Man of Steel: Video of Metropolis Set

<i>Man of Steel:</i> Video of Metropolis Set

A set video from downtown Chicago, that is masquerading as Metropolis.

Courtesy of Superman: Man of Steel (2013) Facebook Page

Sorry Amy Adams pics are removed. They were actually from Leap Year.

Uploaded by MrRomaniaUSA on Sep 8, 2011
Filming "Man of Steel" aka Superman in downtown Chicago september 2011

Well all those people that were worried that all the action would only take place in Smallville, well they can rest easy. The military isn't in Metropolis for a photo-op. There will certainly be some action packed scenes in downtown Chicago, and hopefully with this actor in uniform, we can hope for something soon.

I'm glad I can finally say that Lois Lane is looking very attractive in these pictures. I think Zack Snyder actually has made a good choice. I think her added age upon Cavill is actually a strength. At least this Lois will look like she has put in some time as a reporter and not that college kid of a Lois that Kate Bosworth was.

Man Of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Julia Ormond, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne with Christopher Meloni and Harry Lennix, the reboot is slated for theaters June 14th, 2013!

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JDUKE25 - 9/9/2011, 1:29 PM
Nice, way to go nail.
Supes17 - 9/9/2011, 1:34 PM
I'm pretty sure someone will post something like this soon, so I though I might as well get it out of the way.

Nice find, nail
RunDTC - 9/9/2011, 1:34 PM
still can't believe Amy Adams is Lois Lane. fail.
HelaGood - 9/9/2011, 1:39 PM
i agree! amy is yummmmmm!
Supes17 - 9/9/2011, 1:39 PM
@RunDTC: Get.Over.It.
BlueMex - 9/9/2011, 1:39 PM
bad angle on her head for the first pic. but im sure she'll do fine as lois lane !
Hellsing - 9/9/2011, 1:50 PM
@Superman17 Yeah I wanted to see her with brown hair, she hasn't got it doesn't mean I'm gonna boycott the movie. She's a great actress. So stop being so narrow minded dude.
StrangerX - 9/9/2011, 1:51 PM
She's already hotter than Donner's Lois so that's a plus, but Erica Durance is def the hottest Lois thus far.
Hellsing - 9/9/2011, 1:52 PM
Glad they went with actress who's slightly older. And she can't be any worse then Bosworth or what ever the chicks name was from SR.
superbatspiderman - 9/9/2011, 1:53 PM
She will be great and of course they will change her hair color.
kriswone - 9/9/2011, 1:53 PM
Y U No Have


greenlanternsector2814 - 9/9/2011, 1:55 PM
@ RunDTC - At least it's not Kate Bosworth
EpicMan - 9/9/2011, 1:56 PM
I am kinda in a confritational mood and since i complained about black actors cast as white caracters and hollywood wood not dare cast a white actor as a black character so dont have the oppurtunity to complain about that... Can some one remind me the issue LouiseLane had red hair?
CaptainBritain - 9/9/2011, 1:56 PM
Getting tired of the doomsday shouters. he would never ever be able to carry a movie on his own. the only possible story was done in the awesome dc animated SUPERMAN DOOMSADY.

in death of superman he barely speaks and justs destroys. teh only way he would work if lex released him or something(done in the animated)

he is such a one dimensional character
marvel72 - 9/9/2011, 1:57 PM
this film better be good,loved watchmen & 300 so i'm expecting alot from this.
CaptainBritain - 9/9/2011, 1:59 PM
btw this is her first scene in the whole movie thus far. they just compelted teh set like two days ago i reckon she ws just moving to her set or trailer.

bt she better have dark hair

hench the channel suitcase or burberry i dont know i aint a chick
thatcoldblackcloud - 9/9/2011, 2:02 PM
The bitch couldn't dye her hair black? Oh, wait, they dyed Perry White black.

Supes17 - 9/9/2011, 2:02 PM
@Hellsing: I was referring to the people who complain about every single thing and start trash talking the film.
I don't like her hair either, but that wasn't my point
CaptainBritain - 9/9/2011, 2:02 PM
comics dont always relate well to the big screen.

this is how the death of superman goes

doomsday randomly appears, no joke
destroys most of the jla
fights supes for the rest of the arc and tehy kill each other(but they dont)

it a great comic but as a film it has no plot. it would have to be changed slightly

anyone who has watched teh dc animated feature doomsday knows what i am talking about
JDUKE25 - 9/9/2011, 2:03 PM
Yeah doomsday could without a doubt carry an entire movie. There's so much going on in that story, plus it's hollywood so they would add more stuff to the story and alter a few things. Definitely wanting to see a live action movie with Doomsday in future movies. But not this first one.
Frogman - 9/9/2011, 2:03 PM
@EpicMan: in the original Sunday papers where Lois first appeared she had red hair.
JDUKE25 - 9/9/2011, 2:05 PM
I always envisioned Brainiac obtaining Doomsday and sending him to earth to destroy Superman because Superman would be Brainiac's only real threat. That way, we get doomsday, and brainiac story arc going as well.
Supes17 - 9/9/2011, 2:05 PM
Doomsday should be altered for the film.
In other words, he should be INTELLIGENT instead of being all "AAARGGGHARARARDAGAHHH!"
Works in the comics, but not so much in a film.
If they portrayed him straight from the comics, he would be a secondary character. Just a weapon or humanoid animal and not a true supervillain
humbleme - 9/9/2011, 2:05 PM
Yeah, Doomsday is not a story, it's an action sequence, which is cool for a sort of 10-30Mil kung fu/action flick, but if you're spending more than 50Mil, you need the money that comes with having an actual emotional storyline, and a psychologically compelling villain.

Snyder's making the Superman equivalent of Batman Begins. Expect new characters, radically personality changes, and all the fan moaning to virtually disappear once the movie opens.

thatcoldblackcloud - 9/9/2011, 2:05 PM
@nailbiter111: Dude, The death of Superman was one of THE WORST Superman stories ever! Nothing good happens until issue 75 (the only good issue in all the story).

Reign of The Supermen, however, was Epic.

And NO, this movie will NOT have Doomsday in it. They don't have the stones to do a Doomsday/Superman live action film.
CaptainBritain - 9/9/2011, 2:07 PM
explain to me how doomsday would carry a whole story.

the best variation has already been used in teh animated movie.

how much is going on in that story really. certain things would have to be taken out

the jla
or all of reign of teh supermen as nobody outside fanboys knows who those characters are

nobody has actually posed a credible doomsday movie which would have a plot and premise that non fans would want to see.

AsianVersionOfET - 9/9/2011, 2:08 PM
She's so gross that it makes me almost wanna' be gay.
drellik - 9/9/2011, 2:09 PM
notice the green oldie car at the beginning of the video. tribute scene to Action Comics #1? perhaps.
CaptainBritain - 9/9/2011, 2:09 PM
the only way we would have doomsday is via what JDUKE said.

he would have to be a secondary character employed by someone else and that means changing his character and u know how fan boys get.

i think he would have to be part of a trilogy.

employed in teh second movie and then it is revealed he was the herald of a much greater threat


Fogs - 9/9/2011, 2:10 PM
She's boobless :(

Tea, we need you to save this article.
JM4Superman - 9/9/2011, 2:10 PM
@Hammersolo i was trying to forget how Lois slept with Grant in season 7
CaptainBritain - 9/9/2011, 2:11 PM
i thought reign of the supermen was good

nice intro to superboy(great character)

and the whole eradictor reveal

plus mongul and the cyborg

but there are far better stories
Kryptoniano - 9/9/2011, 2:14 PM
A blonde Lois... Mmm, That is (ALSO) a radical change in the mithology. Amy Adams is such a terrific actress and, even this story, pictures and changes have caused me variant impressions, my faith is total on Snyder on this film. NOTE: Please tell if Rashida Jones was not perfect for Lois Lane! But, not every Lois can be as hottest as Teri Hatcher!!!!
Freek - 9/9/2011, 2:16 PM
Maybe not in this very movie, but if doomsday doesn't appear in the big screen soon my mind won,t be at rest
CaptainBritain - 9/9/2011, 2:16 PM
btw on the subject of supes and dc.


she was at the end of flashpoint and has been in most of the reboots concealed

RunDTC - 9/9/2011, 2:16 PM
Freek - 9/9/2011, 2:17 PM
Maybe not in this very movie, but if doomsday doesn't appear in the big screen soon my mind won't be at rest
RunDTC - 9/9/2011, 2:17 PM
also, to clarify my earlier statement, I like Adams as an actress, I just don't think she's a good choice for Lois.
CaptainBritain - 9/9/2011, 2:19 PM
i would love parasite he is so untapped

he would be able to fight supes
know his identity
replicate voices
and some awesome feeding scenes too

he just needs a credible plot

CaptainBritain - 9/9/2011, 2:21 PM
@hammersolo i will take your word as i was reading it when it was established as a classic, you seem to be a more experienced reader.

on the subject of classics what classic storylines would you say supes has

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