Amy Adams' Lois Lane Will Be Less Competitive With Clark Kent In MAN OF STEEL

Amy Adams' Lois Lane Will Be Less Competitive With Clark Kent In MAN OF STEEL

Actress Amy Adams is currently doing press for her new movie The Master, and is fielding a few questions about her upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel. Hit the jump to check it out.

There is no doubt that Amy Adams is full of surprises. She can be sexy when she wants to be (see Cruel Intentions 2), or she can slap a smile on your face with her comedic performances (see Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby ), and she is no slouch when it comes to a dramatic turn (see The Fighter). So we can only guess what type of performance we'll get when we finally see her as the new Lois Lane in Man Of Steel. Will she be as witty and sarcastic as Margot Kidder's Lois? Or, will she be as determined and competitive, with a hint of sweetness as Erica Durance's Lois? Let's just hope she isn't as forgettable as Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane in Superman Returns. Agreed! Wonder Twins activate!

How was the experience of playing Lois Lane this summer?

Adams: It was great. It was really good. Henry [Cavill] – I hope you guys love him as Superman – worked so hard. He is just yummy and really committed to the role. He really did a good job. I haven’t seen the final cut and I have only seen a couple of the teasers. So I am with you guys. I know it because I was there but there was so much that I wasn’t involved in that I can’t wait to see.

Is there going to be humor in your interpretation of Lois Lane? We’ve seen the humorous Lois Lane in some movies and TV shows and other times she is more serious and very competitive with Clark Kent.

Adams: No, I think she is a little more…we will have to see. I don’t know. I mean, she is definitely a pistol still and she definitely gets herself in a lot of trouble still. But she is not as competitive, I would say, with Clark.

Superman takes to the skies once more as acclaimed actor Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Immortals) dons the suit, cape and S-shield of the MAN OF STEEL. With an all-star cast that includes Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as John and Martha Kent, Clark’s earthbound parents; Oscar® winner Russell Crowe as Superman's Kryptonian father Jor-El; The Fighter's Amy Adams as intrepid Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane; The Matrix's Laurence Fishburne as editor Perry White; and Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon as Superman’s otherworldly archenemy General Zod, populations from Smallville to Metropolis are psyched for Superman. With the directorial stylings of 300's Zack Snyder and the superheroic production team behind Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, the sky's the limit for the last son of Krypton!

Man Of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne with Christopher Meloni and Harry Lennix, the reboot is slated for theaters June 14th, 2013!

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Jollem - 9/10/2012, 4:13 PM
why is it that i care more about this movie than the entirety of phase deuce?
ManofSteel23 - 9/10/2012, 4:16 PM
long as she isnt to much of a damsel in distress Im good
Deschain12 - 9/10/2012, 4:51 PM
Love Amy Adams. Terrific actress that can play lots of different types of roles. I'm sure she'll be a great Lois.
Dev - 9/10/2012, 4:57 PM
IMO, Adams is the best actor of the lot in MoS so far. She can transform herself into any role she undertakes. Look at Night at The Museum 2 and The Fighter. She has alot of versality.
soberchimera - 9/10/2012, 5:06 PM
Iron Man, Superman, Wolverine, and Thor all in one year. Probably not as epic as this past summer, but pretty damn close.
UrbanKnight - 9/10/2012, 5:12 PM
She caught herself just before she said too much. Lol.
You said enough Amy! ; )
SuperJoe - 9/10/2012, 5:25 PM
Epic side boobage in that pic of Adams
megabatfan - 9/10/2012, 5:25 PM
I always found her too "sweet" & "nice" to be Lois Lane. Not like Erica Durance's Lois. But after seeing her in The Fighter I think she's up to it. But yuh shoulda' died ur hair Amy... Yuh shoulda died ur hair!!!
thewonderer - 9/10/2012, 5:26 PM
Woah woah woah woah


Side boob? lmao keep it classy
Grayson7954 - 9/10/2012, 5:30 PM
@megabatfan she doesnt need to dye her hair, in some of the earlier comics, lois lane had red hair, true fact. it doesnt matter what hair color she has, as long as she gets the character right
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 9/10/2012, 5:45 PM
She can definitely pull of Lois if her character is written well. The fighter proves that she can be tough.
PapaEmeritus - 9/10/2012, 5:46 PM
She is delicious.
Super12 - 9/10/2012, 5:46 PM
@Grayson7954 - I respectfully disagree. While Lois in some early comics may give it a little more credibility, a dark haired Lois is really an iconic image of the Superman story. It's also such a simple fix (it didn't even need to be pitch black, just a few shades darker at very least!) it's clear that the studio/Snyder is making that decision deliberately, which makes no sense. They're already changing the suit drastically and introducing a black Perry White, so I don't think they need much more to separate themselves from the past films. Lois is a tough woman, and dark hair really helps pronounce that. Its an easy change, it's part of who that character is, and the change is unnecessary.
megabatfan - 9/10/2012, 6:00 PM
@Super...That's right. I've seen images with a red headed Lois before. But for years she's been depicted as a brunette. If that doesn't matter, no one here should be up in arms if ever a blonde is cast as Superman in the future & decides to keep his hair blonde.
I agree she may turn in a great performance, but COME OOOON!!!
CaptainObvious - 9/10/2012, 6:14 PM
To be fair, I'm glad they're not making Lois competitive. I've grown tired of the stereotype of women being cold and confrontational. It has good intentions by making female characters more strong and independent, but over the years, it's been done so poorly, that it is nothing more than just a boring stereotype.
StealthPWNAGE - 9/10/2012, 6:18 PM
Amy Adams is awesome! I hope this movie does her justice!
KalEl26 - 9/10/2012, 6:23 PM
Her hair colour shouldn't be an issue, as long as she stays true to the character traits of Lois Lane we should be happy.
damntree - 9/10/2012, 6:24 PM
Hair color? Wow you nerds have it rough. Stick to your fan casts since your idea of a good movie is, "Well everyone looks like the comic characters, huurrrrr."
jimpinto24 - 9/10/2012, 6:35 PM
I'm confident that Amy Adams will do a good job as Lois Lane. Amy Adams is a better choice for Lois Lane than Kate Bosworth! Kate was boring as Lois Lane!
JULEZ13 - 9/10/2012, 6:55 PM
I'm still not thrilled at Adams being Lois. She is too old for the part but whatever, what are we gonna do? It's done and she is a good actress.

I like how she called Cavill "yummy," this isn't the first time she's said that! I wonder how Cavill's fiance feels about his co-worker possibly having a crush on him! lol

I'm glad she's not overly competitive... That "I'm an independent woman and I'll walk all over the rookie reporter to get that story cuz I'm just that much of a bitch" thing is played out and annoying. I would like to see Lois and Clark work more as a team this time around.

I'm also glad she isn't going to be the comedic relief of the film. Sure Lois is sarcastic but she isn't a comedian.

Lets see if Amy can walk that fine line between confident/sarcastic and bitchy... (Bosworth didn't know the difference between the 3! smh) This will make or break her performance.

@ jimpinto24: A dead squirrel could've done a better job than Kate Bosworth!!!! There's no competition in that!! smh
JULEZ13 - 9/10/2012, 6:56 PM
@ nailbiter111: A BLONDE SUPERMAN!!! OH HELL NO!!! I'm sorry but I won't be able to accept that lol.
mgeoff88 - 9/10/2012, 7:01 PM
I think Amy Adams' portrayal of Lois Lane will surprise a lot of people.

I don't like the sound of Lois being less competitive with Clark. Lol, that's like Lois' thing.

@FriendlyJoShFest I need to travel to Germany ASAP. ;P
Maximus101 - 9/10/2012, 7:01 PM
Ya really, your gonna dislike a movie cause of one little detail they changed lol some nerds take stuff a little to serious, nothing will ever be exact just be happy that this movie is gonna destroy competition next year and it can't come soon enough.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 9/10/2012, 7:05 PM

Don't question it.
mgeoff88 - 9/10/2012, 7:10 PM
@JULEZ That's a good point. The working environment at Daily Planet is much better when Lois and Clark are working together as a team. ;P

@nailbiter In certain runs of Superman comics, Lois Lane has in fact had red hair.

LOL! I don't want to ever see Superman with blonde hair. Unless, it was a DC vs. Marvel movie and he became Super Soldier. To each his own though.
JULEZ13 - 9/10/2012, 7:17 PM
@ mgeoff88: Yeah, we haven't really had the CK/LL team up at the DP in live action... at least I don't think so... So if they do go that route it'll be a refreshing take on their relationship. Since CK is just starting to work there it'll make sense for Perry to pair them up so that LL can show the farmboy how to work in the big city.

A red haired Lois I can take, cuz when she was first created she had red hair... I prefer the brunette Lois since thats her iconic look but whatever....

But a blonde Superman or Lois Lane!?!?!! NO! That is where I draw the line. That would just be blasphemous!
JULEZ13 - 9/10/2012, 7:20 PM
@ cipher: Yeah, I love Lois. She's my all time favorite female character. But you can be a strong, female character without being a bitch and walking all over people who are seemingly smaller than you physically or mentally. That's just NOT Lois.
Temple - 9/10/2012, 7:33 PM
I'm ready for the steel...*Pause*
JULEZ13 - 9/10/2012, 7:45 PM
@ cipher: Exactly! I can't wait for this movie! I hope it really blows me away even though I kinda already have high expectations... I'm trying not to have them so high but I can't help it! ITS SUPERMAN!! Lol

This is THE MOST anticipated movie of my life!

I knew SR was gonna be ass when I saw Brandon Routh was cast so I didn't expect much from that and it still blew it! smh
Gromblidor - 9/10/2012, 7:55 PM
I just hope it doesn't suck like TDKR.
Bandido - 9/10/2012, 8:01 PM
she's definitely a good actress and i really hope this movie is good
FOOM - 9/10/2012, 8:11 PM
Louis Lane is easily one of the lamest characters in all of comics ever. Which is why Kate Bosworth nailed the role in SR perfectly. The less we see of Lane in MOS the better.
FOOM - 9/10/2012, 8:13 PM
And yes kids, the 'Louis' in Lane was intentional.
Deadpool101 - 9/10/2012, 8:28 PM
I'm in love with this girl... like my number 1 for sure
Minghagz - 9/10/2012, 8:36 PM
I can't wait for another trailer
zachman2013 - 9/10/2012, 8:59 PM
Amy Adams will nail it. I know it.
pintoman - 9/10/2012, 9:44 PM
The biggest problem is the suit people. Amy Adams as Lois is the smallest of worries.
AnthonyJacobs - 9/10/2012, 10:06 PM
Oh....the 7 years of wait since that sorry
and forgettable Superman Returns will
be for nothing.
Guess i'm not seeing this in theatres,
bootleg anyone?
thewonderer - 9/10/2012, 10:10 PM
Grandilor, wow no comment

Second, just like Heath ledger and Tom hardy would make terrible villains?
Stop questioning casting choices until into the role
jojofmd - 9/10/2012, 10:19 PM
I like Amy Adams, we'll see. She's come a long way from being a "freak of the week" on smallville.
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