First Look At Amy Adams On The Man Of Steel Set!

First Look At Amy Adams On The <i>Man Of Steel</i> Set!

Some great close-up images of Amy Adams have been captured from the Plano set of Zack Snyder's Superman reboot. The shoot took place at a 7-11 and Adams seems to be waiting around in character as Lois Lane..

Well, for all intents and purposes this is our first glimpse at Amy Adams as Lois Lane. What's the initial verdict? Many thanks to the guys over at the guys over at the Superman: Man of Steel (2013) Facebook page for posting the pics.


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ThreeBigTacos - 8/15/2011, 7:15 PM
R.I.P Red Hair... I'm a sucker for red heads :/
JDUKE25 - 8/15/2011, 7:16 PM
Nice find Ror!
JDUKE25 - 8/15/2011, 7:17 PM
Looking good with her darker hair.
marvel72 - 8/15/2011, 7:19 PM
amy adams good actress,i think she'll be good as lois lane.
BooYah - 8/15/2011, 7:23 PM
Soory guys, Amy Adams has a thing for me...
alucard365 - 8/15/2011, 7:25 PM
Amy Adams is Awesome.
JDUKE25 - 8/15/2011, 7:26 PM
[email protected]
gibbyblaylock - 8/15/2011, 7:30 PM
They're at a 7-11... Could it be? Man of Steel Slurpee cups?!?!?!
cable23 - 8/15/2011, 7:33 PM
I want to see Michael Shannon as General Zod. That potrayol of Zod is going to be EPIC.
xBlaze96x - 8/15/2011, 7:36 PM
JDUKE25 - 8/15/2011, 7:36 PM
@Nephillim She really does. Then she takes her behind an alley and beats her up with her talent.

@Cable23 same here. Can't wait to see how Zod will look and be portrayed.
Spidey91 - 8/15/2011, 7:37 PM
today I watched "The Fighter" for the first time,what a coincidence
she's really cute *.*
Dynamo - 8/15/2011, 7:38 PM
I wouldn't mind if she kept the hair colour, personally. But tell ya what, she'd get the monster...

...the monster is my penis. :P
aaronite1999 - 8/15/2011, 7:39 PM
I just wish she had a camera around her neck, I think it makes reporters look more dynamic. (Why should Jimmy be the only one that knows how to take pictures!)
Mrcool210 - 8/15/2011, 7:39 PM
SciFiNut - 8/15/2011, 7:46 PM
Oh Amy Adams. How ridiculously beautiful you are.
mpk1988 - 8/15/2011, 7:48 PM
@Xenix: exactly.. only she doesn't have Pam's ginormous tits.. Ohhh.. Pam's tits..
95 - 8/15/2011, 7:50 PM
At first I thought Amy was "meh" looking when I first Googled her, but here, she looks like a reporter and an acceptable love interest for Clark.
JDUKE25 - 8/15/2011, 7:51 PM
dxperry - 8/15/2011, 7:54 PM
Erica Durance would've been better. I liked her lois in smallville
ALmighty1080 - 8/15/2011, 7:55 PM
ComicsCommando - 8/15/2011, 7:55 PM
Okay... why the [frick] is her hair that color? Doesn't look like Lois at all.
Deadpool101 - 8/15/2011, 8:01 PM
she is so freaking pretty
Supermanofsteel - 8/15/2011, 8:02 PM
only two words FANTASTIC, CUTE AND HOT
WorldsGreatestdetective - 8/15/2011, 8:05 PM
She is amazing, Favorite actress today and she is gorgeous
Bodwulf - 8/15/2011, 8:06 PM
First look at Amy Adams? Sorry Ror but i have actually seen her before.
fattieacid - 8/15/2011, 8:07 PM
Fuucking Cute and unbelievably hot.. im in loooooove
McGinnis - 8/15/2011, 8:09 PM
I prefer that her hair be back but I guess I'm okay with her being a red head since she's a good actress and the fact that Lois had red hair in the original Sunday papers and has appeared with red hair outside of them.
croniccris - 8/15/2011, 8:12 PM
RyanLantern77 - 8/15/2011, 8:16 PM
Boo ginger Lois lane
RyanLantern77 - 8/15/2011, 8:16 PM
Boo ginger Lois lane
JDUKE25 - 8/15/2011, 8:19 PM
Her hair looks more reddish brown more than anything.

Either way, she's......

supermarioworldE - 8/15/2011, 8:22 PM
Such great casting for this film. Amy Adams has the liveliness and energy to really bring out Lois Lane. She'll do great in the role.
JR - 8/15/2011, 8:23 PM
Lana Lang?
thewolfx - 8/15/2011, 8:24 PM
she better dye that hair or i will fail this movie right now
40oz - 8/15/2011, 8:31 PM
Love me a hot redhead
JDUKE25 - 8/15/2011, 8:31 PM
NeoBaggins - 8/15/2011, 8:35 PM
Great shape. Love the adult casting. None of that teenybopper hoe shit. Casting so far is excellent.

For the complete win....

AsianVersionOfET - 8/15/2011, 8:36 PM
Nasty as sin.
headlopper - 8/15/2011, 8:36 PM
Nice buttocks. I believe that's a mandatory, prerequisite ,required, necessary,conditional,expected feature of the character Lois Lane.
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