Michael Rosenbaum on His Return to Smallville

Michael Rosenbaum on His Return to Smallville

The Courier Press caught up with actor Michael Rosenbaum, who took a few minutes to discuss his reprisal of the role of Lex Luthor for the series finale of Smallville.

One point the actor continues to emphasize is that his primary reason for returning to the show is that it's something he owes the fans.

“I just felt like it was the right thing to do,” said Rosenbaum. “I felt the fans created the show and they followed me at such a level that I couldn’t say no. I was starting to hear voices. I felt after 160 episodes, that was it. But the fans didn’t think so. I’m doing it for them. I’ve got to make the fans happy. Lex is an integral part of the show. No one expects a show to last 10 years. I gave them seven years and I thought it was pretty commendable. Now it’s been on three more years. Clark is starting to look like he’s in his 30s.

“Obviously there’s unfinished business between Clark and Lex that have got to get resolved,” said Rosenbaum. “Our future is depending on it.”

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Spock - 2/22/2011, 1:57 AM
Can't wait to see him!
thereaper27 - 2/22/2011, 2:05 AM
its going to make up for the crappy episodes we have had lately, and grif....you fail
RaxusPrime - 2/22/2011, 2:07 AM
Really glad to hear he is a fan pleaser. I think it is important that we voice ourselves as much as possible to get the word out. Rosenbaum heard us, now fox needs to hear us and stop making superhero movies... and grif needs to be banned from this site.
dixon1987 - 2/22/2011, 2:15 AM
clark, lex and zod v darseid
LEEE777 - 2/22/2011, 2:33 AM

Thank [frick] LEXIES back... at least CW listens to us fans! : p
scallywagthedog - 2/22/2011, 2:36 AM
I think he strung the producers along so they'd bid higher and higher for his "return" paycheck. At least that's what I'd do.
TheStranger - 2/22/2011, 3:08 AM
He is a really stand up guy, always liked him in everything he did.
Bigbywolf - 2/22/2011, 3:25 AM
I'm not fan of the show but I think the return of Rosenbaum is a big deal. The few episodes I've seen of Smallville, Rosenbaum stole pretty much every scene.
GUNSMITH - 2/22/2011, 3:38 AM
MrPagBrewster - 2/22/2011, 4:48 AM
teabag@ LMAO! =D ,"Clark is starting to look like he’s in his 30s.", even hes noticed.
GeekMobRoanoke - 2/22/2011, 4:53 AM
I agree..It's a decent show but it has been on too long.. They should have cut out all the crappy episodes, story lines and stopped dragging out the Lana love story and it would have been a great 5 year run.. Still..IM glad he'll be back and I'm sure I'll watch.
deanwilkins - 2/22/2011, 6:09 AM
Grif, I don't enjoy seeing that video every time Smallville is mentioned. We know you don't like it.

I can't wait to see Lex's return.
MrPagBrewster - 2/22/2011, 6:19 AM
lex really did make the show you'd have to agree. clark by himself is just not that interesting. Lex brought darkness to clarks light, he created some what of a balance for the show. As the show went on I as many stook around to watch lex descend into evil, not yellow bellied clark turn into some big blue boyscout.
satanors - 2/22/2011, 6:20 AM
yeah..... now we have to do is threaten kristin kreuk to re
turn so that crappy lana storyline gets an ending.
Comedian03 - 2/22/2011, 6:56 AM
JosePetrelli12 - 2/22/2011, 7:06 AM
Can I fast forward to the finale...
Ranger14 - 2/22/2011, 7:39 AM
Meh....He's pretty much overrated in my book. What has he done of note since he was on Smallville? I don't think his return makes much difference one way or the other.
thedarknight923 - 2/22/2011, 7:51 AM
I'm with @josepetrelli12, skip the useless filler episodes, give us 1 or 2 hardcore plot episodes setting up darkseid and lex a little more, then give us a 2 part series finale in march. I personally wouldnt mind at all. The episode before the finale ends with him flying (finally!) then part 1 he fights darkseid (superman or not) and part 2 he fights super-powered Michael rosenbaum, full superman costume (name included) for an epic battle to close the series properly. Then end it the way we all know it will, with superman flying past the screen, wide view over metropolis, for one last red and blue blur!
DDD - 2/22/2011, 8:07 AM
Now SMALLVILLE can be wrapped up perfect
full circle!

Rosenbaum is a total class act and the
reason SMALLVILLE was good for 7 years!
It hit the tiolet when ROSIE left!
AEStark - 2/22/2011, 8:38 AM
@ Grif So... Is it safe to assume that you won't be taking me up on my offer? You change your name to Buzz Killington, and I'll give you money.
I - 2/22/2011, 8:49 AM
Does he realize the scrutiny he is going to be under, I hope he is still the class act Lex we loved - I get the feeling that many think HE will make are break the finale.

Think about it, the biggest thing in the last episode with be, not listed in order of importance.

- Clark FINALLY will Fly as Superman
- The Return of Lex Luthor
- The Darksied Final Battle


The Beginning of Grif NOT saying, "The Show Sucks," the berth of past tense "Smallville Sucked" - Love, Grif

I am really looking forward to seeing this show through to the end.
xGambitxXxSuperboyx - 2/22/2011, 9:00 AM
I agree, thank GOD he's back....and ten years of this show aren't for naught! Michael Rosenbaum for prezz! ;) Love that Lionel's there...the whole crew's there(of course I want more TERRENCE STAMP/JOR'EL too!!)......the potential is definitely set up for where it needs to be to end w/ a bang..........to f things up now!

Dusk - 2/22/2011, 9:01 AM
Im only half way through the 1st season and Ive noticed that Rosenbaum is the only good actor on the whole show.
satanors - 2/22/2011, 9:26 AM
@thedarknight923... same feeling here dude.... strop with the crappy filler episodes. the last episode was the rip off of holly movie "date night". The next episode looks to be rip off of "Hangover". But zatanna might be in that, so its cool. i love serinda swan. she will have my babies.
jaysin420 - 2/22/2011, 9:44 AM
It sounds like was crying while doing this interview lol. Does he realize he's filming a tv show and not going to prison?
chasesuperremey - 2/22/2011, 9:46 AM
Yes im so glade hes back he made this show.
niknik - 2/22/2011, 10:37 AM
As much as I loathe Lana and am glad that she is no longer a part of the show, I have to admit that if they want to end the series right and spend these last episodes tieing up loose plot threads, they do need to bring her back for just one episode before the finale and tie everything up regarding her "super skin" transplant and send her off on her way. It's just the right thing to do.

Agree with others that misusing these last few episodes left by writing carppy "filler" episodes is a sin. There should not have been even ONE "filler" episode this season, let alone TWO of them in the final strech. Lame.
LP4 - 2/22/2011, 12:15 PM
clarksupermankent - 2/22/2011, 12:19 PM
surprised he said yes. but it's really cool knowing he' coming back.
Suzanne - 2/22/2011, 1:53 PM
They haven't had filler episodes and if you think they have you haven't been paying attention to the episodes.

I am glad he finally bowed to the pressure and agreed to come back at the end.
jjmeylar - 2/22/2011, 2:08 PM
Now THAT is a man who knows what's best for his career.
Jimdlux - 2/22/2011, 3:13 PM
I'm excited that he's gonna be there, but I think they should have kept it a secret. Would have been mind blowing to see him pop up!!
Talontd - 2/22/2011, 3:21 PM
What "filler" epsisodes are you guys talking about? He can't just BECOME Superman, the character isn't there yet! I think the episodes you guys are calling "filler" are character development eps and that you guys are pissed that he's not fighting Darkseid or Lex in every ep.

Superman, the REAL Superman, doesn't second guess himself. He's confident and assured in EVERY decision he makes.....Smallville's Clark isn't there yet. So you need episodes like The Matrix ep that show him learning to just go with his gut because his gut is almost always right. And eps like last week where he came to the realization that CLARK is the disguise....not Supes!

How can you call that filler?
GuyF1105 - 2/22/2011, 5:56 PM
One Lex down...one barely dressed Lana to go.
Ubermensch - 2/23/2011, 3:02 PM
Grif needs to be kicked off this site.
I am soooooooo tired of Man vs. Sh**t.
Great article Ed!!!
CaptMarvelfan - 2/26/2011, 12:05 AM
Talontd@ 10 years of character development with only about a dozen episodes to go enough character developement. Michael is Lex more then anyone else who played him including Kevin Spacey and Gene Hackman (though I think a neat story Arc would have been to show them as the older Lex)but this is like saying Heath Ledger is Joker and Caeser Romero and Jack Nicklson weren't as good so welcome back Lex

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