MAN OF STEEL Is Named Best Movie Of 2013 In 2nd Annual Fan Choice Awards!

MAN OF STEEL Is Named Best Movie Of 2013 In 2nd Annual Fan Choice Awards!

It looks like another site has voted Zack Snyder's Superman reboot as the best movie of 2013; Screen Crush 2nd Annual Fan Choice Award. Click on for more details and leave your thoughts in the usual place.

Man of Steel came out on top with nearly 40% of the votes. Hunger Games: Catching Fire came in second and Iron Man 3 pulled in only 9.27% of votes. Man of Steel also got best trailer for 2013.

What do you guys think? Do you agree?
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Jollem - 2/11/2014, 6:46 PM
i didn't need anybody to tell me that
BaneSmash - 2/11/2014, 6:47 PM
Like we didn't already know! Thx anyways.
Tstubbs - 2/11/2014, 6:48 PM
Me either it made my top choice
NoMore - 2/11/2014, 6:48 PM
Nope. Thor: The Dark World is the best, second to The Wolverine, very underrated. Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel suffers of problems (scripts, particularly)
brazilianbatman - 2/11/2014, 6:48 PM
I really loved man of steel,it was my favorite movie or cbm of 2013 too but I was more excited for iron man 3 due to to the fact I always hated superman.

BANEofExistence - 2/11/2014, 6:50 PM
100% Agree! Didn't needanyone to remind meof that ;p your time was here Marvel... Thanks for holding down the fort so DC could rise up and beyond :p jk Marvelites! I am pumpedfor Cap the Winter Soldier!
Jollem - 2/11/2014, 6:54 PM
don't get me wrong. nice article
NoMore - 2/11/2014, 6:57 PM
Oh, and before some trolls can call me 'Marvelites' or some other stupid nicknames, i'm not a Marvelite, Nolanite, Dcfanboy, neither of those. Only fan of comics. I'm only objective.

To me, for example, The Dark Knight was the best cbm of 2008, second Iron Man. But in 2013 Thor: TDW was easily the best, second The Wolverine.

Man of Steel suffers of script's problems like stupid dialogues for a very mature and serious movie, some characters forced into movie (Lois Lane?) without reason among things. Because of that i'm happy if Chris Terrio is rewriting the new Man of Steel 2/BatvsSup/JLa/whatever it is.

Iron Man 3 is like Man of Steel and suffers of same problems: script's problems. But different... like too many stupid gags and jokes, a plot twist (i'm not against that) treated with stupidity among things.

Thor: TDW has lack of villain's characterization but it's more solid than the other 3.
marvel72 - 2/11/2014, 7:00 PM
i thought thor the dark world & the wolverine unleashed edition were better.
Bearjew - 2/11/2014, 7:01 PM
Best cbm ever!!!!!!!!
Bearjew - 2/11/2014, 7:02 PM
The crazy thing is that cape is cgi there.
NoMore - 2/11/2014, 7:04 PM
I loved also Kick-Ass 2. KA2 very underrated like The Wolverine. To me, Kick-Ass 2 had few script's problems and a big editing problem. Yes, the movie was bad edited!
ALegendaryPanda - 2/11/2014, 7:05 PM
Man of Steel and The Wolverine: Unleashed Edition were my favorite superhero movies of 2013. I also loved Thor: The Dark World, but Iron Man 3 was a complete let down for me.
NoMore - 2/11/2014, 7:09 PM
I know that many people here and in other boards say that because they're Superman's fan or Dc Comics' fan. But i'm like to be objective. I'm like Iron Man character a lot but Iron Man 3 is one of the worst 2013 cbm.

I'm so sad for fanboys.
Mendenhall12 - 2/11/2014, 7:09 PM
That's right!
marvel72 - 2/11/2014, 7:12 PM
i agree man of steel had the best trailer,it made it look great,however it only turned out being good.
SpiderParker - 2/11/2014, 7:12 PM
Lol... Cause some online poll award which can be easily rigged matters, right?
BaneSmash - 2/11/2014, 7:12 PM
Kojak - Don't let your family vote them!!! Problem solved.........
BaneSmash - 2/11/2014, 7:13 PM
NoMore - 2/11/2014, 7:14 PM
I go to ScreenCrush. Wow, they haven't included Thor: TDW and The Wolverine.
ALmazing - 2/11/2014, 7:16 PM
Best movie of 2013? Forced much?
BaneSmash - 2/11/2014, 7:18 PM
Thor was average! But miles better then Iron Turd 3...............
Darth258 - 2/11/2014, 7:19 PM
Why isn't Pacific Rim on that list? It was a 2013 movie, right?
JamesMan - 2/11/2014, 7:19 PM
Sweet, nice to see the love spreading for MOS.

The Wolverine was also fantastic.

Iron Man 3 was alright. I like it more now.

Thor: The Dark World being the best CBM of 2013?

I would agree with laziest CBM of... 2011, 2012, and 2013. What a bore of a film. Sorry @NoMore, happy some people like it I guess.
bazinga85 - 2/11/2014, 7:22 PM
Best movie: 12 Years A Slave
Best CBM: Man of Steel
Pedrito - 2/11/2014, 7:23 PM
People can say MOS is a great film all they want, but if BvS is only as "good" as MOS, you know they'll be hugely disappointed.
cipher - 2/11/2014, 7:30 PM
TheGreenBastard - 2/11/2014, 7:38 PM
Sounds about right, since it's true. The fans have spoken. All hail the king, baby!
Dev - 2/11/2014, 7:45 PM
Yea that's the only award this will win among fanboys. Pretty below average comic book film.
marcvader1 - 2/11/2014, 7:46 PM
WTF is screen crush
GeneralZod1138 - 2/11/2014, 7:48 PM
Easily my pick for 2013.

Tried watching Iron Man 3 the other day, it's quite terrible.
Nomis - 2/11/2014, 8:10 PM
And much Deserved !

SageMode - 2/11/2014, 8:30 PM
DC fanboys beating their chests on results from a website? LOL.

IRON MAN 3 received a certified fresh rating and higher critical praise, earned much more money at the box office and outbeat MOS in every major award event.

Need I say more?
MattMan - 2/11/2014, 8:37 PM
I love that he killed Zod. There, I said it. Superman with balls is a good thing.
cld247 - 2/11/2014, 8:43 PM
Man of steel was the best movie ever! @ Sage LMFAO!!!! You are so funny... Like they say HATERS GONNA HATE!!! BUT [frick] THEM!!!!!^^^^^^^
Humperdink - 2/11/2014, 9:05 PM
Man of Steel was awesome.
mbembet - 2/11/2014, 9:13 PM
i cannot wait to see ben affleck to kick the shit out of man of shit
Amputech - 2/11/2014, 9:22 PM
I guess a lot of folks mixed up their metal types when voting.
Kurne - 2/11/2014, 9:32 PM
Marvel won 2011.

Marvel won 2012.

Marvel won 2013 (ask the Award Shows BITCH)

Marvel shall win 2014 and 2015.

Desrow - 2/11/2014, 11:39 PM
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