EDITORIAL: Man of Steel - Most Underrated Comic Book Movie of 2013?

EDITORIAL: Man of Steel - Most Underrated Comic Book Movie of 2013?

In this article I will give you 5 reasons why I believe Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, is the most underrated comic book movie of 2013. Take the jump to find out what those 5 reasons are!

Hello ComicBookMovie community! So I'm going to give you five reasons why I believe Man of Steel is the most underrated comic book movie of 2013! Personally Man of Steel was my favorite comic book movie of 2013, and this article doesn't mean I think it's flawless. So now that I added that, which trolls are going to ignore, shall we begin?

5 - The Soundtrack.

Man of Steel's soundtrack is head and shoulders above all the comic book movie sountracks of 2013. From the soundtrack you hear when Superman first takes flight, to the main theme which you hear when the credits roll. The score is epic, full emotion, and everything in between. General Zod's theme acts in contrast to Superman's. Zod's seems cold, but of a man who will do anything for his mission and people, while Superman's is filled with enough hope and inspiration to move mountains.

4. The Visual Effects.

Whether you love the film or you hate it, you can't deny the visual effects weren't awesome. From Krypton to the last battle between Superman and General Zod. Everything was beautifully done visually. The way he would just rip the sound barrier was so awesome too. Not to mention most of the visual effects were done practically instead of using CGI, and yes, that includes the fight scenes. If they could use stunt work they would use it. I was actually surprised at the amount of practical effects they used for the actions scenes.

3. The action.

Finally! We're getting a Superman film, with a super fight! The action in the film is epic in every sense of the word. The fight choreography is also great, and the mixutre between CGI and practial effects makes it even better. Many people like to knock the film for it's action and destruction, but I loved it. The Kryptonian invasion felt like an actual threat to not only Earth but to Superman himself. I also love that one scene where Faora just wrecks the U.S. military. I'm probably the only one who screams "ULTRAAA COMBOOO!" Killer Instinct style when I see it.

2. The story.

I think the reason why many people didn't like Man of Steel was because they expected a comic book movie like The Dark Knight or The Avengers, and when they watched it they didn't realize they weren't just watching a comic book movie, but a full on Sci-Fi epic. Zack Snyder and David Goyer didn't shy away one bit from the Sci-Fi superhero Superman is. It's a full on sci-fi origin of Superman, and I believe that's what critic and some fans weren't expecting, even I didn't expect it.

1. Superman's Development.

Many people like to say this film doesn't have character development, but I believe it develops its most important character really well, along with the surrounding characters, but this is more importanlty about Superman. Superman gets a really great character arc that runs throughout the whole film. He goes from a child who is afraid of who he is, to a teenager that doesn't understand why this is happening to him, to someone who feels lost and is searching for answers, to someone who accepts who he is and what he is destined for. Along with the fact they make Superman have so much human emotion is really great, since while he is Krypton and an alien, he grew up around humans with human emotions. Also, when he's talking to General Swanwick, near the end, you can see that he's becoming the Superman we all know and love.

So those are the 5 reason why I think Man of Steel is the most underrated comic book movie of 2013. Do you agree with them? Do you still think this movies garbage? Let me know in the comments below!
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fishybashi - 1/1/2014, 9:04 PM
Agreed with everything. Great article!
MrCBM56 - 1/1/2014, 9:08 PM
Agreed. Haters can hate.
Platinum - 1/1/2014, 9:09 PM
I think it's a little to early to call this BOX OFFICE HIT underrated, only time will tell whether it really is.
SauronsBANE - 1/1/2014, 9:18 PM
Absolutely agree with OmegaDaGod.

The first 3 points in your article are absolutely true...but none of that actually has anything to do with the most important parts of a movie. Sure, bad CGI and a boring soundtrack can change a great, 10/10 film into 'only' a really good, 8/10.

But that's missing the point. Good movies are about characters, character development, conflict, drama, etc. IMO, MoS didn't really have much of that at all. Or at least, not in a good, effective way.

But to each his/her own, I won't make this into yet another debate about the film. Good, well-written article dude!
Jollem - 1/1/2014, 9:43 PM
"The problem with the story is that to most people it was just lazily written and poorly executed."

more lying, huh? stop speaking for people

just the same old pretentious nonsense
Jollem - 1/1/2014, 9:49 PM

Platinum - 1/1/2014, 9:53 PM

Sigh..Sad but true, There's a reason why Watchmen (ironically a Zack Snyder movie) can get away with all that destruction nobody will have a problem with it cause it fits with the theme and the story.

MOS it's suppose to be about inspiring hope but what does he really do to inspire hope other than to be "THE GUY WHO CAN PUNCH THINGS YOU CAN'T."

There's nothing inspiring or hopeful about a punching contest with so much disregard for people's safety.
Jollem - 1/1/2014, 9:56 PM
somebody willing to sacrifice their life to save every person on the planet is very inspiring and hopeful

does somebody really need to hold your hand and walk you through a movie?
yonny616 - 1/1/2014, 10:00 PM
@Omega Actually, while here on CBM.com the score, and action are praised (don't lie you know you've read the comments about MoS visual's looking like Raimi's 1st Spidey film), in other forums and among critics it's pretty much mixed. I felt the film was almost perfect, but then again this is all subjectivness. Thanks for the support too.

@Pending Superman's always had his fights in downtown metropolis. Even in Superman II the whole fight is in Metropolis until Superman runs and it stops. The only reason why Zod ends up at the fortress is because Luthor lead them their, not supes, and I don't think supes had a clue Luthor was ever there.
yonny616 - 1/1/2014, 10:05 PM
@Soto That's what I've been wondering. Superman was a really optimistic guy, he was essentially the same person, just that the world around him was different.
Pedrito - 1/1/2014, 10:07 PM
Can we at least agree that it could've been a lot better, story-wise?
Because we know that MOS2/BvS/JL in fact NEEDS to be a lot better in strorytelling if it is to tackle multiple iconic characters.
yonny616 - 1/1/2014, 10:22 PM
@Soto Yeah, although I'll say that this Superman was more human emotionally, but that probably has to do with fact that he didn't spend a decade being trained. :P He was also pretty optimistic about being able to stop the terraforming machine.
Platinum - 1/1/2014, 11:57 PM

"somebody willing to sacrifice their life to save every person on the planet is very inspiring and hopeful"

The same could be said for Zod. That argument is very shallow.

Superman's disadvantage is his passion for protecting life. He shouldn't turn his head from all the destruction while fighting Zod when people are around him dying because he can't do that, like the movie says he's not a warrior like Zod.

Yes Superman would try to take the fight away from the city, Yes he would try to save people and fight Zod at the same time. He would be at a TRUE disadvantage but that's what's so inspiring about his character.
iMVuze - 1/2/2014, 12:08 AM
Change the title to "EDITORIAL: Man of Steel - Most Underwhelming Comic Book Movie of 2013?" please?

I'm kidding......well, that's half true. It's not underrated, I think it's exactly where it belongs, not EPIC but not Ghost Rider-esque by any means. As for Superman, since he is one of the biggest superheroes of all time, I can see why you can make an argument for it being underrated since this movie had HIGH expectations that were nearly impossible to meet. Anyways solid write up!
yonny616 - 1/2/2014, 12:15 AM
@Soto I didn't mean when he was fighting with it, that showed how much determination he had to save the human race, but I meant before he flies off. When Lois tells him that if the machine is making Earth like Krpyton wouldn't it make him weaker, to which he replied that he still has to trie.

@Pending Yes and No. While Zod could be looked at as a light of hope for bringing his people back, so could Superman.

Yes, Superman has a passion to protect life, but I don't think it'd be that easy to try and save someone since Zod was the person controlling the fight. Sometimes the best way to protect someone is to have the attention of the person who could hurt the people (or person) you're protecting.

Superman's rarley lead a fight out of the city. They either start there or end up there throught some super punch. He didn't lead the fight away from metropolis when he fought Doomsday, and they wrecked Metropolis. He was in a fit of rage when he encountered GL and Bats in New 52 JL origin, knocking them all over the place.
MightyZeus - 1/2/2014, 2:58 AM
I dont think that it was exactly underrated i just think it's misunderstood when it comes towards the understanding of how the audience interpret the film and falls heavily on peoples expectations of the film.

I thought the film was fine with what it was trying to convey having a "what if" Superman existed on Earth how would people react towards aliens. Clark struggling not knowing as to whether he should be known for his heroic efforts due to him being feared he will be exiled. not forgetting its the beginning of Superman. Superman in Man of Steel did inspire me and gave me a feeling of a sense of hope. It delivered on the action, actors and score. The villains motivations was simple and clear wanting to repopulate Earth with Kryptonian beings and destroying humans in the process so that Krypton can live again but Superman gave Zod an ultimatum that both Kryptonians and Humans can co exist but Zod neglected the choice which forced Superman to act. Superman struggled to make a choice to kill Zod in order to save humanity.

The only problems i had with the film is Clark becoming Superman in his thirties and the way that the flashback scenes where shown it seemed they where out of order.
jp688 - 1/2/2014, 4:40 AM
Agreed. Too bad the movie makers are taking all that away from us in MOS 2.
cnester1 - 1/2/2014, 4:42 AM
Nubase - 1/2/2014, 4:44 AM
it was always gona be a movie that divides opinion, the fact is us comic book fans are up to date with superman in regards to the comics, but the general public who don't read comics are not, when man of steel came out they were expected a donner like movie cos lets face it, before man of steel when people thought of superman they thought of the donner movies, that what they fully believe to be, he has never moved on since the 80's, evens singers crapfest of returns kept him stuck in time while other comic book characters have moved on like batman for example.

Man of steel updated the character, origins, the suit for our time now in the real world scenario, ln the future movies we will see the evolution of superman and the choices he makes cos in MOS, he did not have time to make any choice, it was all thrusted upon him.
Niklander - 1/2/2014, 4:44 AM
Those are the reasons why I love MAN OF STEEL?!Yes it's a movie with flaws(Script wise) but still a good movie
AlexLaChiusa - 1/2/2014, 4:45 AM
I don't feel that Man of Steel is underrated or overrated. The average rating amongst critics and general audiences seems to be around 6/10 and I completely agree.

The biggest problem for me was the lack of heart in MoS. It just felt so cold and manufactured, as if Snyder was too busy with the visuals (which were amazing) to spend anyttime on ensuring the audience was emotionally invested in the characters. Goyers poor dialogue also didn't help.

amebaboy - 1/2/2014, 4:50 AM
Agreed with this splendid article.
GenreFan - 1/2/2014, 4:51 AM
100% in agreement with this! Well said.
Sparrowsabre7 - 1/2/2014, 5:02 AM
This film is not underrated. Box office hit and plenty of people love it. Of the big cbms of this year, I'd argue The Wolverine as most underrated, because a lot of people didn't appreciate its more subdued, less comic-booky (aside from the finale) tone.
ScRipt69 - 1/2/2014, 5:04 AM
You guys will find anything to hate this film on... 1. Lack of heart! are you kidding me, so your implying that all good CBM's are heart felt otherwise it isn't good or is this just for MOS, sure my heart weeps in Iron Man I mean how inspiring... 2. Character development (in one film) have you watched Thor, how much as he developed in two films, one line God who has trouble defeating a wet bag!! Best line from Avengers - Jarvis: "Energy output at 400% capacity" if this was in MOS it would have another reason for people to hate it citing the laws of physics, double standards, troll talking the lot of you. If you don't like it fine but all yours reasons other than just plain old didn't like it sound pathetic, MOS was a beautiful film and I loved it!
DrLove1023 - 1/2/2014, 5:11 AM
"Underrated" is probably not the right word, seeing this site awarded it best CBM of 2013. Hard to be rated any better than "best".
bHrUuLcKe - 1/2/2014, 5:14 AM
CaptShipwreck - 1/2/2014, 5:28 AM
Everything mentioned is what was wrong with this crap... And you dumb dopes just like to pat yourselves on the back like you all discovered or made gold .... Worst movie of 2013 was man of crap
Sumitsjc - 1/2/2014, 5:33 AM
Great write. !*!
sintzu - 1/2/2014, 5:36 AM

you really are a Shipwreck
sintzu - 1/2/2014, 5:38 AM
veary good point and agree with all of them and hope wb can keep up the great qulaity they have in nolan's bat trilogy and this movie
supermarioworldE - 1/2/2014, 5:41 AM
"Also, when he's talking to General Swanwick, near the end, you can see that he's becoming the Superman we all know and love."

The one who tells the army to trust him by crashing down their air drone?

I think that scene exemplifies perfectly why this guy ISN'T Superman.
Vegeta - 1/2/2014, 5:46 AM

sintzu - 1/2/2014, 5:49 AM

so you want the government puppet we got in frank miller's dark knight returns ?

ManOfKrypton - 1/2/2014, 5:50 AM
Man of Steel was Epic... The opening scene on Krypton and Jor-El's race against time to save his son was jaw dropping!
Vegeta - 1/2/2014, 5:51 AM
"so you want the government puppet we got in frank miller's dark knight returns?"

You took the words out of my head, haha! I was just about the say the same thing.
supermarioworldE - 1/2/2014, 5:52 AM

No, I wan't a Superman who's smart enough NOT to crash down spy drones, then ask for the world's trust.

Especially right after he and his kind destroyed Smallville/Metropolis.
Luko - 1/2/2014, 5:53 AM
I stand by this article. good job bro
SuperCat - 1/2/2014, 5:53 AM
My favorite CBM!!!

Vegeta - 1/2/2014, 5:54 AM
I'm sorry but I'd much prefer and trust a Superman that is against spy drones than a Superman that is all for spy drones. A Superman that supports spy drones isn't exactly the type of Superman that is going to be trusted by the public.
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