CGI-Suited 'Superman' Further Claimed for Zack Snyder's Reboot

CGI-Suited 'Superman' Further Claimed for Zack Snyder's Reboot

New reports make further mention of Warner Bros. pushing for a CGI-suited 'Man of Steel' for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, now claiming to be against the idea. Check it Out!

Now according to IESB, certain Warner Bros. execs had the idea of rebooting The Man of Steel in all CGI after their release of Watchmen, even while some thought it'd be best if his costume alone was CGI. At the time lacking a solid group of filmmakers, things were put on hold for the reboot.

"Even when Chris Nolan came aboard the decision was still up in the air but some of those WB execs have started to lean that direction once again now that Zack Snyder has officially come aboard to direct. The idea would be that the new Superman suit would use CGI, basically very similar to what filmmakers have used in the Green Lantern.

Speaking with an FX pro that is currently working on Green Lantern, he has mentioned that some test shots of what a CGI Superman suit would look like have already been done. While he thinks it's possible to get a cool look, there is no reason to go that direction and he is not the only one to feel that way."

The site claims they were notified of this rumor over six months ago, but decided not to publish it; unable to get any solid confirmation. With the rumor erected, a few of their different sources in the industry says both Chris Nolan & Zack Snyder are NOT thrilled of the CGI suit idea. "No reason or need for it," says their insider. What do you think?

Anyhow, The Man of Steel is scheduled for a July shoot, hitting theaters Winter 2012.
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DCMarvelFreshman - 11/24/2010, 12:04 AM
Mazoku - 11/24/2010, 12:04 AM
this is gonna depend on how well GL goes. If GL bombs, there gonna dump the CGI, if it turns out good and the audience doesn't mind the CGI, it'll probably go through.
BLITzSTREAK - 11/24/2010, 12:05 AM
Screw CGI Costume
BetaRayB - 11/24/2010, 12:11 AM
Between Snyder's attention to detail and Nolan's realism, I don't think they'll let even the President and Board of WB convince them to go CGI with the suit. It works for parts of the Iron Man outfit, but it just wouldn't work for a fabric-type of uniform like Superman's. I don't think, anyway. CGI cape? How can that not look fake? You could probably make a good argument that it's the best way to buff up a good actor, but the cons outweigh the pros.
NERO - 11/24/2010, 12:13 AM
It just seems like a huge waste of cash to CG something as simple as a supersuit. With GL it makes more sense, the suit is a construct generated by the ring, still it seems overly extravagant. With Superman's relatively simple suit it just seems stupid to CG it. I'd rather see that money go to other more story oriented FX, or put towards CG for the impact of Superman's strength and powers.
crounsa810 - 11/24/2010, 12:21 AM
Wow they need to stop with the f'ing CGI suit. Whats next, Batman wearing his brand new CGI suit?
NERO - 11/24/2010, 12:23 AM
3D and CGI suits two fads that will kill the CBM.
Superheromoviefan - 11/24/2010, 12:45 AM
Green Lantern's suit was create by the ring. For this reason a CGI suit for Green Lantern is ok.
Superman is like everyone else. He must put on the suit. NO CGI SUIT FOR SUPERMAN!
wonderme - 11/24/2010, 12:54 AM
Ok tell me some thin... how are they going to change the classic suit. The Batman those all look the same some times and the green lantern is close enuf but how are they going to ching the Red Blue tights. thiat is it It does not need changing
Rango - 11/24/2010, 12:59 AM
CGI suit is gay.
xhex022 - 11/24/2010, 1:11 AM
i think it would be a cool thing to experant with i mean for gl they could have made the suit be a beam of light but end up as a reuguarl suit ( i mean i thought it was gonna be supid but it looks badass) so maybe it might be cool (with the minds or zack snyder and chris nolan it sould be awsome)
SuperSomething616 - 11/24/2010, 1:15 AM
God I hope they dont go down this route....what a bad bad idea!!!
parascythe - 11/24/2010, 1:17 AM
what about a CGI Chris Reeves Superman?
Ronnie11 - 11/24/2010, 1:35 AM
of [frick] no!!!!That is one [frick]ed up idea
48and2 - 11/24/2010, 1:43 AM
you guys need to get your panties out of a bunch. I want everyone who has the Batman Begins Blu ray to go watch the special features. Nolan actually PITCHED the idea to Warner Bros. for a cg enhanced Batman, and they went with it. In his Batman movies - the action sequences are often CG Batman.

Snyder pulled off 3 Dr. Manhattans at once in cg suits.

You have to remember where we are with Avatar having progressed things, and by the way they'll probably be too far into production to scrap the cg by the time GL comes out (if it doesn't do well).

with $180 mil.? that the figure, something like that... there will be no problem at all.
JustinMSalvato - 11/24/2010, 2:08 AM
A CGI suit would make sense when that technology is PERFECT, but it isn't. I can understand the Green Lantern's use of CGI, because that suit is created by a ring so if it has some odd sense of unreality to it, I say it's because of the ring. Superman's suit has always been something tangible, something created by his mother either using the cloth that came with him from Krypton or Earth.

The suit has evolved slightly over the years. And it could still evolve, but the idea of using a suit which has an armor like feel makes no sense either, because of Superman's invunerability. It can work for Batman, but not the Man of Steel.

The one thing that they have to make sure they do right: make sure the crest on his chest is BIG, comic book BIG!
Amazo - 11/24/2010, 2:25 AM
Spot on mate.I love both costumes and can't see why people are on a downer about GL.For decades now film makers have tried to replicate comicbook costumes with spandex and tbh they all look dated and dodgy.I think being able to see Supermans muscles will help with the illusion of strength and more closely match the comics.Bring on the cgi I say!Its only going to look better and better anyway.
Angelus - 11/24/2010, 2:34 AM
Frogsplash - I agree.

marvel72 - 11/24/2010, 2:49 AM
no to cgi suit,it'll look gay.

next thing you'll be saying that tom welling is going to be superman.

it won't happen.
Jimdlux - 11/24/2010, 3:09 AM
If they CGI the suit, then they would have killed Superman for me forever...
spiderneil - 11/24/2010, 3:10 AM
@ Jahozafat

the superman returns suit is the worst suit in that superman line up by a frigging MILE and it's the most recent suit. I frigging HATE singer for that PoS
Amazo - 11/24/2010, 3:12 AM
No one is saying that the suit won't look 'material' btw.It can look like cloth,just without creases or seams.Get a grip people!
Costume designers can't win with you guys.They give you a Batsuit that's practical,that an actor can actually move in and you bash it.So they give you a GL costume that's almost an exact replica of the comics and you're still not happy?!?!?!?!?!?
UltimaRex - 11/24/2010, 3:23 AM
Told you.
LOL - 11/24/2010, 3:27 AM
Wow, overreact much, people? Rumor or not, it's way too early to jump the gun, but even I have to admit that all the way CGI is a no-no for a Superman costume.

The only way I would accept a CGI Superman suit is just to touch up the original costume that the actor is wearing... like maybe make the suit look more form-fitting and add a little more definition to it (more defined muscles, etc - putting on some layering to what is already there.)... and only around 10-20 percent touch up rather than a 100% CGI suit. Of course, Superman Returns had a CGI Superman (suit and all) already in some of the scenes for only a few seconds, so it's possible. Keep the actor real, and the costume real... but touch it up with a little CGI to go a little further, then it's acceptable.... common sense is all that is needed. Do CGI when and where it is needed, but not to the extreme.

For those who want a kick-ass, action oriented Superman movie; there is no way CGI won't be excluded and even directors like the Nolans understand this.

I'm still amazed at those bitching on the GL costume, most of them were done with enough DC approval and people still complain. GL's costumes have changed over the years in every medium he appeared in by whoever drew him as the years passed by... and nobody complained much like we did in here. The movie version is just another interpretation of what was originally intended but never fully realized in pen and ink: an energy-generated suit.

There is no pleasing some people, that much is certain... but you all have to realize CGI is no easy feat, and the "man-hours" involved alone is scandalous when working against a deadline... especially when revisions are a pain to do... I should know, I used to do freelance work for some overseas CGI-based commercials with a group that took almost 3 weeks on just a 45 second segment alone (from scripts, storyboards, revisions included).
Amazo - 11/24/2010, 3:35 AM
At last a voice of reason! :)
Orehrepus - 11/24/2010, 3:36 AM
I agree that the NEED to go CGI is not there, whether storywise or practicewise. So, I call this bull$hi+.
Ethic - 11/24/2010, 3:50 AM
I don't know what to think here, if the two main filmakers involved, Nolan and Snyder, both don't want a CGI'd suit, then how is it up for discussion?

Surely the execs have learned to trust Nolan?

And they must have people monitoring general internet reactions. The reaction is by farrrr a hostile one
EdGross - 11/24/2010, 4:13 AM
C'mon, this IESB report is just nonsense. Just another one of these dopey, unsubstantiated rumors designed to generate hits. The bottom line is this: at the moment Chris Nolan is the studio golden boy; there is simply no way that an executive is going to cram a CGI suit down his or Zack Snyder's throat. With Dark Knight and Inception behind him, Nolan pretty much does as he wants.
Protonite - 11/24/2010, 4:21 AM
@FROGSPLASH - Absolutely agreed.

The CGI GL suit is probably the closest interpretation of a CBM suit in history. Unfortunately, some people have nothing better to do than whine about everything.

"WAAAH! GL suit should not be CGI."
"WAAAH! I want white gloves."
"WAAAH! It's not serious enough."
"WAAAH! WB destroyed my childhood."

Then don't f**king watch it, morons.
YourMomNaked - 11/24/2010, 4:44 AM
TheDarqueOne - 11/24/2010, 4:45 AM
It would be nice to hear something about this movie which is NOT disturbing. Kinda glad I am not a big Superman fan these days in all honesty.

"Love, MetaHuman style"

Original SuperHero fiction here on CBM

Pulsar & Nova

SpideyDude - 11/24/2010, 5:09 AM
i think some of you re being irrational here

this is a cgi superman suit -

as is this -

and this -

in fact just check out all the superman returns cgi here -
look down to how real the lois clothes look to see what can be acheived

they can just use the cgi to buff up an actor but can still make the material look real

of course it would be more expensive but it could look great
rodsvilaca - 11/24/2010, 5:13 AM
I think Superman really doesn't need an armor suit, but something that reminds us he is an alien being with an alien suit made with alien-based technology with some kind of alien features, like morphing capabilities to turn itself into normal clothes made on Earth to be dressed by a news reporter.
CorndogBurglar - 11/24/2010, 5:18 AM
thats so stupid. it works for GL because his costume really is just a construct from the ring.

why on earth would anyone even consider doing this for any other character?
supertrackmonkey - 11/24/2010, 5:19 AM
The GL suit looks awesome.

The Superman Returns suit fit the modern interpretation. I like the smaller "S".

TheDarqueOne - 11/24/2010, 5:46 AM

Well one reason is that in most of the action scenes the Hero is entirely CGI. So if you make the Actor's suit out of CGI they match rather well.
SpideyDude - 11/24/2010, 5:49 AM
@corndog - so they can choose an actor based on ability and buff him up in post. Look at the cgi i posted from superman returns and that was 4 years ago. I am actually all for this even though i think the green lantern one looks bad (hopefully a few months more work will improve it, especially that awful mask)
superman7 - 11/24/2010, 6:00 AM
@ frogslash:
GL's movie suit is PERFECT!

@ spideydude:
Those look awesome!
I still wish they would have made him look more muscular though... (a little more tricep, bicep, and chesticles size wouldn't have hurt)

@ everyone else:

Here's the thing, I don't see a need for a CGI costume. Other than for special effects during the scenes that are impossible to shoot. As long as the actor bulks up enough for the part, most of the scenes should be filmable with just a costume on. Obviously, its a superman movie and there will be impossible scenes to shoot without CGI.
But hey, as long as it looks TRUE to the COMICS, cool and real, its fine with me.
superman7 - 11/24/2010, 6:06 AM
@ spideydude:

I disagree about the gl mask though... I think as an alien domino mask, it looks pretty cool. I'd be open to see what a more human mask would look like though. But i think it would probably look cheesy to the non-comicbook-reading audience.
jazzman - 11/24/2010, 6:11 AM
this must be b.s.

but if these WB execs think Superman needs a CGI costume they must be retarded.

it make sense to have a CGI costume for Green Lantern since its part of the ring but no way in hell should Superman need a CGI costume.

Chris Nolan & Zack Snyder dont want a CGI costume for Superman so WB should fricking listen.
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