Henry Cavill And Michael Shannon Discuss MAN OF STEEL; "Zod's Not A Villain"

Henry Cavill And Michael Shannon Discuss MAN OF STEEL; "Zod's Not A Villain"

Talking in the latest issue of Total Film Magazine, Henry Cavill has revealed that Man of Steel wasn't inspired by any particular comic books and shares his thoughts on the new costume design. Michael Shannon also addresses his co-cap armour and says he doesn't see General Zod as a villain in this movie.

"Having gone to boarding school, I didn't have a comic-book store nearby," the British actor confessed when asked whether or not he grew up a fan of the iconic DC superhero by Total Film Magazine. "But as soon as I was cast in the movie, that's when I got my full, real introduction to Superman." After doing plenty of reading and watching a pile of box sets, Cavill finally felt as if he had a good grip on the character. "I managed to piece together this character, maintaining that baseline and having all differences and nuances that our script adds. This is our own thing, Stand-alone. It's about Superman, but we're not copying from any one comic book in particular. And that's a good thing, because its an origin-story."

"He's not a villain," Michael Shannon said of General Zod. "He's not a villain any more than any other General fighting to protect his people. He doesn't like to just hurt people and steal diamonds; he's focused on being successful at his job." Unlike Cavill, Shannon didn't look to the past for inspiration, saying instead that he wants to take this version of the character in a different direction altogether. "I think the way Terrence Stamp approached it - and this isn't any kind if criticism of his performance - there was something kind of detached about it. Pure, hatred, rage, whatever... I think this [characterisation] is more ambiguous." As for his suit, the Boardwalk Empire star emphasises that motion capture technology was necessary as, "the real thing would probably crush me."

Talking of costumes, Superman also underwent a pretty radical transformation for Man of Steel. "We have absolute respect for what was then. But now is now. Even Superman in the new comics doesn't have the briefs - he has the red belt, but not the briefs. It's time for a change." Much more can from both of these actors can be found in the latest issue of Total Film Magazine. What do you think of these comments? Be sure to sound off with your thoughts in the usual place!

In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Henry Cavill) is a young twenty-something journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond his imagination. Transported years ago to Earth from Krypton, a highly advanced, distant planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question 'Why am I here?' Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Diane Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), Clark discovers having extraordinary abilities means making difficult decisions. When the world is in dire need of stability, an even greater threat emerges. Clark must become a Man of Steel, to protect the people he loves and shine as the world’s beacon of hope – Superman.


Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Michael Shannon as Zod

RELEASE DATE: June 14th, 2013.

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ChivesMcKay - 3/14/2013, 1:02 PM
Interesting. First
JDUKE25 - 3/14/2013, 1:04 PM
"Unlike Cavill, Stamp didn't look to the past for inspiration, saying instead that he wants to take this version of the character in a different direction altogether."

Shouldn't that be "Shannon didn't look..."
JatevinM - 3/14/2013, 1:06 PM
I'm glad that Superman no longer wears the red briefs because quite frankly they are outdated. My only problem with Superman is now he looks like a teenager. I prefter him when he looks like he is about 26-30.
LordOfTheZegaRealm - 3/14/2013, 1:06 PM
What do mean he's not a villain. I want a badass villain!
DanteSparda - 3/14/2013, 1:07 PM
Damn!! I tought that, like the cape, the briefs were going to be CG'd.
LordOfTheZegaRealm - 3/14/2013, 1:07 PM
@JatevinM I agree.
valeriesghost - 3/14/2013, 1:08 PM
"Unlike Cavill, Stamp didn't look to the past for inspiration, saying instead that he wants to take this version of the character in a different direction altogether."

I'm not sure if i read it wrong or if you mistakenly put Stamp instead of Shannon. Either way, great article!
valeriesghost - 3/14/2013, 1:08 PM
Sorry, @Jduke, didn't see that you had already pointed that out :)
Spidey91 - 3/14/2013, 1:11 PM
call me old fashioned,but I miss villains that are villains only for the sake of it. I wanna see a movie with a merciless, evil and badass son of a b*tch that doesn't give a f*ck about nothing except himself and his hunger for power.

that's just me thou.
RextheKing - 3/14/2013, 1:11 PM
This could be good news or bad news.
From the way it sounds, they are saying, Zod will be the enemy, but he's not a villain, his position just puts him against the hero.
But I interpret things people say wrong sometimes. So this could just be an utter mess, but lets hope not.
MrReese - 3/14/2013, 1:12 PM
So Zod doesn't think of himself as a villain either.Can't wait 4 the 2nd trailer.
TimL - 3/14/2013, 1:14 PM
Man of Bulge. The only thing 3D will be his bulge.
Newbus - 3/14/2013, 1:15 PM
Detached? Zod had every reason to get mad considering he sentenced to the Phantom Zone by his dad.

So if Zod isn't a villain then what's his motivation for fighting Superman?
GodzillaKart - 3/14/2013, 1:23 PM
@Fett: I agree about Stamp, but Shannon was pretty respectful.

Personally, I think this is the best Superman costume in any medium ever. Not only does it avoid the silly aspects of the classic costume, it is believable as being alien.
ComicFan523 - 3/14/2013, 1:26 PM
I think Shannon's approach should make for an interesting version of Zod. I don't think he was necessarily disparaging Stamp's portrayal, I think he was just saying that Stamp's Zod was a villain in the more traditional way of evil for the sake of evil. Shannon is kinda saying that his Zod is being evil because of necessity.
jaewest215 - 3/14/2013, 1:28 PM
@froggy - I was going to say that! Lol.
sephiroth211 - 3/14/2013, 1:35 PM
Dude said the armor would crush him if it was real. God in heaven I wanna see this armor!!
JerBear - 3/14/2013, 1:39 PM
@Spidey91 Red Skull
MJPETTY7 - 3/14/2013, 1:42 PM
I disagree...

General Zod's a super-villain.
knocturnalzen10 - 3/14/2013, 1:44 PM
wonder if buy the end of the movie zod will be at full strength ........................
sephiroth211 - 3/14/2013, 1:47 PM
@fettastic: Humina humina. Imagine him kicking the snot outta Supes in that thing. COME ON June 14th!!!

Nubase - 3/14/2013, 1:48 PM
l have a feeling that micheal shannon as an actor will steal the movie but superman will be made to look ultra cool, zack will make sure of that
codydriscollsrightarm - 3/14/2013, 1:51 PM
Someone has probably said this already, but it seems to me that this approach to Zod will be somewhat close to what they did with him in "New Krypton".

Which is awesome, in my opinion.
AlexDeLarge87 - 3/14/2013, 1:56 PM
Alan Rickman said the same about Hans Gruber.

Still the character shot Takagi in the face coldblood and try to steal the millions from Nakatomi. While talking about his suits.
Tony93 - 3/14/2013, 1:56 PM
how long is it now?
3 months? wow so close
AlexDeLarge87 - 3/14/2013, 1:57 PM
Cant wait this movie by the way :)
PeterParker1991 - 3/14/2013, 1:57 PM
"Not a villain?" Right..
Tony93 - 3/14/2013, 2:01 PM
I wonder what that tall thing that was standing next to Faora in the set picks was..
M3T4LL0 - 3/14/2013, 2:02 PM
This movie comes out 1 day after my birthday. CANNOT WAIT!!!!
MisterBabadook - 3/14/2013, 2:15 PM
Superman needs boxer-briefs like in All-Star superman. That belt just is so weird and you can clearly see they still draw trunks on him, but color them with the same blue as his legs.
IronHood - 3/14/2013, 2:17 PM
Of course Zod isn't a villain. He's the antagonist to the main protagonist (Superman)(duh) Basic high school english people!
parkerray - 3/14/2013, 2:28 PM
Origin story main villain = chores.

parkerray - 3/14/2013, 2:28 PM
The cornfield does not believe itself to be evil though.
CaptainProg - 3/14/2013, 2:29 PM
Exactly three months from today!!! Hurry the [frick] up!!!
IgnurRant - 3/14/2013, 2:30 PM
Zod was a villain just to be a villain in Superman 2. When he arrived on Earth he immediately attacked the heads of power and tried to establish his dominace. Finding Kal-El, son of Jor-El, was just an added bonus.
Facade - 3/14/2013, 2:32 PM
Too bad the changes to the suit aren't improvements.
Vaportrail - 3/14/2013, 2:35 PM
After seeing TDK & TASM update the suit for the sequel, I'm hoping Superman does the same.

The New 52 has actually grown on me. I wouldn't mind seeing it like that in the sequel. Take the texture off the S and give him the belt.
Also, the one thing I really miss is the gold S on the back of the cape.
Rowsdower - 3/14/2013, 2:59 PM
Zod is a really nice man with happy feelings all of the time.
TheSuperguy - 3/14/2013, 3:20 PM
Can't wait for the marketing to get started and for the action figures to come out! If it's succesful, we could get a sequel as early as 2016.
JULEZ13 - 3/14/2013, 3:32 PM
Shannon is going to be an amazing Zod. But I understand what he is saying about Stamp's portrayal of Zod. It was very cookie-cutter villain portrayal and if that movie were to come out today I feel as though it wouldn't be nearly as revered as it was 30 years ago, other than the famous "Kneel before Zod" lines of course. That was just good writing and/or directing.
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