Why Carnage Should NOT be in the Next Spider-Man Movie!

Why Carnage Should NOT be in the Next Spider-Man Movie!

There is a lot of fan hype out there about putting Carnage in the next Spider-Man movie, but here are some reasons why they shouldn't.

Carnage is Spiderman's mega-villain. He is the ultimate bad guy in spidey's story, and these are a few reasons to NOT bring him out yet.....
1. Venom needs some reconsideration and a revival in the series, the guy who played him,(I don't know his name and I don't even care to look it up.) was a horrible choice for the role, and Marvel needs to find a more masculin actor to really bring out Eddie Brock, and give him at least a whole movie to redeem that character, and remember, Eddie does become some sort of a good guy before Carnage appears.

2. Carnage needs to be the central villain in the movie.
Bringing Venom out towards the end of Spiderman 3 was just awful, but blame that on the hounding of people wanting to see him so badly and the studio had to make a quick decision, so we all got disappointed. With that said, let the series breath with some other bad guys. You got the vulture, the lizard, morbius(who i think deserves the spot light in spiderman 4!), electro, You could make a case for any one them really, well, except for shocker. He could be the opening scene villain.

3. The events of carnage should be led up 2 by the preceding movie, or "The empire strikes back" take.
It would just be cooler that way, and it supports my theory on letting another villain get the spotlight, sides, why do u think the avengers movie is looking so cool?? they are setting it up little by little,or look at it like this, would u rather see a movie that has 2 cram in a whole lot of story in a short period of time, or an after the credits ending were in shows a red symbiote creeping up on an unexpecting murderer??(wen u think about it u can almost picture it!!) That would give us hype about it coming out.

4. When the movie comes out it should be called Maximum Carnage.
That's the name of the event for those who don't know, and if everthing goes to the way I hope it gives it a higher meaning than just Spiderman whatever.
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TheMyth - 1/13/2009, 5:52 AM
I agree, Carnage should not be in SM4. Carnage should be saved for the final movie in the series I think. The Maximum Carnage story arc was not Carnage's first appearance however. I've said it once and I'll say it again, Lizard/Kraven for SM4. There comes a time in a superhero franchise where just 1 villain isn't enough trouble for our hero to handle. It gets boring watching them crap out a new story with only 1 real danger. Now I don't really like Kraven, but he could fit perfectly in a Lizard story. It also presents a dilemma we've not seen Parker in. And check this out, to help set up for Carnage, one of the fights between Parker and Connors could be in the ESU lab and the ensuing battle just demolishes the area, or simply this is were Connors makes his first transformation, and the piece of the symbiote is subsequently and unknowingly released from containment. And then slinks off somewhere not to be seen again til the end credits when we see it creeping up on its new host.
TheSoulEater - 1/13/2009, 6:06 AM
I was hoping that Carnege and Venom could have a movie all to them selves,
zinext - 1/13/2009, 7:22 AM
themyth, thats and exellent pitch on how SM4 should go, The main reason i say morbiuos is because well, in my fantasy world, i can see an epic story that crosses over blade and the human torch in 2 the mix, and the lizard already has trouble with the human vampire, so he could be the secondary villain, ofcouse thats an idea we all kno wont happen!! and i kno that maximum carnage isnt the 1st appearence of carnage, i just think that its a cool name!! but it was carnages shining moment in the spiderman saga, so much that they made a video game on it, remember?
Shaman - 1/13/2009, 7:40 AM
You know, there's been a rash of fan sites having the same purpose as others lately with people just making editorials for ranting about other articles (instead of just posting their opinions on those articles) which subsequently "bumps" down the hard worked articles that deserve exposure. And to be honest, myself being the one who wrote the editorial on Spider-man 4 having Carnage in it, i came in here expecting just that. However, after reading your article, i conclude that you did a great job Zinext and that you raise very good points! I honestly didn't see it that way because i was promoting the idea of getting out their "big gun" (carnage) to save the franchise however they might not need to and they could very well keep it for the climactic ending!

So the next movies should probably go like this:

SM4- Kraven/Lizard
SM5- Morbius/Mysterio (Blade crossover)
SM6- King Pin/Electro/Cameleon (Daredevil crossover)
SM7- Carnage (vs. Venom/Spidey/Black Cat)
Venom spin-off!!!

Great article Zinext, keep it up!
TheMyth - 1/13/2009, 12:33 PM
I love it when people suggest Mysterio because I think they could do radically great things with him in a movie. While I so love the idea frequent Marvel crossovers, as I would ultimately like to see something that use's everyone like 'Onslaught' or 'House of M', alot of them are impossible while different studios own all the properties. I think a Marvel Knights movie would be so cool. Imagine Spiderman, Daredevil, Punisher and maybe a few other loners all get together like a team to bring down someone like the Kingpin or whoever we can think of to make that movie great. Just call it "Marvel Knights".

But if there are only 2 things I can stress, use Lizard for SM4 and introduce Black Cat in any matter possible. Thats all I ask.
Shaman - 1/13/2009, 1:51 PM
Can't agree with you more Myth, by the way check your e-mails!

You should write an article about a Marvel Knights movie Myth, all those great roles are already casted!

-Moon Knight
-Black Cat

There you go, magic 5!!! Maybe throw in a loner like Blade too :))
TheMyth - 1/13/2009, 6:38 PM
[frick]in A right Tom Jane kicked ass as Frank Castle. And that is a nice line-up. hmmm. I think I will. I'm nearly finished with my final X-men piece.

And if you liked this Shaman check out my article "So many Spider-villains, so little screen time."
Scarface - 1/14/2009, 6:48 AM
A Marvel Knights movie would be great. I love reading these articles as much as reading the comics or watching the movies.If your gonna tackle marvel knights Myth i,d love to see what you could do for a secret wars article.
TheMyth - 1/14/2009, 8:52 AM
Scarface: Thanks man. A Secret Wars Movie? That would be so over the top I love it. I think I will definitely do a Marvel Knights concept once I'm finished with my X-Men trilogy. Check my Articles on them btw. I have 2 already and the 3rd will be hear soon!
rushr - 1/14/2009, 8:16 PM
i agree.
carnage for the last movie.
sm4-lizard,morbius maybe,intro to black cat
sm5-mysterio,shocker,and bring black cat
sm6-CARNAGE, bring venom back for the last epic battle
ScionStorm - 1/15/2009, 1:07 AM
SM4- Chameleon,Mysterio, Black Cat(minor role), lead up to Lizard.

SM5- Kraven,Lizard,Black Cat(recurring character), Shocker(Very Minor role) introduction to Ravencroft.

SM6- Carnage focus, Morlun surfaces, Ezekiel appears

SM-7 Gwen dies-Jackal goes insane, clone wars, Ezekiel watches like it's a psychology experiment, Morlun still hiding in the dark shadows. Norman Osborn hinted.

SM8- Return of the Goblin, Vulture complicates things, Morlun reaches out of the shadows to kill vulture and pays Doc Connors a visit. Ezekiel decides it's almost time to reveal his secret.

SM9-Morlun is confronted and defeated, Ezekiel reveals who he realy is, gatekeeper spider terrorizes new york and Peter has to defeat Ezekiel to cease it's rampage.

--- end movie 9. Audience is left wondering if Peter has a greater destiny yet to come?
zinext - 1/15/2009, 2:51 AM
IMHO, this is how i think it should play out:

SM4-lizard rises from the sewers, and kraven seeks 2 hunt him, and black cat and spiderman have already met but thats not revealed till she apears halfway throu the movie, than a brief flash back of them meeting. and then it makes sense why spider man was having problems being close with mj,after the last battle black cat does her trademark thing and still somthin of high value befores she disappears, end credit scene, a man sneaks in2 oscorp and steals the top secret files from the green goblin.

SM5-The hobgoblin comes out of now were, and confronts the vulture who then the 2 have a common goal 2 defeat spider-man,black cat is seriously injured from the final battle,at the end of the movie spidey puts flowers on harrys grave.end credits a smybiote escaped during the final battle,(its gonna be one of those things u gotta pay attention 2) and creeps up behind a person, how ever it ends right wen in lunges at them
SM6- a recovering eddie brock comes 2 terms with him self and has a revelation that he is not a real bad guy, however he can not let go of his hate for spidey, but he has 2 come 2 terms wen he runs in2 another symbiote hosts who beats him half 2 death, and than he has 2 join forces with spderman to defeat this powerful villain, alot of destruction should be done in the final battle, and for all cool purposes a sonic device developed by stark industry should be used 2 defeat carnage.(at the end of the movie peter parker gets a anynomous text that reads,"u a becoming a man with spider powers was not by accident", he closes the phone and looks in2 the sky, fin.
farmboy - 1/15/2009, 12:08 PM
i would love to have carnage in it. he kicks ass! they could make it really awesome. topher grace did an okay job as eddie brock/venom. morbius would be cool to, but vulture? come on, he's gotta be the lamest spidey villain ever
ReddHotPoker - 2/19/2009, 2:56 PM
This is what I say: Have Scorpion in the next movie and at the end, he stumbles on the last bit of the symbiote and have him become the new Venom, like in the comics. I like Topher Grace, but i don't think he was right for the role, and a re-cast at this point just wouldn't make sense. At the end they could set it up so that it's not clear whether Venom is getting a solo movie next or will return as a SM villain again. This will set the stage for Venom to return to the series and be truer to the comics- at which point they can go with the whole "Venom tries to help bring in Carnage" story line after he realizes that he is 2 steps away from being exactly like Carnage himself.

Personally, I'd like to see Mysterio on the big screen, but i'm not sure how he'd jive with the series' continuity and what not. I think the "Sandman killed Uncle Ben" RetCon was more than a little weak.

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