RUMOR: Lex Luthor IS In MAN OF STEEL; Do We Know Who's Playing Him?

RUMOR: Lex Luthor IS In MAN OF STEEL; Do We Know Who's Playing Him?

AICN reckon Superman's greatest foe will indeed be appearing, and not just get a mention in, Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel. They also have a name to go with this info, and as crazy as it sounds, there might just be a Smallville connection!

The following rumor seemed so far fetched at first, had it not come from a reliable source I wouldn't have even bothered with it. Harry over at AICN reckons he's uncovered information confirming Lex Luthor's appearance in Man Of Steel.

"Lots of people have been wondering if LEX LUTHOR was going to be in MAN OF STEEL.

The answer is apparently a very loud YES. Not only that the tone that Nolan/Goyer/Snyder are going for with the character is not the silly goofy Hackman Luthor... But an ambitious, ego driven and cold version of Luthor."

But that's not the unbelievable part. He was also given a name to go with: Mackenzie Gray - the same Mackenzie Gray who played a Lex Luthor clone in Smallville. So surely not right? Well, he's definitely in the movie! Skip to around the 1 minute mark.

I have no problem believing Luthor pops up in the film, I do however have a problem believing that they would cast anyone so closely associated with that character already from Smallville. But, here we are! If Gray isn't playing Luthor, who is he playing, and why all the secrecy? What do you guys make of this?

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Ethic - 3/28/2013, 6:03 PM
Might be a trusted source but I'd never believe this, unless he's playing the back of Lex's head in an ambiguous shot.
JayJayCAW - 3/28/2013, 6:10 PM
"I do however have a problem believing that they would cast anyone even associated with Smallville" .......

you do know that Amy Adams was on Smallville right?
LP4 - 3/28/2013, 6:11 PM

I've wanted him in MOS since the reboot was first announced even amidst all the haters not wanting him in the movie.

Hopefully this time they can give us a Clancy Brown-esque Luthor. NO MORE REAL-ESTATE! :)
RorMachine - 3/28/2013, 6:18 PM
JayJayclaw, good point! I meant so closely associated with that particular character though, so I rephrased it.
LP4 - 3/28/2013, 6:20 PM
Eh...he looks kinda evil. Plus i could imagine this guy owning shit...idk. If he is Lex, I'm ok with that. I don't mind the Smallville connection because as JayJayCaw mentioned- Amy Adams was in Smallville.

I just want Lex in the movie. It wouldn't be right to exclude him.
LP4 - 3/28/2013, 6:21 PM
Maybe this guy did a post-credit scene as Luthor. Maybe they establish Lex in that post credit scene setting him up for the sequel?
LP4 - 3/28/2013, 6:22 PM
@Soto- Amen brother! We're long overdue for a truly chilling and evil Lex Luthor in the movies. So far, every Lex depiction on the big screen have been goofy, laughable...meh.

I just want a Lex who is truly scary. A Lex we can fear.
BackwardGalaxy - 3/28/2013, 6:23 PM
AICN also put spoiler warnings in the title.
RorMachine - 3/28/2013, 6:26 PM
BackwardGalaxy, you want a spoiler warning for an unconfirmed rumor? Right.
LP4 - 3/28/2013, 6:27 PM
This guy looks evil. And his acting is good. I think those are the main two things for me with this new version of Lex Luthor.

Give us the cold, calculating Lex. The Lex that even the JUSTICE LEAGUE had to dethrone out of the White House. The Lex Luthor that managed to beat the snot out of Superman and Batman in the Public Enemies comic.

The battlesuit would be the cherry on top for me.
LP4 - 3/28/2013, 6:28 PM
@BruceWillis- [frick], I'd love it if you were Lex lol. Bruce Willis Lex could just beat down Superman with his bare hands ;P
LP4 - 3/28/2013, 6:29 PM
@BackwardGalaxy- technically ror did kinda hint that the actor would be mentioned here. If you clicked on the article and read the whole thing...then...that's kinda your own problem.

Ocelot - 3/28/2013, 6:31 PM
Just get Clancy Brown and shave him bald. Put him in a expensive suit and there's your lex luthor right there.
mctrinket - 3/28/2013, 6:31 PM
mrkymrk702 - 3/28/2013, 6:34 PM
still think Billy Zane would be a perfect lex luthor
LP4 - 3/28/2013, 6:36 PM
@mrkymrk- I know, that would be the ideal choice. But ah [frick] it, i hope this will at least lead to a future confirmation of a Lex Luthor scene in the movie.
WelcomeBackFrank - 3/28/2013, 6:37 PM
Yeah, Billy Zane for a young Lex. Bruce Willis or Ed Harris for an older Lex.
LP4 - 3/28/2013, 6:38 PM
^ Exactly. I could see Zane being the perfect choice for a Clancy Brown style Lex. He has the voice, the look all of that.
jaysin420 - 3/28/2013, 6:40 PM
I didn't like the idea of Lex clones on Smallville but then this guy showed up and it was awesome.

But he was playing a dying old Lex clone and I figured this movie would have a younger Lex.
valeriesghost - 3/28/2013, 6:43 PM
as much as i like Lex i was hoping for a break from him for just one movie. The casting for this movie has been excellent so far, if this guy IS Lex then i'm gonna have to trust he'll get the job done.
bulavonc666 - 3/28/2013, 6:44 PM
if he is in or not..i damn frickin´want billy zane to be lex luthor!..he has the head, the charisma and the lips^^(compare to the sups animated series)
jackdawak - 3/28/2013, 6:44 PM
He was AWESOME in Smallville as Luthors clone. Would love for him to play Lex in MOS
cmay13 - 3/28/2013, 6:45 PM
Why do so many people hate hackman's luthor?
Dynamo - 3/28/2013, 6:49 PM
[frick] Billy Zane, we need an actor.
RamonSuarez - 3/28/2013, 6:50 PM
DC-Warner had a chance to cast this man as their Luthor.

Imagine this type of a character personality without hair in a Superman movie. Pure Luthor.
revloveR - 3/28/2013, 6:51 PM
if clark makes his way to metropolis, how are we not supposed to expect at least a luthor cameo?
exe - 3/28/2013, 6:51 PM
If Tom Hardy weren't Bane, he would be my top choice for Luthor.
Tony93 - 3/28/2013, 6:52 PM
I want Luthor the way he is portrayed and looks like in ALL STAR SUPERMAN and TAS
Tony93 - 3/28/2013, 6:56 PM
Get a Luthor like in ALl STAR SUPERMAN
Tony93 - 3/28/2013, 6:58 PM
I want someone that has billy zanes physique but not him..
he has a baby face to him LOL
Nemeres - 3/28/2013, 7:00 PM

So you'd have Ed Harris playing an older Billy Zane? Um, no.
JredTheRed - 3/28/2013, 7:01 PM
First off about the SMALLVILLE connections. There are many in this movie. Amy Adams was in smallville. As was the guy that played Dr. Emil Hamilton....not sure the character he plays in the movie but hes in it. Lastly the character Whitney Fordman is in the film and he was created on smallville.

Secondly, they def should have gotten Rossenbaum to play luthor.

Thirdly, I did like Spacey as luthor in RETURNS....about the only thing i did like about it.
massdeath - 3/28/2013, 7:08 PM
Well of course he's in the movie. How could he not be? Was anyone really expecting him to have NO part in this film?
TheDudeRises - 3/28/2013, 7:10 PM
Yeah this guy ain't Luthor.

Mark Strong could pull it off.
WhiteSAMURAI - 3/28/2013, 7:14 PM
I keep hearing he's in the movie then he's not in the movie so I'm just not going to believe anything until I see it.
Blarcade - 3/28/2013, 7:14 PM
Just went to check this guy's resume on IMDB, and his display picture is now him with his head shaved. Not sure how much people want to read into that, haha.
Nemeres - 3/28/2013, 7:16 PM
Guys... understand. You CAN'T have an actor from ensamble A playing the same character but with ensamble B. It'll look jarring and disjointed as hell. You can't have Tom Welling playing Superman with a Lois who isn't Erica Durance. You can't have Rosenbaum playing Lex with a Superman who isn't Welling. You can't have Schneider playing Pa Kent with a Ma who isn't Annette O'Toole. No. No. No. And since you can't have the whole cast of Smallville in the movie, because then it wouldn't be "Superman", it would be "Smallville: The Movie"... you can't have any of those. No. Okay? No.

CavEl - 3/28/2013, 7:20 PM
No, no way they would give Lex Luthor to someone that's not a household name.

I can see Luthor showing up at the end, but he won't be a prominent figure.

TerminalVoyd - 3/28/2013, 7:26 PM
@ColdSweatyMan - 3/28/2013, 6:24 PM

"din't goyer say luther wud appear in the sequels, AICN is talking shit again"

Actually, Goyer most recently said ""I don’t think anyone has every confirmed that we haven’t included him," and he reportedly said it with a grin.

Regardless, Luthor is there. You can't have a modern comic adaptation of Metropolis without Luthor being a major player in that city. Whether or not we physically see him right away, his presence will likely be felt in the film.

JredTheRed - 3/28/2013, 7:30 PM
^i second LEVs post
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