THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Official Blu-Ray/DVD Extras And Release Date Revealed

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Official Blu-Ray/DVD Extras And Release Date Revealed

Starting August 5, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be available on Digital HD download ahead of its August 19 Blu-ray/DVD release in stores. Check out the list of specials features after the jump!


Blu-ray & DVD Bonus Features Include:  
4 All-New Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Marc Webb
Filmmaker Commentary

Alicia Keys “It’s On Again” music video

Exclusively Available on Blu-ray:
9 Additional Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Marc Webb, including “Peter Meets His Father”
“The Wages of Heroism: Making The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” featuring revealing, in-depth segments including:
  • “Lessons Learned: Development and Direction” — Filmmakers and cast discuss their approach to the sequel and their efforts to make it the best Spider-Man yet.
  • “Heart of the City: Shooting in New York” — A behind-the-scenes look at the film’s unprecedented access to New York City during production.
  • “Triple Threat: Attack of the Villains” — An inside look at the development of Spider-Man’s fearsome foes, Electro, the Green Goblin and Rhino.
  • “A More Dangerous World: Transforming Electro and the Green Goblin” — From make-up to costuming, see what it took to transform Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan into their fearsome alter-egos.
  • “A Bolt From the Blue: Visual Effects” — Sony Pictures Imageworks artists and animators show how they created the gravity defying, web-slinging and pumped-up action in the new film.
  • “Spidey Gets His Groove Back: Music and Editing” — Learn how the film’s soundtrack and score came together in this behind-the-scenes look at jam sessions with Composer Hans Zimmer and the team of master musicians he assembled, including Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger and more.

Exclusive to the DVD:
New Public Service Announcement for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), featuring Andrew Garfield & WWO CEO Dr. Jane Aronson

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MrSotoMan - 6/16/2014, 5:50 AM
Oh man I would like to see those special features. A feature should be

How we rape Spider-Man
MrSotoMan - 6/16/2014, 5:52 AM
"Triple Threat: Attack of the Villains- An inside look at the development of Spider-Mans fearsome foes, Marc Webb, Bad screenwriting, & Avi Arad"

Must see feature on the list!
Jollem - 6/16/2014, 5:53 AM
oh man, the trolls got to this quick
Jollem - 6/16/2014, 5:54 AM
13 deleted scenes and some neat-sounding features. hells yes
MrSotoMan - 6/16/2014, 5:55 AM
Spidey Gets His Groove Back: Music & Editing
Lancer1 - 6/16/2014, 5:56 AM
after all the movie was underwhelming............please give me raimi's movies.....they weren't the best but they were pretty good ....I loved them ..they remind me of my childhood ...but this uhhhhhh
Jollem - 6/16/2014, 5:58 AM
best spidey movie yet. i'm excited to see where 3 is gonna go
MrSotoMan - 6/16/2014, 5:59 AM
I'm only buying this Blu-Ray cause

A) I thought the action was cool
B) I thought the way Spider-Man acted was the best part
C) I am collecting Blu-Rays, especially all superhero movies.
D) My son would love to watch it by the end of this year (He will be 4)
MrSotoMan - 6/16/2014, 6:00 AM
I am utterly confused. Why is TASM 2 being released first on Blu-Ray then Captain America TWS????

Jeeorn - 6/16/2014, 6:01 AM
The action and relationship between Peter and Gwen was great but the villains were just awful, like batman and robin awful
grif - 6/16/2014, 6:01 AM
nothing describing why this movie exists.
TheYoungMan - 6/16/2014, 6:02 AM
The cover reminds me of this:

grif - 6/16/2014, 6:02 AM
they are saving the best for last
charlie2094 - 6/16/2014, 6:03 AM
Probably pick this up at some stage, not awful as far as box art goes.

Still don't understand why Rhino is even there. I get that villains sell, but he had like a minutes screen time, just completely forced into the marketing. Even " Triple Threat "...don't understand why they were trying to build Rhino up so much, been far better as an unannounced surprise.

Least it says "their effort to make the best Spider-Man". Didn't quite succeed.

MrSotoMan - 6/16/2014, 6:03 AM
@grif- No [frick] the saving best for last! I waited since March for this Blu-Ray (Saw the screening in March)
DocDangerous - 6/16/2014, 6:03 AM
I didn't realize how many film ateurs we had on here.
MarvelDCMan - 6/16/2014, 6:04 AM
i sure am gonna get shit on for this but i ENJOYED the movie and look forward to watching it again in blu ray...
Maven - 6/16/2014, 6:04 AM
Exclusive to the DVD:
New Public Service Announcement for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), featuring Andrew Garfield & WWO CEO Dr. Jane Aronson

LOL cos, y'know... LOL-- ah [frick] it you guys have fun.

Gary8264 - 6/16/2014, 6:05 AM
@Soto and Grif, I was thinkin' the same thing. Why's this gonna be out before CA TWS?
NiklanderReborn - 6/16/2014, 6:05 AM
TASM 2 is a bad bad bad written fan-fic.[frick] this movie!!!Let the rights revert
WeddingTux - 6/16/2014, 6:06 AM
Sumitsjc - 6/16/2014, 6:06 AM
cover looks good.
cubrn - 6/16/2014, 6:08 AM
Are they going to pay us to own it? If so, I might consider it
Jollem - 6/16/2014, 6:09 AM
killian was shit. malekith was forgettable. red skull was almost pointless. there was hardly anything to the winter bucky. whiplash could have been way better(maybe there was some good stuff on the editing floor). the chitauri were fodder

electro and the goblin and rhino were good spidey villains
JatevinM - 6/16/2014, 6:12 AM
I love how so many of you over exaggerate to make this movie seem
horrible thinking that Marvel or Sony will hear you and let the rights revert back or give them back. Give it up and stop being Marvel biased asshats. The movie was decent in story and overall was a fun movie.
Lhornbk - 6/16/2014, 6:12 AM
Why is TASM 2 coming out on DVD before TWS? (And just 3 months after release, which is fast.) Because TASM 2 underperformed at the box office. TWS will probably still be in at least a few dollar theaters 3 months after its release. TASM 2 is about to move to dollar theaters 6 weeks after being released, and will be almost totally gone after another month.
TheRationalNerd - 6/16/2014, 6:12 AM
Dag man, I expected more from some of y'all. smh
Jollem - 6/16/2014, 6:14 AM

Kang - 6/16/2014, 6:16 AM
I liked Red Skull. I hope Hugo Weaving has a change of heart and reprises the role.

BeyondTheGrave - 6/16/2014, 6:16 AM
Ok so Of ALL the marvel movies I've gone to the theater for, the one, THE ONE that get's the blu-ray + dvd + digtal copy bundle. Is the SINGLE marvel movie I didn't care enough to see and theater, that about right? Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Xmen: DOFP none of them get the bundle but THIS DOES?!
grif - 6/16/2014, 6:16 AM
cant wait to see how bad the dvd and bluray sales are.
Starscream22 - 6/16/2014, 6:16 AM
Hmmm, guess Sony has figured out that the well has dried out for this sequel.

When is the Netflix release date, October?
Jollem - 6/16/2014, 6:18 AM
i think red skull was severely underused and written as cookie-cutter as possible. he looked really cool!
Phronesis - 6/16/2014, 6:18 AM
Horrendous movie. I can't see how any one over 12 likes this.
KrazyForKomix - 6/16/2014, 6:18 AM
I just hope they include the alternate ending where Spidey fights "Electro" and the Green Goblin TOGETHER and Emma isn't there to press the bottom that only she knows how to press. That'll be great to see.
Rulk - 6/16/2014, 6:18 AM
I bought Amazing Spider-Man on bluray... but sadly I won't be buying this. Thought it was pretty terrible :(
Jollem - 6/16/2014, 6:19 AM

Phronesis - 6/16/2014, 6:21 AM
The movie is just one tangled mess full of uninteresting plot lines and weak character development/motives. But it has flashy cgi so yay!
Phronesis - 6/16/2014, 6:23 AM
I don't give a [frick] if the rights are with Sony, Fox, Marvel, whatever. Give me a good ComicBookMovie and I'm set.
Jollem - 6/16/2014, 6:23 AM
"I love how so many of you over exaggerate to make this movie seem
horrible thinking that Marvel or Sony will hear you and let the rights revert back or give them back. Give it up and stop being Marvel biased asshats."

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