to be a TRUE Spider-Man fan? That is a really stupid thing to say especially from someone who isnt up to date with the comic books! I guess you're not a TRUE Captain America fan seeing as you havent even read Reborn!
Bandrews1 - 10/28/2009, 8:15 AM
I sure hope that this is true cause I've wanted to see the Lizard ever since they introduced Connors in Spider-Man 2.
LEEE777 - 10/28/2009, 8:28 AM
WTF you on about @ JOSH @???? Ive BOUGHT it, i hav'nt read it yet becoz im behind on some of my titles, i like reading my comic book stories in order! I read alot more than just MARVEL you know, got more to read. Whats your point lol???

Anyways CARNAGE should never be in a SPIDEY movie!!!

He is for VENOM!!!

JoshWilding - 10/28/2009, 8:29 AM
LEE: Whats your point, lol?
CorndogBurglar - 10/28/2009, 8:38 AM
good! the first 2 only had one villain and they were fantastic. the third had 3 villains and sucked because you can't dedicate enough time to everyone.

plus raimi has been quoted as saying he wanted to get back to basics with this one, so maybe one villain is part of that thinking?

LEEE777 - 10/28/2009, 8:42 AM
Lets agree we POINTED the wrong way!! : D
Timerider84 - 10/28/2009, 8:45 AM
They should set the next villian up as we see how he came to be, somewhere in the middle of the movie, then we don't see him until the end when all things are wrapped up with the Lizard and everything is all happy, then we see the villian come out of the shadows at the very end. So in the middle he's born and we don't see him until the very end. That's the best way to incorporate the 2nd villian. That way you can start off with the next film without having to show him becoming that villian. That's a lot of time lost.
LEEE777 - 10/28/2009, 8:50 AM
TEA @ Hell yeah!!!! :)
Shaman - 10/28/2009, 9:03 AM
If this were true, i'd by dissapointed. I'm all up for a single villain but The Lizard alone, sucks balls. Kraven is the only thing that could have made The Lizard interesting on the big screen. Without Kraven, The Lizard will be yucky.
hescian - 10/28/2009, 9:05 AM
It's great that they're going with just one villain. There is no need for 2 or 3 villains, all it really does is create a mess of a movie.
And Carnage would be a terrible villain for a movie... not the comics, but for a movie... terrible villain.
ComicChic - 10/28/2009, 9:11 AM
I'm fine with this, the 2 villian formula is getting a little stale.
SkunkApe1 - 10/28/2009, 9:23 AM
The opening scene of Spidey 4 should be him responding to a police call about the RHINO. RHINO is way cool, would be great to have him make an appearance, and start the movie off with a bang; he's not enough to be a main villain.

Move onward into the Lizard.

Agreed on the "Old School" Spidey villains.
MovieTheaterLad - 10/28/2009, 9:24 AM
I actually find that to be a little worrisome.

Sure the multiple villain theme has been done to death, but for characters like Spider-Man or Batman who have a crap load of villains, it's really the best way to get all their villains on screen without having to wait decades and decades.

Plus, I thought we had all come to terms with the idea that Kraven The Hunter would be a wonderful choice for a second villain and would compliment the story really well! They could even work Kraven's Last Hunt into the story! How amazing would that be?!?!
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