MAN OF STEEL Fan Page Reporting "Lights In The Sky At Kent Farm"

MAN OF STEEL Fan Page Reporting "Lights In The Sky At Kent Farm"

Looks like there's possible some filming going on at the Kent farm tonight or at the very least, crews are preparing for future filming. Will Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) leave his million dollar Wayne Manor to shuck some corn with Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) on the Kent Farm?

Lights in sky at the location of Kent Farm in Yorkville, IL. Could Batman Vs Superman be filming scenes there?

Several reports have surfaced from fans in the Yorkville, IL area about "activity" going on at what was the location of the Kent Farm in Man of Steel. If you're local, and snoop it out, let us know!

Following a wrapped production in the area for the first movie, the set was disassembled, but reports accompanied that production would be looking to come back for the next movie. (Even back then, they were looking down the road to this movie.)

Now, a new post from Yorkville Patch, also reports on "lights in the sky" at the location of filming. A movie is being filmed there, in the corn fields, at the location of the Kent Farm. All are extremely tight lipped on if it's for the new movie, a lesson no doubt learned from the filming the first time around. Production began around the end of August and is scheduled to run until February, 2014... just around the time it's to start in Michigan. Note: big and many "no trespassing" signs are up.

We know Henry and Ben are filming other projects. That leaves us with a lot more questions than answers. One thing that makes this smell like WB: other studios are on the record with their film location info. We know WB is stealthy. With this post, I guess we'll find out soon enough if it's in fact for Batman Vs Superman. Let us know if you find out what the "lights in the sky" are for!

Source: Leanne W, Matt McG., Yorkville Patch :
(Image ctsy of Yorkville Patch, taken 6am local time Oct 31.)

What do you think,
Batman vs. Superman filming?
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BatmanHeisenberg - 10/31/2013, 7:33 PM
NovaCorpsFan - 10/31/2013, 7:33 PM
You should make your comment the article. Otherwise this'll get deleted.
DarkGrifter - 10/31/2013, 7:36 PM
"lights in the sky" might suggest some sort of alien presence keeping with the sci-fi theme, or of course it could just be lighting for the set. Either way I'm excited.
Tstubbs - 10/31/2013, 7:39 PM
I would but I'm on my phone and it's not letting me edit.
Tstubbs - 10/31/2013, 7:47 PM
Got it
Lozzy - 10/31/2013, 7:48 PM
Man of Steel has fans?
BatmanHeisenberg - 10/31/2013, 7:50 PM

Yes, it does.
BatmanHeisenberg - 10/31/2013, 7:51 PM
*Lozzy94. Sorry.
BatmanHeisenberg - 10/31/2013, 7:51 PM
Me being a HUGE one.
Tstubbs - 10/31/2013, 7:54 PM
Lots of us.
Prime - 10/31/2013, 8:17 PM
@ lossy what rock do you live under?
Ramiel - 10/31/2013, 8:28 PM
It's probably some trick or treaters.
Jollem - 10/31/2013, 8:40 PM
@Prime - kevin feige's rock
superherofan21 - 10/31/2013, 9:07 PM
Lights in the sky? Um... Batwing?
nowtheresaBATman - 10/31/2013, 10:52 PM
wow YES! some WB/DC news that isn't Arrow! ANYTHING BUT MORE ARROW NEWS!! lol
SnapperCarr - 10/31/2013, 11:11 PM
Cool news. Wonder what it could be...
loki668 - 11/1/2013, 12:48 AM
It's Batman. He's flying in to seize the Kent farm as payment for his trashed satellite.
Humperdink - 11/1/2013, 12:57 AM
I thought Man of Steel was awesome.
So was Iron Man 3.

Both were very good, but very different comic book movies.
I hope this film really takes the DC film universe off the ground and we get other heroes onscreen in the near future.
Redcape5 - 11/1/2013, 1:42 AM
Big Man of Steel fan here, thanks Lozzy. The film sits comfortably at my no1 spot.
cosmicman - 11/1/2013, 1:48 AM
Halloween? more spin from that fake fan page
Mothchild - 11/1/2013, 2:03 AM
GenerationX - 11/1/2013, 2:07 AM
Huge fan Superman movie for me
Mothchild - 11/1/2013, 2:21 AM
and btw I loved this movie flaws and all
JorEllinator - 11/1/2013, 2:32 AM
ALIENS! I told you they existed but did you listen to me!? NO! NOW THEY'RE COMING AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!
PrinceOfCrime - 11/1/2013, 2:42 AM
it's just a flashback to when his parents found him
cjkalel - 11/1/2013, 3:05 AM
How can you not like man of steel?
Enphlieuwince - 11/1/2013, 4:29 AM
I really hope it's Brainiac but it's probably just Singer using this location to try and capture more of the MoS essence for DoFP...
ALF9001 - 11/1/2013, 4:53 AM
I dont like man of steel, it was a HUGE let down for me, kinda like IM3 to others. Its not a bad movie, for me its only "ok", but I was expecting so much more
Nubase - 11/1/2013, 5:34 AM
2014 we will see more, that when the movie goes in to official production
Prime - 11/1/2013, 6:04 AM
@ Alf what where you expecting?
RyKnow - 11/1/2013, 6:43 AM
I heard WB are planning/hoping to have this flick out sometime next year. MAJOR BUMRUSHING a film would be an understatement to say the least if this is the case.
I'm not a Marvel OR a DC guy, I couldn't care less what character is created by what company as long as the finished result is good. That been said, I have absolutely no anticipation for this film.



Also, there's 3 factors this film hasn't got has that at least made Man of Steel a "good" film; Christopher Nolan (and Syncopy), Hans Zimmer, and Michael Shannon. I can see this being one of those typical sequels that is inferior to the original (think An American Werewolf in Paris, or The Hills Have Eyes 2).
soforizo - 11/1/2013, 7:07 AM
Prime - 11/1/2013, 6:04 AM
@ Alf what where you expecting?


Why would you even ask such a question?

It's quite simple actually. For starters MOS should've been made well enough that it would merit consideration as the greatest movie in the history of cinema and the century to come by earning 100% approval of the Earth's population going forward. In addition the movie, in conjunction with its actors, needed to earn nominations into the following Oscar categories (and win unanimously at least 17 of them to stave off embarrassment):

Best Picture
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Actress in a Leading Role
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Director
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Original Score
Best Original Song
Best Sound Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup
Best Sound Mixing
Best Visual Effects

As MOS-hate Club IMDB Branch President Zodrefy2222 would attest, Man of Steel failed miserably in task number 1, which is a failure of epic proportions. As a result, the verdict is inevitably clear...

"MoS is a piece of sh8t
KINGPEN266 - 11/1/2013, 7:32 AM
KINGPEN266 - 11/1/2013, 7:33 AM
SUPERSHADOWBAT - 11/1/2013, 7:40 AM
Man of Steel was great, not perfect but great for me. It was a reboot that set a new tone for Superman, a sci fi tone. Superman is basically a sci fi based hero that that is exploring and trying to find his humanity. Superman has always been portrayed in film and TV as being more human and only touching on his Kryptonian roots as an incidental circumstance. With MOS he is portrayed as an alien, which is what he is, trying to find his place and purpose among humanity. Some fans couldn't come to terms with this interpretation and didn't care for the film. Yes the script had flaws, but overall the portrayals the tone and the settings in MOS worked IMO. Cavill's performance as Superman set a new standard for the character and I cannot wait for this sequel.
RyKnow - 11/1/2013, 8:15 AM
@ 1to10youLose - I couldn't agree with you more there on IM2.
My major worry is that in this sequel to a Superman film, Superman is going to get sidelined, what with Batman being in it. And if rumours prove true, and Wonder Woman is also in the film, it diminishes even more Superman's role in his own sequel.
I just can't shake the notion that the film itself is being rushed, which is giving me a certain degree of animosity towards the film when really I should be absolutely stoked for it.
I'm not a fan of all this shared universe stuff, but I will agree that Man of Steel was a good start to DC's cinematic universe, but they've got one chance to get this film right and if they cock it up by not planning properly and rushing things, it will almost certainly doom any following films to failure and ruin the fledgling universe they're aiming for.

As always, this is only my sole opinion though and I'm under no illusions that I'm right.
InfernoKing - 11/1/2013, 8:27 AM
@Ryknow what are you talking about? Sometime next year? The release date is July 17 2015. It's almost impossible to get next year seeing how principal photography hasn't began( and won't begin until 2014) plus post production is going to take long as hell. Who ever told you that is on crack .
LordBritish - 11/1/2013, 8:27 AM
it's so odd how a tid bit of news like this stirs anxiety-excitement in me.

Hope the film meets or raises standards in CBMs.
UltimaRex - 11/1/2013, 8:29 AM

2014 is next year.

2015 is the year after that.

BvS comes out in 2015.

You're welcome.
soforizo - 11/1/2013, 10:30 AM
OldHardWood - 11/1/2013, 9:51 AM
Please be better than the last movie. I know the new one will have to keep some of the crap the first one's story fricked up

Like? What exactly do you think was crap that will have to be carried over?
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