'THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN' Is Henry Cavill's Favorite Superman Story

'THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN' Is Henry Cavill's Favorite Superman Story

"The Death of Superman" and "The Return of Superman" are some of Henry Cavill's favorite Superman comic books. Would you want to see those storylines receive a film treatment?

We've heard previously from actor Henry Cavill that he based his performance as Superman in "Man of Steel" on the various interpretations of the character in numerous DC Comics storylines. In this recent interview with Empire.au, the actor shares details on what Superman story is his favorite. Cavill lists "The Death of Superman" as his #1, would you want to see that story given a film treatment, perhaps to end Zack Snyder's Superman trilogy?

"'Death of Superman' is the first of my favorite comic books and in that, you get to see what the character is willing to do and willing to sacrifice as far as the greater good is concerned and to protect those he cares about and the human race," said Cavill on the gripping 1992 Superman comic book. "Then we see in 'The Return of Superman' the various ways Superman is perceived by the outside world. And all these characters that are faux-Supermen or 'Supermans', they tick all the boxes, they fill all the criteria that one would imagine Superman needs or what Superman is made up of, yet not any one of them is Superman. There's a very special thing...that essence is missing. And when [Superman] does return, it's screamingly obvious, even though he's almost unrecognizable," Cavill summarizes. He continued on, discussing what that particular story added to his performance, "From that is what I drew from, those different things, the perception mankind has of this character rather it be feared, hailed, respected, whatever the case and then find this figure coming back and wanting none of these things but [those traits] still being dominant somehow."

Above: Cavill says the hardest part of Man of Steel was the training it took to transform his physique to a Superman-esque chiseled powerhouse.

Cavill goes on to list "Red Son" and..."Superman/Batman: The Search For Kryptonite." The latter is a somewhat interesting revelation as the two premiere DC super heroes teaming up to track down all traces of the substance would be an interesting path to take if the glowing green rocks are introduced in "Man of Steel 2". However, when asked if that was indeed the story for a "World's Finest" or "Justice League" film, Cavill was quick to state that he doesn't know what Snyder and David S. Goyer plan to explore in future installments.

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Running Time: 2 hrs 23 min
Release Date: 14 June 2013 (USA)
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Starring: Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner,Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Christopher Meloni, Richard Schiff, Harry Lennix
Directed by: Zack Snyder
Written by: Christopher Nolan (story), David S. Goyer (screenplay)

"Man of Steel follows the Last Son of Krypton on his epic journey to become mankind's shinning beacon of hope for a brighter future. With the beliefs and values instilled by his adoptive parents Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha (Diane Lane) Kent, a young Clark (Henry Cavill) sets out to find his place in the world. But when the nefarious General Zodd (Michael Shannon) arrives on Earth, Clark will have to choose between being a normal human or Kal-el,son of Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and humanity's greatest protector and champion. Filmed in IMAX and shot in Vancouver, Chicago and Plano, Illinois, Man of Steel will be released on June 14, 2013 by Warner Bros. Directed by Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) with a screenplay by David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) the Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception) produced feature film will surely be the summer blockbuster of 2013."
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marvel72 - 6/28/2013, 4:18 AM
good story even if it was the main reason why so many main characters die in comics today & are back within six months.

favorite superman story all star superman.
Oreos91 - 6/28/2013, 4:26 AM
He hasn't read All Star Superman yet.
ManDeth - 6/28/2013, 4:35 AM
Cavill needs to get lazer treatment on his hair follicles to stop the thinning and bring back whats he lost, while he can.
Zordan - 6/28/2013, 4:39 AM
batman have all kinds of kryptonite haha
Tempo - 6/28/2013, 4:42 AM
Death Of Superman and All Star Superman are the best story for me.
Kryptoniano - 6/28/2013, 4:47 AM
People need to see Superman bleed and die on the Silver screen... and him returning triumphant, of course. I always thought that a cliffhanging scene on Superman Return (or even in Man of Steel) would have be Doomsday throwing punches to escape from his prison and despite the pink story it was (S.R.), the audience would have been eagerly wanting to see a sequel.
SnapperCarr - 6/28/2013, 4:48 AM
Good to see that Cavill actually reads and gets the source material
sameoldthing - 6/28/2013, 4:49 AM
Glad the guy actually reads the comics & doesn't act all jaded saying he doesn't want to be influenced by anything.

Cavill is a cool dude.
quigonjim007 - 6/28/2013, 4:50 AM
Death of Superman and Superman for All Seasons. Can't wait to see him get to evolve the character in Man of Steel 2 as long as he don't act like a bumbling fool as Kent it will be good.
thanos83 - 6/28/2013, 4:51 AM
Yes, i would love to see a condensed version of this story translated to screen if not just to see Mongol,Hank henshaw(cavil playing both parts would be awesome)doomsday and lex luthor

thanos83 - 6/28/2013, 4:55 AM
However i was never the biggest fan of this comic arc ..it had way to much sub par filler im between the big story "beats" The whoal Reign of the supermen part of the story would have to go or be re-imagined somehow
MightyZeus - 6/28/2013, 4:57 AM
My favorite too out of all the Superman story arcs it's still my all time favourite to read along with Batman Knightfall.
deanlegend - 6/28/2013, 4:58 AM
Funny I felt like I watched the death of superman when I sat through man of steel
Spideyguy94 - 6/28/2013, 5:09 AM
I like death and return of superman, but my favourite is all star superman because it sums up everything I love about superman.
SpectacularJoSh - 6/28/2013, 5:14 AM
The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen were my favourite comics growing up.I still own them and I remember reading them again last year .

Greengo - 6/28/2013, 5:15 AM
A 'Death of Superman' movie should be a 'Hobbit' or 'Lord of the Rings' type trilogy.
AvatarIII - 6/28/2013, 5:17 AM
All star superman is brilliant, simply for it's portrayals of Superman and Clark Kent. It's probably the only comic I have ever read where the depictions of the two characters make it believable that no one guesses that they are the same person.

GodzillaKart - 6/28/2013, 5:19 AM
Death of Superman was a pretty silly comic. Like watching an annoying magician do a trick and waiting for the reveal so it could just be over.
TheWolverine08 - 6/28/2013, 5:21 AM
@godzillafart Yup.
J619SD - 6/28/2013, 5:27 AM
@dean, Sorry you didn't like it dude. I thought it was Amazing. I don't know why you Didn't like it, but for a lot of complaints people had, I didn't feel the same way. But i am pretty easily entertained. I love the Character of Superman and everything that he as stood for.

I can see why people were turned off with the way it ended. But I guess I just don't believe that after that incident this portrayal of Superman can't become every thing that I have ever believed the character is. It's a new beginning. And it is a risk that I'm glad Snyder and Goyer took.

I truly believe this movie is gonna lead into great thing for us comic book fans. An expanded DC Movieverse, with characters that some us have been wishing to see on the big screen since we were children.
AmazingFantasy - 6/28/2013, 5:27 AM
TheSoulEater - 6/28/2013, 5:29 AM
When I first saw this, I thought it was saying Henry Cavil died and I was like "NO!"
NeoBaggins - 6/28/2013, 5:33 AM
Not really interested in seeing Doomsday. He's just a hulking character that only presents another super brawl for Superman.
GeekyCheekyChic - 6/28/2013, 5:34 AM
No to Death of Superman or Return of Superman.
Big yes to Batman/Superman.

Red Son and All Star Superman are two of my faves. I did enjoy the Death and Return but it would take multiple films to do it justice.
HugoStrange87 - 6/28/2013, 5:47 AM
Cavill's hair is NOT thinning, that's the second time I've seen someone say that.
JoeMomma29 - 6/28/2013, 5:50 AM
Bring on the sequel...
GodzillaKart - 6/28/2013, 5:55 AM
@AvatarIII: That looks awesome! I thought All Star Superman was a terrible cartoon, but could imagine that it might be a really good comic.
AvatarIII - 6/28/2013, 5:59 AM
Cavill doesn't mean this one right?

GoldenMan - 6/28/2013, 6:05 AM
IMO, a huge physical character like Doomsday will only achieve full potential on screen if there is a more intellectual subplot involved, much like Luthor's involvement in the animated Superman:Doomsday.
Just saying.
Grodd87 - 6/28/2013, 6:07 AM
The best superman books

All star superman
Red Sun
Kingdom Come
alecwright - 6/28/2013, 6:14 AM
@Godzillafart Forget those crappy animated movies. All Star Superman is brilliant, and IMO the best Superman story ever told. It's both funny and sad.

Kingdom Come & What's so funny about truth, justice, and the American way are right up there too. But they are definitely darker takes on Superman, so movie critics would probably hate them...*rolls eyes*
fettastic - 6/28/2013, 6:20 AM
Yes families will flock to watch Superman slowly beat to death.
GoldenMan - 6/28/2013, 6:25 AM
@fettastic a most valid point there my good sir
JettJagguarrr - 6/28/2013, 6:53 AM
Secret Identity looks like a Peter Parker cover for Spidey.
LEVITIKUZ - 6/28/2013, 7:15 AM

For The Man Who Has Everything is my favorite. Really disturbing in a way. Giving someone their fantasy and then taking it away is worse than having someone experience their worse nightmare in ways. Truely great.
BIGBMH - 6/28/2013, 7:26 AM
I really don't like Death of Superman. Part one is really just a big fight. Doomsday is more of a plot device than an actual character.
deanlegend - 6/28/2013, 7:37 AM
Man of steel was a heartless boring cgi mess and why put profanitys in it this film should inspire kids to be heros like the comics used to do. This film was independence day with a very unemotional superman in it no one will rememe this film as beeing a great film in ten years as it really is throw away rubbish its souless trash good luck coming back from this disaster dc universe man of steel has left me with no hope of superman ever being made properly sorry just my opinion
DamienA - 6/28/2013, 7:37 AM
I think they may be setting up the Death and Return storyline. Henry's been talking about it and it's one of his favorites. Amy Adams said Doomsday would be a cool villain. So yeah I can see it but not for the next one though.
ibravosp5 - 6/28/2013, 7:38 AM
I think what might be good for a sequel name if doomsday were included would be The man of Steel Doomsday.
RamonSuarez - 6/28/2013, 7:44 AM
How funny that Cavill talks about the fake Supermen having the powers but not the unique characteristics which makes Superman so special. I could say the same thing about his Superman in Man of Steel. In fact, they should have titled Man of Steel "The Death of Superman" since Snyder, Goyer, and Nolan killed the character worst than Lex Luther ever could have.
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