Smallville: "Collateral" Official Synopsis

Smallville: "Collateral" Official Synopsis

The CW has released the official synopsis for the January 28th episode of Smallville, "Collateral."

CHLOE SULLIVAN RETURNS TO SMALLVILLE — Clark (Tom Welling), Oliver (Justin Hartley), Lois (Erica Durance) and Dinah (guest star Alaina Huffman)are released by the VRA after being captured at Hawkman’s funeral but each of them have flashbacks of Chloe (Allison Mack) holding them against their will. When Chloe returns, Dinah warns the others that Chloe may now be a traitor. Oliver dismisses her concerns but Clark is unsure if he can trust Chloe after she disappeared without an explanation. Cassidy Freeman also stars. Morgan Beggs directed the episode written by Jordan Hawley.
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Knightstalker - 1/7/2011, 4:41 PM
Let me be the FIRST to say......Smallville sucks. Chloe sucks. It all just sucks!
marvel72 - 1/7/2011, 4:49 PM
@ knightstalker

shit man,you beat me to it. :D

chloe most annoying character ever if anyone should stay dead its this bitch.

3 months & its all over.
ManofSteel23 - 1/7/2011, 4:52 PM
oh stfu
you haters all say the same crap
why commented on a bloody smallville page if you hate the show :S
ManofSteel23 - 1/7/2011, 4:52 PM
Btw thanks Ed,cant wait to see how the final half plays out :)
ManofSteel23 - 1/7/2011, 4:59 PM
LEEE777 - 1/7/2011, 5:08 PM

: p
marvel72 - 1/7/2011, 5:25 PM
@ superman1991

tom welling says in a retarded voice "what the f*ck a routh?". XD

well tom,its an actor whose movies have grossed more than all the shite you've done put together.

its also something you find on top of a house.
LEEE777 - 1/7/2011, 5:27 PM
Superguy1591 @

; P
LEEE777 - 1/7/2011, 5:29 PM
Marvel72 (DP) @ Exactly dude exactly! ; P

Got nothing against Welling, he played a good Clark Kent but when he went to Metropolis he just totally sucked, the actor just can't play superhero, just not in him!

Should have stayed in Smallville.

P.s. F'ing Chloe lol.
LEEE777 - 1/7/2011, 5:32 PM
Still at least huffman's in this! : p

KUSlacker - 1/7/2011, 5:38 PM
^^^^ agreed smokin hot
marvel72 - 1/7/2011, 5:56 PM
@ superguy1591

i thought superman returns failed at the box office,i was just saying the films routh has done all together not just one film has grossed more money than all the shit welling has done.
ManofSteel23 - 1/7/2011, 6:02 PM
awwh have i missed the best part of a routh welling fight :p
dantheman432 - 1/7/2011, 6:02 PM
Tom Welling is the most capable actor to play clark kent/ superman because he has been this character for ten years and would understand the subtleties of supermans actions( mainly the whole "world made out of cardboard" mentality). Routh lacked charisma and leadership qualities of superman and didn't understand the character.
LEEE777 - 1/7/2011, 6:03 PM
marvel72 @ I agree, and I blame STINGER (lol) not Routh for that movie!

If Welling could act, I'd be a Welling fan, but he can't.

Still as long as we get LEX back for the finale, it should be good, if not... well...
LEEE777 - 1/7/2011, 6:04 PM
dantheman432 @ Agreed Welling is CARDBOARD!

: P

Cheaper By The Dozen HAR HAR!
ManofSteel23 - 1/7/2011, 6:05 PM
In all fairness,i would love to see welling in MOS and Routh would of been also been good if he had only just been noticed and Returns never happened,but i think the best thing for superman is for someone we dont know and who we will never guess
We need a fresh start for a new generation
ManofSteel23 - 1/7/2011, 6:07 PM
but but a smallville movie ftw!
LEEE777 - 1/7/2011, 6:09 PM

That TEASER is more EPIC than the last three seasons of Smallville! : P

(Season 1 to 7 were good tho)
LEEE777 - 1/7/2011, 6:10 PM
Superman1991 @ I'd love to see a Smallville movie, with budget, it would be amazing!
Exiles - 1/7/2011, 6:15 PM
hopefully its a total unknown or none of the actors mentioned nothing against them or anything.
LEEE777 - 1/7/2011, 6:26 PM

Dude this fan-fic trailer alone is better than that Doomsday sh1T Smallville pulled by a million fold!

: p
Knightstalker - 1/7/2011, 6:46 PM
@marvel72....I was just in the right place at the right time. Could have just as easily been you. Glad to see I'm not the only one who expects certain writers and producers to actually live up to the promises they made at the beginning of the season.
Knightstalker - 1/7/2011, 6:49 PM
@Leee777....if they made a Smallville movie with a huge budget, it would just be an even bigger pile of crap.

Grif? where's your Jurrasic Park video to drive my point home?
Knightstalker - 1/7/2011, 6:50 PM
Yes... I am a big, bad, meanie!
luffycapri - 1/7/2011, 7:23 PM
the superman matrix suit from smallville season 9 looks way better than the superman suit.
asavagevandal - 1/7/2011, 7:24 PM
No matter how badly Chloe wants to be Barbara Gordon, she will never be Barbara Gordon. And what's with the "try-too-hard-to-be-hip" dialogue? I loathe and lament that lady's lousy lame alliteration lines.
marvel72 - 1/7/2011, 7:32 PM
@ superguy1591

you are right tom welling movie have grossed more but not for tom welling.

cheaper by the dozen $138,614,544 (us only & steve martin is the star)
cheaper by the dozen 2 $82,569,544 (us only & steve martin is the star))
the fog $29,511,112 (us only tom welling the star)

all shit films.

zack & mira make a porno $31,457,946 (us only seth rogan the star)
scott pilgrim vs the world $31,494,270 (us only,i can't remember the main stars name)
unthinkable (couldn't find the box office takings for this but samual l jackson is the main star)

scott pilgrim should of done better because that beats all of tom welling's shit.

unthinkable is a very good film.

superman returns $350,000,000 (brandon routh the star)

i know you could say people went to see superman & not routh,but you could say people went to see the fog on the strength of the 80s classic & not welling.
LP4 - 1/7/2011, 7:44 PM
God this episode sounds so stupid. I miss Lex being in the show and fighting his destiny.

Lex is the one thing Smallville ever got right.

Chloe is stupid...seriously can't Clark just kill her already?

Hawkman died...HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Wonderful news. Now I'm just waiting for clark, chloe, green arrow and tess to follow with him.
LP4 - 1/7/2011, 7:47 PM
And for the record I have no [frick]ing clue HOW or WHEN hawkman died...I only watched like maybe 1 or 2 episodes this season but officially stopped watching halfway through season 8.

Seasons 1-5 were pure gold.

Seasons 6-7 got a bit deeper into "Weirdsville" but i still watched because Lex-Rosenbaum was in the show and he actually made shit interesting.

Seasons 8-10...DEAR GOD HELP US. I want the network to go "Old Yeller" on this show and take it out back and put it out of its misery once and for all.
Knightstalker - 1/7/2011, 7:55 PM
Ohhhhhh LP4. I've been a Hawkman fan since birth (or shortly thereafter) and was very happy to see a live action version (even if it had to be on Crapville). Hawkman's passing left an emptiness inside me. Maybe smokey, fake ass Darkseid can fill that. GIVE ME MY OMEGA SYMBOL!!!
Jolt17 - 1/7/2011, 8:18 PM
Liked Smallville, but becoming less liking after season 8! Not a hater tho (At least until now).

Welling = (Young) CLARK, no Superman!

The Luthors are the best part of Smallville, and they were all gone/killed!? Started to suck!

ROUTH for Superman (Or others, Cavill, Yeoman)!
BEO - 1/7/2011, 8:30 PM
I had nothing better to do, so, I thought, may as well join in with the fun and make my own version of superman.

BEO - 1/7/2011, 8:38 PM
I had nothing better to do, so, I thought, may as well join in with the fun and make my own version of superman.

KalEl1996 - 1/7/2011, 9:32 PM
The episode sonuds great.
Can't wait to watch it. :)
LP4 - 1/7/2011, 9:49 PM
@Superguy1591- Keep up the fight man!

@Marvel72- Problem with what you said is with "Superman Returns"

It was a terrible movie and only grossed all that money because people naturally like Superman. It doesn't mean the movie or routh for that matter were any good.
DaDeaDmAn - 1/8/2011, 3:33 AM
It is now truly confirmed that the majority of the guys here at CBM are all Marvel Nazi's... You seem to come down harder on all things DC and hate it so much more with so much more passion then you ever show some of the really rotten stuff Fox did to Marvel IP's...
Darkseidis - 1/8/2011, 6:23 AM
I'm more of a fan of the first six or so seasons of Smallville. Then I stopped tuning in for awhile and tried to come back. It was hard, and I'll admit I have kind of stopped watching. Personally I feel they have stretched things out a little longer than they should have and or taken way too many liberties with some characters. Sure, they said they were creating their own universe for the Superman lore, okay fine, but at least leave some resemblance to what was originally there. Now, if they have an episode where this Clark, Tom Welling Clark, gets a glimpse of a different universe where he sees the Superman from our comics, a world where there's a Justice League, or Society rather, where Hawkman wasn't killed before he was Superman. A world where things with Lana was broken off long, long ago. A world where Doomsday actually killed him. Pretty much, a world with the original continuity. It would show people that all along this was in a different Earth universe. Like, Earth 360 or something.
BruceWayneNewton - 1/8/2011, 1:16 PM
I love Smallville and Welling is a great Clark but not even close to a good Superman. Routh dominated that horribly written script and was a great Superman in spite of a god awful director. I'd be okay with a new Superman in MOS as long as it isn't that Italian wolf from True Blood and it isn't that shite actor, Welling. If it is going to be a known actor then I say...ROUTH OR BUST!!!
LP4 - 1/8/2011, 3:55 PM

He had NO dialogue at all. I'm sorry but IF you're trying to say he dominated the role just because he looks like Reeve is weak my friend, it really is. He didn't really DO ANYTHING in the how did he "dominate" it exactly? Look I will give you that technically Routh DID NO REAL ACTING in the yeah in that regard I won't blame him solely anymore. BUT because he did no real acting, you can't just claim then that he had somehow "dominated" the role. That would imply he somehow rose above the rest of the cast and really he didn't. He was very forgettable in the movie. I would say Spacey and Bosworth did real acting.

Damn I'm just waiting for some backup here..."Superguy1591" HELP ME OUT HERE, lol
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