Man Of Steel - Top 15 Most Obvious Plot Holes & More

Man Of Steel - Top 15 Most Obvious Plot Holes & More

Man of Steel like other films have had it's share of plot holes. However, as most have already read, complaint for the film comes in the fact on some of it's more OBVIOUS plot holes ever spotted. Here's a Top 10 list of some of the more obvious plot holes in the Man of Steel.

Cutting straight to the chase:

These are just a few of the more obvious plot holes in the film collected and edited from all over.

1) Superman on Earth's air vs Outer Space:

- Superman was so dependent on Earth's atmosphere that when he arrived in Zod's ship, whom according to Zod himself was filled with Kryptonian atmosphere, Superman himself started feeling week, trembling, puking, and then eventually fainted because his body was so dependent on Earth's air. Yet, before and after that scene Superman seemed okay flying into outer space at least twice with not a single sign of any ill effects.

2) Lois Lane surviving a Kryptonian Laser blast that kills Kryptonians:

- Earlier in the film, Superman enters the 18,000 year old Kryptonian vessel. He gets hit with a Kyrptonian laser whiplash that cuts open Superman's arm and he starts bleeding. Lois Lane, on the next scene, also gets hit by the same Kryptonian laser whiplash straight to the abdomen. The force of the blast was so strong, it knocked Lois against a wall, but she survives the blast as Superman saves her and destroys the droid. Later in the film, Lois gets a hold of a Kryptonian gun that shoots out the same beam that kills off super powered-godly Kryptonians with just 1 blast - Kryptonians that can withstand multiple missile attacks mind you, are no match for this laser... yet Lois Lane is. Lois Lane = Wonder Woman.

3) Kryptonians chasing Lois Lane around the Spacecraft:

Continuing above, when Jor-El converts Zod's spacecraft's atmoshpere into Earth's so Superman may regain his superpowers, and so that Lois can escape blasting her Kryptonian captives with above mentioned laser like a highly trained Agent, why were Zod's men chasing Lois around the ship like they had no superpowers. Clearly if Superman got his powers back, shouldn't the other Kryptonians?

4) Black Hole sucks in Zod's Ship and everything else but Lois Lane:

- The Black Hole created by Superman's pod was so strong that it completely engulfed Zod's giant ship, while at the same time sucking in vehicles and other debris including all the Kryptonians trapped in it's vortex... except for one Lois Lane. She manages to fall freely away under the Black Hole waiting to be saved as everything else gets sucked all around her. Lois Lane = Wonder Woman part 2.

5) Zod's purpose of taking Lois Lane prisoner:

- While in detainment, Lois was just locked up and served nothing else in the film. Lois later apologizes to Superman that Zod probed her mind in which she blames herself for the Kent's farmhouse being demolished, to which Superman retorted that it's not her fault and that his mind was probed too, so she shouldn't blame herself. If the writers had left out Superman being probed then Zod's action of taking Lois hostage would have had a purpose in the story, but the the writers didn't. So in other words, that whole scene of Lois' kidnapping was made to serve simply as a plot device by the writer in the story for Lois to meet Jor-El in order to conceive the idea to stop Zod and the World Engine.

6) Superman's Force just by taking off:

- Throughout the film when Superman takes off, the force is so strong that the ground beneath him trembles and even cracks, breaks, and even shoots out dust storms from the force, that in one scene he even warns Lois to stand back in one scene so she won't get hurt. Guess the writer forgot about it because in another scene after Superman rescues Lois, as they were locked in an embrac about to have a moment, Superman in a snap, suddenly takes off basically right next to her with, again, no ill effects. Lois Lane = Wonder Woman part 3.

7) Jor-El's 18,000 year old suit for Kal-El:

- Superman at 33 years old getting his suit made by Jor-El in an 18,000 year old Kryptonian ship that crashed on Earth 180 centuries ago. Lots of stuff left out and left for the viewers, like Clark, to just nod our heads and just go with it.

8) Zod Terraforming the Earth to become Krypton:

- Zod not only wanted to rule the Earth but he also wanted to terra form it because he didn't want to have to "suffer years of pain adapting to its atmosphere." This is the same atmosphere that make him and other Kryptonians basically gods on Earth, and yet he wants to make themselves like earthlings. It's just not a good plan for world domination.

9) Superman breaking Zod's neck as the only option:

- "Why did Superman kill Zod?" That is the WRONG question to be asking. The real question is, did Superman even have to kill Zod in the first place? All it takes is for either: A) The family on the corner to move out of the way by going forward instead of continually inching to the right. B) Remember that Superman had Zod in a headlock in other words he had full control of subduing Zod which is the purpose of a headlock, so simply tilting Zod's head any other direction but right should do. Or Superman can basically just flying Zod in any other direction away from the family; tossing him works too - that's all they were doing to each other just the scene before that. In other words, breaking Zod's neck could have even been avoided.

10) Destruction in Metropolis, Rebuilt in the end:

- The City of Metropolis as a whole was in shambles practically billions of dollars in destruction including the Daily Planet. But the ending shows everything seems all fixed and built up again. Do we assume the ending took place some 3-4 years later for the city to completely finish rebuilding?

11) Army picking up Superman's Pod in the Kent Farmhouse:

- An army transport helicopter arrives holding Kal-El's pod. Question, how did they get it? The last scene before that shows Superman arriving at his home to witness the carnage, almost at the same time Lois Lane arrives with the police escorting her. At this point, the pod was still housed inside the Kent farmhouse... but now with police and army surrounding it. Shouldn't take long for the army to deduct that the guy with glasses named Clark Kent, whose farmhouse the pod was taken from, who by the way also looks like Superman is... which brings us to...

12) "Clark"... Superman's Identity:

- Besides what happened above, Lois basically calls Superman "Clark" twice out in the open when cops are present. The army's satellites knew where the Kryptonians were landing, with cops arriving by the Kent's farmhouse. Not to mention the dozens who had witnessed and know Clark perform superhuman feat. Understand if this was the 50's, but the type of information gathering this decade has now? Explanation hopefully will be in the sequel, until then, good luck with those glasses.

13) Martha Kent too trusting of Lois before doubting:

- Upon first meeting Lois asking about Clark, Martha basically invites her in and gives away her son's secret when she tells Lois about Jonathan's death and his grave. But then later, when Clark stops by, Martha asks him if he thinks Lois could be trusted.

14) Superman saving Jonathan Kent while keeping his secret safe:

- Superman is so fast that he could zip away from a direct missile attack; So fast he could fly across the Indian Ocean on the other side of the world from Metropolis, topple a World Engine, then fly from the Indian Ocean back to Metropolis again before the military could even reach the Daily Planet. Yet we are to believe that Clark can't just quickly get the dog while he was still near the family car. Or even after Clark had taken his mom to safety, rather than run after his dad, he just stands back and watches Jonathan go running back to the car, try to unlatch the door, get trapped inside, let the dog out, witness a vehicle hurl towards Jonathan, see vehicle slam above Jonathan's car, watch him struggle some more, before getting out just to see him get sucked by a tornado.

15) Lois climbing some thousand foot Mountain in the North Pole:

- While the army and archeologists do nothing but send out helicopters to take images of the mysterious 18,000 year old ice/vessel while they sit below the mountain in their nice warm tents just marveling what it could be, Lois decides to brave the ice and actually climb the mountain herself to reach the Kryptonian vessel. Why the army/archelogists didn't hire her alludes me. Lois Lane = Wonder Woman part 4.
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DynamicDynamo - 6/24/2013, 12:16 AM
I hate when garbage like this gets posted.
SnapperCarr - 6/24/2013, 12:17 AM
This is an editorial.
MarsivNayr - 6/24/2013, 12:19 AM

So uh… hahahahhehehe

This is… this is funny. hehe

Don't know why I read this.

Good laugh though so thanks. haha
GamerKT - 6/24/2013, 12:37 AM
"started feeling week"

I thought he was feeling month, actually.

Who said he was dependent on Earth's atmosphere? It could just be that Kryptonian atmosphere is poisonous to him because it's alien to him. Space has NO atmosphere to become ill from.
Jordanstine - 6/24/2013, 12:38 AM
Not a plot hole, but anyone else notice that Clark had lines of dialog but when he's Superman his script was limited to just 1-liners?

Anyway, those are some good catch!


Totally agree with all the Lois Lane plot holes with the laser and the black hole!

FrankieDedo - 6/24/2013, 12:38 AM
LOL something of this list is pretty dumb, just for your interest:
You can stay underwater, holding your breath for a while, right? superman can stay a lot in space because HE'S [frick]ING SUPERMAN!!
But you can't breathe a methan/CO2 atmosphere, right?
Well probably it's the same for superman, huh?

Maybe the ship could build a suit from information contained in the key? it contained Jor-El's consciousness... why not a dress project???

For Zod and destruction... it's a [frick]ING ACTION MOVIE!!!! DIRECTED BY ZACK [frick]ING SNYDER!! want some coherency? WTF?? he's the same guy that made Nite Owl slaugthering some punks, after he said he wouldn't hurt anybody too much!

The bullshit is that Lois Lane is more powerful than superman, or that is so lucky to make me thinking she has reality-bending powers like scarlet witch, LOL!

but the two real absurdity was:
clark kent showed his powers everytime over his youth... and he can't make just a little more faster run TO SAVE HIS [frick]ING FATHER???

And... if Supes had the strength to break zod's neck...he hadn't the strength to turn it away from the family??? yeah , right.

Beside that, it was a good movie, maybe made for people that doesn't connect one scene to another, and that doesn't ask themself much questions, but an entertaining movie, it's worth to rewatch it sometimes.

SageMode - 6/24/2013, 12:40 AM
Uh oh, beware. You're gonna piss off alot of the MAN OF STEEL acolytes with this one. LOL.
exirae - 6/24/2013, 12:41 AM
Okay 1, 3 and 8 are easy, they get their powers from the sun primarily, the kryptonian atmosphere harms Clark, but earths is not in itself sufficient to empower them. Particularly given that they're already super powered to an extent while wearing breathers on earth. We're you paying attention?

2 it kills kryptonians because its a kryptonian laser beam. Things from krypton can hurt kryptonians that's not inconsistent with the mythology and there's therefore no reason to assume it would do worse damage to Lois.

4 is not a plot hole, it's a convieniance sure, but not a proper plot hole, same goes for 5.

6 is also not a plot hole. It has nothing to do with the plot, does it violate the internal logic of the movie? Yes.

7 is silly, Clark doesn't know what he can do. It's been established that he's never really used his powers. Superman could do it, but within the logic of the film it's not inconsistent.

9 you're misreading this scene. The point isn't solely that he has to save the family, the point is that by seeing the family cowering he superman recognizes the human cost of the fight thusfar, and going forward. Constitutes the no way out. It's not just that family, is the whole context that is personally embodied in them.

10 you're assuming that anyone would think that superman would even have a secret identity, and would therefore try to find it. That is you're taking a logic from outside of the movie and imposing it on the internal logic of the film. This isn't a plot hole, it's a sloppy reading of the film.

11 is not a plot hole, there's clearly a backstory to that ship that isn't told on screen

12 how do you know Martha told Lois about the grave? Where are you getting that from?

13 where did it show the daily planet being destroyed? It specifically shows them fleeing the site. Just because the people from the planet are in harms way it doesn't mean that the building itself was destroyed.

Jollem - 6/24/2013, 12:46 AM
1. sun is good for kal

2. no. lois gets ahold of a pistol. also, her 2nd shot: boom headshot!

3. no. it would take them time to absorb the radiation from earth's yellow sun

4. i'm sure the ship faora was on or even zod's main ship saw that lois and clark had a moment. why not take her and see if she knows anything useful?

5. this might be your only valid point. i just saw it again in 3d for the first time(best 3d use i've seen yet, btw). it seems like lois might have been pushed out by the initial blast? i dunno, that may have something to do with it?

6. maybe he wasn't using ground-breaking force so as not to hurt the pretty lady? he can always go faster when he is away from her

7. clearly you didn't grasp the importance of clark keeping his identity a secret. pa kent knows what's up

8. did you not catch the part about zod loving krypton? dude loves him some krypton

9a. they were frightened and freaking out. rightfully so

9b1. i have three brothers, so i know for a fact that you can still move your head if you are in a headlock

9b2. if not that family, then the next. or the next. did you not catch the part where he said he was going to take them all one-by-one?

10. let's see how it plays out in the sequel. i think lois will be a big factor in convincing everyone else

11. i find it highly possible that jor-el had the suit made. possibly while he was talking to kal. probably even chose the colors

12. well, maybe she didn't know if lois could be fully trusted?

13. could be any amount of time later
Jollem - 6/24/2013, 12:56 AM
ComicBookGuy1 - 6/24/2013, 1:44 AM
The same thing was done with the Dark Knight Rises.
XKnight - 6/24/2013, 3:06 AM
Bwa ha ha!

Good ones!

Practically agree on most of them!

metropolisman - 6/24/2013, 4:13 AM
wow dude well let me first say that this article is ridiculous. you are just nit picking...but secondly u didn't do a very good job at nit picking because all of these are easily explainable. Most of them they explain in the movie. Some are just inferred because Snyder figured that movie goers were smart enough to figure it out...but I guess not you...

1. Its krypton's atmosphere... Meaning he is breathing in air...Not sure what was in that air but obviously not the elements Earth's air consists of...maybe methane or something...But he's breathing something in that his body is not accustomed to. In space hes not breathing at all...He probably holds his breath...NO PLOT HOLE

2. First of all we can't just assume that the electric whip and the laser gun do the same damage. They are to entirely different weapons. secondly Lois is extremely hurt by the weapon as stated by Clark which is why he has to cauterize her wound. Thirdly its clear that the kryptonians don't have powers on ship while it consists of a kryptonian atmosphere. And seeing as it had literally been converted to earth like atmosphere (an atmosphere the kryptonians had obviously never experienced before) seconds before lois started shooting they probably hadn't gained control of their powers if they had them at all yet seeing as all of the kryptonians she shot hadn't absorbed any radiation from the yellow sun of earth yet unlike zod faora and namek. NO PLOT HOLE.

3. Refer to #2 NO PLOT HOLE

4. It looked like lois was pushed out from the intial explosion and then superman grabs her and clearly struggles to escape the black holes gravity. NO PLOT HOLE

5. Lois obviously knows stuff about superman. For all Zod know's she may even know things that Superman doesn't. As general he was probably trained to cover all his base's. NO PLOT HOLE.

6. He can probably control it how much force he uses when he takes off which is what he obviously did that time. The time he asked her to step back was because he wanted to take off with a lot of force that particular time. NO PLOT HOLE.

7. The suit may have already been there. Obviously all kryptonians where similar clothing such as that. and the S is not unique to the EL family in this. Its the symbol for hope which seemed to be a prominent symbol in Kyrptonian culture. If not Jor-el could have made it while they were talking. NO PLOT HOLE.

8A. Zod obviously does not want to share the planet with humans. So their annihilation is mandatory. sure he could go kill them with his super powers one at a time but the more efficient way to take them out would be to terra form the planet.
8B. Kryptonians are highly advanced in technology. When you have that level of technology...super powers are kind of irrelevant. And obviously gaining those powers is extremely painful for them. Why would he want to make all future kryptonians go through that if they don't have to. NO PLOT HOLE.

9. it shows the family is trapped between the heat vision and the wall in the corner. Superman realizes that the battle is not going to stop and zod is just going to continue killing. Superman can't just throw zod in jail. and no longer has access to the phantom zone. Oo and just because you have someone in a head lock does not mean they can't move their head. Also I feel like your underestimating zods strength. Maybe superman did try flying him away but zod was using his strength to stay put. NO PLOT HOLE.

10. We never see what the hole city looks like in that scene. We see one establishing shot and one shot of a single street. And then the daily planet which we never see destroyed only evacuated (and recall it was evacuated because perry saw a missile strike the street below not the actually terraforming machine). I don't think we see enough of the city to say that it was completely rebuilt and that the parts we were shown at the end were ever destroyed in the first place. NO PLOT HOLE.

11. We don't know how supermans ship got on the helicopter. Maybe superman carried it to them. Also the kryptonians had just attacked the kent house. It would make sense that superman would be there simply because they were there. NO PLOT HOLE.

12. We don't know that the cops heard her say that. however, assuming they did....clark who?...there are a lot of people named clark. Those cops don't know that its clark kent. they don't know who lives at the kent farm. I seriously doubt clark was on the lease at the kent farm. As for the people who know who clark is that saw him use his powers. Namely the people at the daily planet something tells me they know and are choosing to keep it a secret seeing as he saved the entire planet. Same with Pete Ross. The people from the oil rig did not know his name and the people from the ship that he was on before that thought his name was greenhorn. The people at the army camp thought his name was john. NO PLOT HOLE...YET! I'M ASSUMING THE THING ABOUT THE PEOPLE AT THE DAILY PLANET AND PETE ROSS. WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL.

13. I don't know where your getting that Martha told her anything. Martha never invites her in. She may have researched the kents and found out about jonathan. Your basing this one off of literally nothing. Even if she did invite her in. She may not have told her anything of value. "oo ya my sons name is clark and his father died in a tornado in 97'." I mean that doesn't tell lois anything. NO PLOT HOLE!

14. He clearly states he didn't save him because he trusted his father and listened to him. Also clark was 17 (if my math is correct) and the movie clearly shows that he is still developing and understanding the extent of his powers into his 30's. maybe he wasn't as fast back then... or maybe he didn't know he was that fast back then. NO PLOT HOLE!

15. Well theres clearly a government tent up on top of the glacier so there has to be a way for normal people to get up there. As for going into the mountain there was no holes or entrance there until clark made one with his heat vision. Lois merely followed him. NO PLOT HOLE.

So every single one of your plot holes is easily explainable. I feel like this article was just made by a guy who is a donner nut or a marvel guy looking to rip DC.
jambabeanjuice - 6/24/2013, 5:23 AM
@ metropolisman
"a marvel guy looking to rip DC" Maybe he is haha. Thanks for clearing things up bud!
AC1 - 6/24/2013, 5:38 AM
1) Clark was used to the weaker atmosphere of Earth. Krypton's atmosphere (the atmosphere on Zod's ship) was too strong for him, so it began having adverse effects - sapping away his powers, for one, while the higher gravity would damage him (essentially, it would make his body heavier than it was used to). The ship also seemed to block the yellow sun radiation, depowering him.

In space, on the other hand, the gravity is lower to non-existent, so there would be no strain on his body (as his body would be weightless), plus he'd still be powered by the yellow sun, so he wasn't injured or depowered or killed.

It makes sense in the realm of fiction, because they are two completely opposite effects: at one end of the scale is Krypton's/Zod's ship's atmosphere, which is harsher than Earth's. At the other end of the scale, you have space/the upper atmosphere of Earth, which has no atmosphere, and so wouldn't hurt Superman. In the middle, you have Earth's atmosphere, which Superman is used to. You could have argued about why Superman wasn't killed by space, where realistically he would have exploded due to the vacuum effect, but you could argue (in terms of fiction) that his body is dense enough to withstand the vacuum.

2) I thought it was pretty clear they were two different weapons. Maybe the first one was meant for stunning Kryptonians (which is why it badly injured Lois), while the second was meant to kill? Also, Lois would have died from her injury had Clark not cauterized the burn with his heat vision.

3) Clark had superpowers because he'd been exposed to Earth's sun, and was able to use those powers in Earth's atmosphere. The other Kryptonian's never left Zod's ship, meaning they were never exposed to the sun, meaning they had no superpowers at the time (apart from Faora, the only one to have left the ship at that point).

4) Didn't Lois fall out of the plane before the black hole was created? It could be that the black hole slowed her fall. Also, because black holes suck things in due to their gravity, it's possible that they suck in larger objects with higher masses (such as the ship and the plane and the debris) faster than objects with a smaller mass (such as Lois). Most of it is just suspension of disbelief though - otherwise you should be asking why the black hole didn't consume Earth, because black holes absorb everything close to them and never get 'full'.

5) Yeah, I'll give you that one, that wasn't really clear... Perhaps he wanted her as a hostage? They'd just arrived on Earth, so they couldn't be sure that they'd survive against an attack from the army (there were tanks and stuff lined up), and it was clear that the army didn't trust Superman at the time. Even from Zod's point of view, he saw that Earth had surrendered Superman for their own safety, so he may have also suspected that they'd blow up his ship as soon as they were about to leave. But if he were to take a human, then maybe they'd be less likely to blow up Zod's ship if one of their own was aboard? It's a bit of a stretch, but it could work as an explanation.

6) Again, I kind of agree with this one, although it's quite a forgettable moment. Also, it could be that Clark isn't used to flying yet, so when he gains more control he'll be able to take off without all the destruction to his immediate surroundings?

7) Yeah, this one stood out for me when I was watching the film as well. But now that I think about it (and with a lot of suspension of disbelief), it is possible that Jor-El made it for him there and then - it's been shown that the hologram Jor-El is able to control Kryptonian equipment if his program is uploaded to it, so perhaps he fabricated the suit using the ship's technology once Clark arrived...

8) Zod's whole function was to protect his people (Kryptonians), so it does make some sense that when he restored his race, he'd want to do it in their own environment where the newborn Kryptonians would be more likely to survive.

9) I wouldn't say it was the only option, but I'd say, in the heat of the moment it was the best option to ensure the survival of that human family. Yes, the family probably could have ducked out of the way, but Superman wouldn't let them die just for being stupid enough not to try that. Superman could have tried to fly Zod away, but with Zod's heat-vision still active, they could've collapsed the whole building and killed the family as well as any other humans who may have been in there. Also, it seemed quite clear that Superman was struggling to keep Zod restrained, and that if he hadn't killed him, then Zod eventually would've succeeded in killing those people and gotten free, dragging the battle out even longer, probably causing even more casualties, and perhaps tiring Superman out and winning. It wasn't the only way to stop Zod, but it was the only way he could be sure that he'd stopped Zod.

10) We don't see the whole city in those shots, but it does suggest that the damage has been repaired by not showing any of the aftermath (actually, when Clark's riding in on his bike, don't you see bits of debris here and there?)

11) I thought that too for a moment watching the film, but I think metropolisman explains it best.

Actually, metropolisman explains all of them pretty well, so I won't even bother with the rest. I wouldn't call any of them 'plot holes', I'd just say there are moments that aren't explained very well.

A plot hole would be something happening which had no set up - for example, in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane and his men escape from the Gotham Stock Exchange on motorcycles. They're already riding the motorcycles when they leave the building. But none of them rode motorcycles into the building when they got there. So, where did the motorcycles come from? Answer: Plot hole.
McNyagano - 6/24/2013, 5:53 AM

"Superman was so dependent on Earth's atmosphere that when he arrived in Zod's ship, whom according to Zod himself was filled with Kryptonian atmosphere, Superman himself started feeling week, trembling, puking, and then eventually fainted because his body was so dependent on Earth's air. Yet, before and after that scene Superman seemed okay flying into outer space at least twice with not a single sign of any ill effects."

This had me scratching my head as well.

Good editorial bro, you bring up good points and with explanation to back them up :)
LEVITIKUZ - 6/24/2013, 5:56 AM
10: Lex rebuilds it.
LEVITIKUZ - 6/24/2013, 5:57 AM
1. Superman is depended on the yellow sun. That's easy.
EdgyOutsider - 6/24/2013, 6:01 AM
This list makes sense. Doesn't take away my enjoyment of the film but it does make sense.
AshleyWilliams - 6/24/2013, 6:21 AM
I'm so sick of hearing the Metropolis rebuilt "plothole".

Between Superman, Lex Luthor, and a few other Billionaires from DC, it could be rebuilt in about a year.
TheManFromMars - 6/24/2013, 6:58 AM
I'm seeing the "15 Most Obvious Plot Holes" but where's the "More"?

ruadh - 6/24/2013, 7:26 AM
A couple of these may be plot holes, but a lot of them just seem like the author just wasn't paying attention.
Invictor - 6/24/2013, 7:43 AM
This article has more plot holes than the movie, to be honest..
Invictor - 6/24/2013, 8:00 AM
Plot Hole #1 In this Article: The title says Top 15 Most Obvious Plot Holes & More, the description says Top 10...
gmoney0505 - 6/24/2013, 8:11 AM
LOL @Marauder
SMH people still dont understand the meanning of an actual plot hole.
Jaywing - 6/24/2013, 8:15 AM
If you did an incredibly deep nitpick "plot hole" list like this for the Avengers it would be about ten times this long.
LEVITIKUZ - 6/24/2013, 8:33 AM
Thomas Elliott, Bruce Wayne, Queen, Luthor, Penguin, and many more are rich. They could have all pooled together.
teabag - 6/24/2013, 8:43 AM
 photo Haters-Gonna-Hate_o_122266_zpsf3945eb6.jpg

Hodor - 6/24/2013, 9:26 AM
Holy sh1t, Tea. That made me shoot coffee out my nose!
GoILL - 6/24/2013, 9:36 AM
Tea's post is better than this whole editorial.
Hodor - 6/24/2013, 9:39 AM
This ^
GliderMan - 6/24/2013, 11:45 AM
jjk2814 - 6/24/2013, 11:49 AM
1. Having problems with Superman in space is like arguing the physics of his flying. Its just beyond acceptable now.
2. I wouldn't take up this battle. The film does NOT specify further on the power levels of a robot guardians laser blast and the blast from a pistol. I wouldn't even say their the same because the blast LOOKS the same.
3. It's possible that without the knowledge that the atmosphere changed the villains didn't know to use their powers. Or and more likely, considering Kal's 33 years of exposure to earths atmosphere he simply re-powered much faster than them.
4. Not technically a plothole by any means. A minor inconsistency maybe, but lets remember that this is a comic book movie. Its simply another level of reality that just shouldn't be questioned. BUT...It is a valid point technically speaking. (1/2 point)
5. Zod wanted to know what she knew about Clark. The fact that he did probe her mind proves the purpose he abducted her.
6. I think you might be confusing two scenes. I don't recall a second similar scene where she's standing right next to him when he takes off. Besides, the amount of gravital force upon take off would differ depending on how far and how fast he is going to fly.
7. This is a valid point to me. It is a little too inconvenient. My problem with it is that it basically states that the suit isn't ACTUALLY Kal's. Sure its from the house of El but it wasnt intended for him. I would have preferred a different more personal origin for the suit. (1/2 point)
8. Zod wanted a New Krypton...that was pretty clear. As was it very clear that the process of terraforming would kill all life on earth. Zod wanted New Krypton...again that was very, very clear.
9. I still feel for you on this one. Its not a plot-hole by definition but a creative choice I dont agree with. The people Zod was about to kill were cornered though. They really couldn't escape. (1 point)
10. This may technically represent a plot-hole but because we don't know how long has passed you really can't make an argument. It COULD actually be years after. We don't know. The facts aren't there.
11 & 12. You're onto something here. It will be interesting to see how they get themselves out of it. As for military involvement, that't not really a problem for me. They would be fools to openly threaten Superman by exposing his identity. (1-1/2point)
13. All Martha did was tell her Jonathan was dead(presumably if even that). Lois Lane is a reporter. She probably went there herself. You're way off with this one.
14. This is not a plot-hole. But I understand your frustration with it. The movie does clearly convey that Clark was following his Father's instructions. Thats all there is to it. Like it or not. But you are justified in not liking it.
15. Thats just classic Lois Lane.

That gives you about 2-1/2 points out of 15. I understand some of your points, agree with others, but some are just way off-base.
aresww3 - 6/24/2013, 11:59 AM
Yeah but you have to give him the point about Lois screaming out Supes name infront of police. It is also going to be extremely easy for them to figure out who clark is, if you take the story on face value. If Lois could work it out, as smart a reporter as she is, how the [frick] is the entire worlds secret service not going to work it out? They´ll all be looking for him. Think about it. He also gave away that he was from Kansas, narrowing down the search even further.
LoudNoises - 6/24/2013, 1:13 PM
The Louis on the spaceship sequence seems to be one of the biggest issues I hear come out of this film aside from all the massive destruction. Honestly, I realize a reason was never stated and perhaps this is due to poor editing or cutting of a particular dialog scene which may have given some further explanation to her relevancy on the ship. But it felt to me like she was there simply as collateral. A way to keep Superman from attempting to fight back out of fear that they would harm or kill her.
Jollem - 6/24/2013, 1:40 PM
you updated this? did i smack you around that bad? :)
NovaCorpsFan - 6/24/2013, 4:04 PM
When Supes sinks into the skulls, I couldn't help but think of the part in Toy Story 2 where Woody gets put in the trash.
SageMode - 6/24/2013, 5:37 PM
HONEST TRAILERS needs to get a crack at this already.
marvel72 - 6/24/2013, 5:53 PM
i knew the usual suspects would be out in full force claiming there is nothing wrong with man of steel.

i liked man of steel but can't wait to hear honest trailers or everything wrong with take on man of steel.
BernieSanders - 6/24/2013, 6:47 PM
Girly movie
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