My visit to the set of Smallville complete with spoilers!!

My visit to the set of Smallville complete with spoilers!!

I made a recent trip to Vancouver with my brother to scope out the set of Smallville and came back with more then I dreamed of. Warning: Major Spoilers!!

My brother Seth and I headed across the border to see what we could see during the last week of shooting for season 8 of Smallville. We brought a cooler and lawn chairs knowing that all the sets are pretty much built inside the studio and we probably won't see much of anything. The studio the show is shot in is on Beersferd St in Burnaby CA, a small suburb of Vancouver. Fans aren't allowed on the property but the security and staff have no problem with you hanging out across the street and stealing glimpses when you can. We thought if we are lucky we might see Tom Welling or Allison Mack pull up or leave from the studio.
We decided to stop at the farm used for the Kent farm on the way to Burnaby. Its only 11 miles east once you cross the border. when we got there we thought Smallville was shooting a scene out there, but it turns out to be a Dolph Lundgren movie. Its called Icarus, so keep a look out if your interested. We met the father of the little girl that plays Dolphs daughter and when he found out that this was the Kent farm, and that we were big Smallville fans, he told us to follow him and he led us onto the farm. We were able to stand right in the middle of it all and take a look into the big red barn. Smallville doesn't film out there anymore, but the owners have left the "Kent Farm" sign hanging up over the driveway. In a word, surreal.
We left the farm smiling from ear to ear and headed to the studio. When we went to turn down the street to the studio there was a cop directing traffic. She waved us in and we were plunged into chaos. There were crew everywhere, big cranes and huge lights, extras walking around and people with headsets everywhere. We park the car and just walked up to the outside set. The first thing we saw was this.


For those of you who watch the show closely you'll notice Chloe' current car, the yellow Sunfire parked to the left.

We struck up a conversation with the assistant location manager. Let me say this first. Every body we met from smallvilles security and crew have been nothing short of accommodating and very nice. As long as you respect their job and the set they are more then happy to talk with you about the show and the cast and have no problem with you watching from a distance. While talking to the ALM we found out that they where doing a few pickup shots for the episode "Infamous" and shooting the season ender "Doomsday" at the same time. This guy kept on walking around in all black leather with white hair and totally bloodied up and trashed on one side of his body. The ALM said, "he's 'dead'". Later on i see the same actor walking with an actress dressed very similarly and I came to the conclusion that these two were members of the Injustice League. The next day when the shoot was done and we went back the black tarp was removed from where they were filming and we saw this:


I can only assume a fight has broken out and either Clark or one of the Injustice League breaks through the wall. Next to the whole in the wall, off camera was parked a burned out SUV that I realized was Davis Bloomes/Doomsdays blown up truck from this weeks episode Eternal.


After a little while the ALM told us we needed to move a little because they are about to film a scene with Chloe getting into the car. We were told we could stick around and watch but to stay quite and try not to distract them during shooting, Tom Welling was directing. We couldn't take pics of the cast, but we got this just before the camera was set up and Allison and Tom came out.


The scene was very simple, Chloe was getting into her car while talking on the phone. She had some blood on her face and it seemed like she was running from something. Allison Mack is just as pretty in person as she is on TV. She noticed me and my brother and when she went to leave, (it was a very short scene) she smiled and waved at both of us. I thought I'd be more star stuck by Allison then anyone, but when Tom came out to direct I was truly stunned. Superman was walking around 20 feet from me. We didn't get to talk to him, but he saw us and made eye contact. He was in a very serious mood, he was aparently very busy directing the episode, but I have to admit, it was a little scary being stared down by the last son of Krypton.
We didn't see any cast after that and took a few more pics of the sets for your enjoyment.





You'll notice in the last pic the streets of Metropolis are a wreck. Apparently there is going to be some sort of fight that spills over into the streets. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

Okay,the next day we're walking around looking at the sets again and we start talking to a very nice crew member whose name I can't use because I don't want to get him fired. We tell him that we came up to see what we can and that we're bummed because they are going to kill someone off. he asks us who we think it will be, he knows, but can't say, but he's curious to see what the "fans" are thinking. We say Chloe, and he responds immediately with, "Chloe? You think they're gonna kill Chloe?" It was such a natural reaction to the statement that i don't think he realised what he said and I do think it was an honest reaction. After said statement I began to hope again that Chloe won't meet her doom. After all, she did end Hex with the statement, "Watchtower, online.". I noticed a large open garage door on one of the set building and i could see the back of a set piece. I couldn't make out what it was but it had a circle in the middle about 8 foot in diameter. I ask the guy what it was but he wouldn't tell me. He said it was going to be a huge part of next season. He said that he thinks there will be a season 10, but thats it, and that currently for the season ender "Doomsday" all the scripts are printed on red paper to keep someone from copying it, everything is very hush hush. He was getting just as excited about telling us this as we were to hear it and finally he said, "Okay, you want your spoiler? That set with the big 8 foot hole, its Watchtower. And its looks incredible on the other side. They went all out." You read it right. Watchtower is the headquarters for the Justice league. He said that it is earthbound and not orbiting the planet, but it is THE Watchtower.
Sorry i had to make you guys read all that to get to the good stuff, but I know if i was a fan and couldn't go to Canada, I'd want some details. So i have hope that Chloe won't be killed and that since the WB won't let batmans universe intertwine with Smallvilles Chloe will become what Barbra Gordan/batgirl/the Oracle is in the comics, and become a member of the Justice League.
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kay21 - 4/3/2009, 5:00 PM
wow you go to visit Smallville I'm so jealous.
valeriesghost - 4/3/2009, 5:05 PM
yeah, I'm actually jealous of my own self.
valeriesghost - 4/3/2009, 7:36 PM
Correction guys, they were shooting "Injustice" not "Infamous" at the same time as "Doomsday".
I - 4/3/2009, 8:10 PM
This ROCKS!!!!!! Good Job!
thehumantorch - 4/3/2009, 8:12 PM
Sweeeeeet! Thanks for sharing your close encounter :)
THEHAWK - 4/3/2009, 8:18 PM
Nice! This is good reporting.
valeriesghost - 4/3/2009, 8:49 PM
It was alot of fun. we are planning on making several trips next season since its so close to seattle. By the way, the rumor about a wrestler taking over for DOomsday is a little off, it already is that wrestler in the costume. and apparently he likes to flirt with the extras while in costume.
Talontd - 4/3/2009, 10:40 PM
Yo, great article! Thanks for hookin us up with some 1st hand gossip, that's practically unheard of!!!

Think you could post some of the farmhouse pics?
valeriesghost - 4/3/2009, 11:24 PM
Sure. i'll post some of the pics tomorrow when i get the chance.
LastSon1027 - 4/4/2009, 12:22 AM
valerie you are my hero
KeepItReal - 4/4/2009, 12:22 AM
It seems all like an adventure! How cool for you and your brother!!! That was cool! very cool indeed. Seeing your pictures makes me want to pick up and go too!! So exciting!! =:)
Domnus - 4/4/2009, 12:51 AM

Thank you so much for that! We do really appreciate that.

" Later on i see the same actor walking with an actress dressed very similarly and I came to the conclusion that these two were members of the Injustice League."

Do you remember their faces? Did you take some photos? I would like to know who's taking the Injustice roles.

Again, thanks! :)
SoulAllFlush - 4/4/2009, 3:42 AM
theFACE - 4/4/2009, 4:27 AM
@SoulAllFlush - the title of the article did warn about spoilers, so you only have your curiosity to blame.

@Valerie - Greta article, good reporting.
crazyish - 4/4/2009, 8:24 AM
i love this show oh and the white hair guy decked in black leather sounds like solomon grundy which could be a cool fight between him and clark or maybe him and the justice league
ComicChic - 4/4/2009, 8:35 AM
A couple of things: Allison Mack is an absolute sweetheart in person. I met her at the meet and greet at last years Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Il. She sang "Cheer Up Charlie" from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to my son Charlie, I think she stole his little three year old heart.
As to who is going to die: They said a long time cast member and a newer member that is a guy, with no time travel rewind right? Easy, Clark and DD kill each other, you don't need TTing to bring either back!
JoshWilding - 4/4/2009, 8:36 AM
really interesting and well written article!!!
Talontd - 4/4/2009, 9:13 AM

You know, i never thought of it that way!
Talontd - 4/4/2009, 9:18 AM

Thanks alot!!! Looking forward to them!
RorMachine - 4/4/2009, 9:25 AM
Great article...CBM should hire you as their reporter!
valeriesghost - 4/4/2009, 9:38 AM
Thanks for all the compliments guys, its my first article, i'm hoping to get some more info over the summer. i'll post some kent farm pics this afternoon.
shibazz - 4/4/2009, 11:09 AM
NOt a smallville fan here, nice article yp! I actually got excited about the show and might watch one tonight.
od25star - 4/4/2009, 11:34 AM
OMG you are SO lucky!!
And thank you so much for writting this and for putting the pictures!!
Cant wait for the Kent farms pics!!
JoNathanPetrelli - 4/4/2009, 1:04 PM
Oh my god!!! I am soo psyched for Doomsday!! I am totally just waiting for that final scene where Doomsday is standing over Clark's body, and holding his red jacket. Chaos and destruction everywhere!!! And Freakin WATCHTOWER!!! I'm sorry but if Smallville is going to Season 9 and especially Season 10 then they HAVE to bring in more Leaguers like, oh i dunno, Batman!!! It would be soo fudgin easy for them to add Bruce Wayne to a couple episodes that it's not even funny!!!
Supermike - 4/4/2009, 3:24 PM
No Batman no gay hero sorry not allowed
TaffetaDarling - 4/4/2009, 4:12 PM
i have ben actually happy and interested in this season. The last episode when Chloe stayed with Davis/Doomsday i was like wtf?
but everything she has done pretty much has been for Clark.
Chloe's not in the comics right? So she should be dying sometime , maybe by the hands of Davis?
mativ16 - 4/4/2009, 5:23 PM
Ok, This is NOT good "reporting". You took a trip. Woo hoo. Now I have to admit going to the smallville set is pretty cool, But nothin overwhelmingly special. & your big "reveal/spoiler" was nothin special either. I mean you took pics of the set but not actors? Your inner journalist didn't say "Hey get pics. Get the real story"? I mean come on. I mean I found the ONLY interesting thing was the fact the crew member was surprised fans think chloe will die & he thought there would be a season 10. Listen. For your first "story/post/report". It was ok. But as a fan it didn't make me freak out like most smallville stories.
BLADE4040 - 4/4/2009, 6:11 PM
Man your funny...give the guy a break I think his writing and the info about the Watchtower was pretty cool. Your not jealous are you?...I mean you can go too we'll read and comment on your post also.
valeriesghost - 4/4/2009, 6:37 PM
I never called myself a journalist, i never said i was reporting anything to anyone, and we were not allowed to take pics of the cast. i could have, but since they were already being cool about us being there, why would i disrespect them by doing what i wanted? i was sharing my trip with people a thought would appreciate it. apperently that point was lost on you. but don't worry, i just did some investigating and i'm here to report that, unlike RecoSwaVa, THEHAWK, Shaman, superman4, and Roeschach01, mativ16 doesn't contribute anything to the comicbookmovie website, at least nothing recent or of importance because i can't find shit. There is your breaking story. Woo hoo.
JoNathanPetrelli - 4/4/2009, 6:46 PM
@ mativ16
dude, you're an idiot. what was the last thing you reported on besides your 6th grade country report? valeriesghost did damn good so stop being an asshole.
When the hell did batman become gay? Personally i think that bruce wayne shouldn't be batman yet and could get a few ideas from clark and ollie. I think they could really pull it off and not make it stupid. I mean they pulled off Green Arrow so well that i think they could do the same thing for bruce, you know?
valeriesghost - 4/4/2009, 6:54 PM
Thanks Mr.Petrelli. and i agree, as long as they keep him as bruce, i think they could do well. i wasn't nearly as interested in the Green Arrow until Smallville introduced him, and i think they've done a good job with his character.
mativ16 - 4/4/2009, 7:17 PM
Bahahaha! Ok good one! Your right you will find nothing on here of mine & You probably never will. But if your really interested (Which your probably not) I can post some links to stories I've done. I can even include a 6th grade report as well if that'll make Mr. Patrelli happy. Unfortunately I can't stop being an asshole. It's in my blood. Also I'm sure a couple of my professors at Columbia would disagree about me being an idiot. But I might submit a 6th grade report to see what they think. & next time get something better then a car and a couple of buildings. A 12yr old could do that.
CharmedPhoebe - 4/4/2009, 8:31 PM
This is great thanks. To me seems that Chloe won't be going anywhere.

I under standing about taking pictures of the cast. I have been to FOX studio's so many times, knowing someone who works there. You can't take picture, when they are working.
gandalf550 - 4/4/2009, 9:03 PM
Well done guys!!! Bit jealous myself.
ReikoLJ - 4/5/2009, 3:10 AM
Nice reporting! :D
Sounds like you had a wicked time. Kudos my friend!
Spilox - 4/5/2009, 8:05 AM
Nice man :D
icebergslick - 4/5/2009, 1:30 PM
Wow! You guys are the James Bonds of Fan Boys. Great reporting and intel!
valeriesghost - 4/5/2009, 2:52 PM
I felt like a total geek the whole time, but i was okay with it. I had a great time.
TheDurkinKnight - 4/5/2009, 5:47 PM
SWEET! Valerie's ghost!! That's so cool! I can't believe you saw Superman!!
Tomwellingfan - 4/6/2009, 3:18 AM
Awesome....Thank you so much...I am a hugh Tom fan..being stared down would have been incredible
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