More Official Promotional Art From MAN OF STEEL

More Official Promotional Art From MAN OF STEEL

We've confirmed that the posters on display at GB Posters are 100% officially licensed Man Of Steel promo art, and we've featured some of the best for you here. Check out new images of Supes, Zod and Faora after the jump.

And just in case you've been under a very large rock for the past 24 hours, here's that epic third trailer again.

In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Henry Cavill) is a young twenty-something journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond his imagination. Transported years ago to Earth from Krypton, a highly advanced, distant planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question 'Why am I here?' Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Diane Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), Clark discovers having extraordinary abilities means making difficult decisions. When the world is in dire need of stability, an even greater threat emerges. Clark must become a Man of Steel, to protect the people he loves and shine as the world’s beacon of hope – Superman.

Man Of Steel will be with us June 14th, 2013.

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Amazo - 4/17/2013, 2:21 AM
Some nice stuff :)
Fornication - 4/17/2013, 2:21 AM
In the third one Cavill finally looks like superman.
CaptainA - 4/17/2013, 2:22 AM
Cool stuff, Hope this does well so we can get a sequel and maybe finally a decent superman villain.
Jollem - 4/17/2013, 2:28 AM
ahhmynuts - 4/17/2013, 2:28 AM
Logan5 - 4/17/2013, 2:31 AM
1 & 4 need to be chucked in front of a bulkhead('cause they're lying around) on The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF GATEWAY STATION space station, so we can commence the countdown. Or we could just embrace the Wal-Mart graphic art as Man of E. Hardy Steel and rock that sh!t down to the clubs.

"Hell, I already got the graphic for Shaquille back in the '90's on my license plate and stirring wheel cover.., not to mention a tat on my lower back.' 'Got some tribal flames shooting off each side of the 'S' and sh!t and everything.., it's CRUCIAL!"
Mothchild - 4/17/2013, 2:32 AM
Is no. 4 is suggesting Braniac? I hope so :D
AmazingFantasy - 4/17/2013, 2:34 AM
Second last one...

LP4 - 4/17/2013, 2:46 AM
The 3 minute trailer was awesome. Sooooo happy they showed LEXCORP TOWER at the 2:18 mark.


Oh and this is cool promotional art
Logan5 - 4/17/2013, 2:48 AM

I'm just gonna'(going to) laugh out loud!

Actually MonMothchild.., Shag is making his WWE(?) first appearance early July, so you tell me. Think it accidently got mixed up in the pile.
Logan5 - 4/17/2013, 2:49 AM
Gomer E_Pile
incrediblesuperbatspider - 4/17/2013, 2:52 AM
I wonder what Brandon Routh must be thinking
0ptimusCrime - 4/17/2013, 3:05 AM
Im really not a big fan of superman, primarely cause of the way he keeps his identity save with a pair of Glasses...

But DAMN this looks awesome! Trailer and Art.

Seeing it ASAP
PeaceMaker1 - 4/17/2013, 3:34 AM
Superman standing on top of a bunch of skulls! Now that's the Superman we know and love!
Darth258 - 4/17/2013, 4:20 AM
lol the one with Superman walking on skulls could be one of Luthor's anti-Superman campaign posters... "Don't trust the alien"
thedude2936 - 4/17/2013, 4:38 AM
Man I love the one where he's flying with the red eyes
marvel72 - 4/17/2013, 5:00 AM
superman standing on a pile of skulls is my favorite.
MrReese - 4/17/2013, 5:12 AM
those r bad ass
Mothchild - 4/17/2013, 5:30 AM

lol. Ok.. Thanks for the clarity (and the disappointment) :)

bazinga85 - 4/17/2013, 5:40 AM
It's either Zod or one of his men.
CavEl - 4/17/2013, 5:45 AM
Whoever mentioned #4 as a possible Brainiac hint might be onto something there.
CavEl - 4/17/2013, 5:46 AM
@ Ckal - It is Zod, but with his helmet up.
mowood28 - 4/17/2013, 5:53 AM
simply amazing. I can't wait
Ramiel - 4/17/2013, 6:36 AM
This is badass:

The other one's are meh...
SpectacularJoSh - 4/17/2013, 6:44 AM
They're shit.
StarkAnthony - 4/17/2013, 6:45 AM
Why would Superman be standing on skulls? Isn't that the villains place?
TheJokerMask - 4/17/2013, 7:09 AM
@StarkAnthony I think that's the Phantom zone
AlexDeLarge87 - 4/17/2013, 7:22 AM
ckal@ Yeah i think thats Zod with the translation thing in his head. The same which Faora has in this pic.

JatevinM - 4/17/2013, 7:23 AM
ckal@ Its either Zod or one of his peoples wearing the helmet thing we see Faora in when she is standing infront of Lois on the ship.
AlexDeLarge87 - 4/17/2013, 7:26 AM
That would explain why the head looks so unclear.
DeskTopHero - 4/17/2013, 7:27 AM
I have a one point in the movie superman has a beard, but then shaves it. What kind of an earth-made razor would be strong enough to shave his beard? You may recall in Superman 4: The Quest for Peace, Supes donated a single hair to a museum and that hair was strong enough to suspend a 1 ton weight. Hard to believe a disposable Schick would be strong enough to give him a clean shave.
DanteSparda - 4/17/2013, 7:29 AM
Yeah, because who wants to see Superman nowdays if he isn't dark? Zack Snyder and NetherRealm Studios now best.
GeekyCheekyChic - 4/17/2013, 7:30 AM
love them all. Its about time the greatest hero get the love he deserves in all facets.
QuietStorm - 4/17/2013, 7:48 AM
@alex There was an interview with Faora and she said something along the lines of, "I'm not choking her, I'm helping her breathe on our ship. Humans wouldn't be able to adjust our environment..." Or something like that. Sorry, I don't have time to find the link...gotta meeting.
Timerider84 - 4/17/2013, 7:54 AM
I can see Justice League getting greenlighted already.
datNAMEtho - 4/17/2013, 8:07 AM
I hope they'll make a poster out of the one where he stands on the skulls, with hit heat-vision!!! That looks to badass!!!
Scooby - 4/17/2013, 9:44 AM
Oooh! Nice!
Mendenhall12 - 4/17/2013, 9:51 AM
I really like the first and fourth one.
GrayFox1025 - 4/17/2013, 11:05 AM
@DeskTopHero I was wondering the EXACT same thing. Logically one might assume he would use Kryptonite tipped blade but that would eventually kill him. Lets just go with he rips the hair out on his face one by one because he is a badass and of course, Superman
DanteSparda - 4/17/2013, 12:29 PM
Wow, the trailer was pretty cool!!
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