Supernatural's Julian Richings Appearing In Man Of Steel As A Kryptonian

<i>Supernatural</i>'s Julian Richings Appearing In <i>Man Of Steel</i> As A Kryptonian

Some late casting news for Zack Snyder's Superman flick for you guys. In a video interview actor Julian Richings has revealed that he will play a Kryptonin and share scenes with Zod (Michael Shannon) and Jor-El (Russell Crowe)..

In an interview with Inner Space the versatile Canadian actor not only speaks about playing Death in Supernatural but reveals that he will have a role in Man Of Steel too. He doesn't go into much detail but does say that hsi scenes are on Krypton and he has shot in front of a huge green screen with both Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon. Check out the vid for yourselves..

Via The Examiner

Man Of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne with Christopher Meloni, Harry Lennix, and will be released on June 14, 2013.


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bubba27 - 11/12/2011, 6:22 PM
Brainiac maybe?
MarkJulian - 11/12/2011, 6:22 PM
human or kryptonian cameo of braniac
SciFiNut - 11/12/2011, 6:26 PM
I dont mean this in a smart ass way, but how does one looks kryptonian?
ecksmanfan - 11/12/2011, 6:26 PM
He's great as Death on Supernatural; one of the better actors on there. Will be interesting to see who he plays, and if it's anyone of significance.
prototype87 - 11/12/2011, 6:26 PM
nowtheresaBATman - 11/12/2011, 6:30 PM
looks like Scarecrow in the comics
DaenerysTargaryen - 11/12/2011, 6:34 PM
My god...its Death O.O
rbfn04 - 11/12/2011, 6:49 PM
@SciFiNut I know, right? The [frick]?
Kakarot - 11/12/2011, 6:54 PM
He's excellent as Death, cool to hear he's got a part in Man Of Steel! I highly doubt he'll be a background extra...
IcemanX - 11/12/2011, 6:57 PM
Julian Riching was the Mutant Theatre Organizer in X-Men 3
QuietStorm - 11/12/2011, 7:14 PM
@Prototype Man I really love that trailer. When they had that easteregg in I Am Legend I was for sure we'd have a Superman/Batman movie by this point.I blame you Bryan Singer. Needed more punches damnit.
QuietStorm - 11/12/2011, 7:15 PM
Yea I hope it's a brainiac cameo too. Singer was gonna have Orlando Bloom right?
golden123 - 11/12/2011, 7:17 PM
I don't think he is an extra, but I doubt he is Braniac or that he has more than ten lines. He is most likely a Kryptonion judge, council member, scientist, or soldier.

@TheGODDAMNSUPERGUY: This man isn't that famous you know. He could of received the regular extra amount. Alot of nobody proffesional actors sign up to play as extras sometimes. This guy is a little more than a complete nobody.
FlashFacts - 11/12/2011, 7:26 PM
He's a great actor..plays Death with this little bit of swag which
makes him fun to watch. as far as brainiac..I can see it.but I'd prefer to have Matthew Goode
rbfn04 - 11/12/2011, 7:44 PM
I really hope they don't go the Brainiac as an kryptonian AI DCAU route. It's lame
golden123 - 11/12/2011, 7:50 PM
@TheGODDAMNSUPERGUY: Can't the producers (or whoever takes care of that) pay the guy the normal extra amount. He doesn't half to take them up on the offer. Any old person can be an extra. Unless, they are paying him a thousand bucks, and he is some sort of important extra although I didn't know extras got paid hundreds of dollars. I know this oone movie (foregot the name) paid the extras only fifty bucks. That was a decade ago.
alucard365 - 11/13/2011, 11:27 AM
Optimus83 - 11/13/2011, 3:13 PM
Zor-El Maybe???
JorL5150 - 11/14/2011, 9:15 AM
Optimus83 - 11/14/2011, 11:57 AM
I think he is Zor-El, the father of Supergirl, not Brainiac. ...
JorL5150 - 11/14/2011, 1:03 PM
i like the idea of desaad, glad someone else thought so!

but if it is jor's brother- sheeesh! russel crowe is very conventionally handsome- and this guy is....well he's not ugly, but i wouldn't buy it as crowe's brother.

i don't mind a seed for future kryptonians like supergirl being imbedded though.
Superdan2012 - 11/14/2011, 5:04 PM
We cannot hardly say
Ha1frican - 11/15/2011, 10:08 PM
1: zor-el is jor-el's twin and he looks nothing like Crowe
2: he will most likely either be braniac or an official for the kryptonian council, i doubt they would waste him on an insignificant role

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