The Gorgeous Geeks Smallville Season 10 "Lazarus" Premiere

The Gorgeous Geeks Smallville Season 10 "Lazarus" Premiere

It's the 10th and final season of Smallville. It's time to take the kid gloves off and be brutally honest.

I did enjoy that the Lex clone mentioned Clark's pride, since this is a belief that Lex Luthor has in the comic books. He believes that Superman loves being the hero and essentially needs it.

I also did enjoy the scene with Johnathan and Clark, but I was expecting the scene while Clark was having a near death experience, so I'm a little annoyed that Clark's "I see dad people" power was never quite explained. Was Johnathan a spirit or was Clark imagining things?

Smallville needs to step it up. This is the last season. Special effects and guest stars is fine, but we need some really great story telling or it'll be a traumatic fall from season 9.
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YourMomNaked - 9/28/2010, 9:41 PM
@gorgeousgeeks..."It's time to take the kid gloves off and be brutally honest." Well, Christina, the fault is with you and your expectations. It's not their job to make sure you are satisfied, that's your mans job ;D The writers are telling a story that takes time to go from point A to point B. I'm not referring to season 1 to season 10, either. Give the writers a chance to tell the season 10 story before moaning about plots and story development. As for being ashamed to think Welling's acting has improved to the point of being seriously considered to play Superman in film, well, who are you comparing it to? Routh's acting? Hamm's acting? Who's your fan cast preference? I use the word PREFERENCE because it implies bias. Criticizing his acting for one scene from Lazarus compared to the entire episode doesn't make any sense. Ever hear the saying, "don't throw the baby out with the bath water?" or "One bad apple spoils the lot?" Well, that's bad logic. Last season Welling's acting really shined. Lazarus had two major scenes where Welling showed he's capable of getting the job done. The dynamics of the Lois and Clark "pen" scene was nicely done. And the Jonathan/Clark inter action was moving. If you watch his eyes (not to seem queer), those scenes draw you into the believability of the performance.

As to the Chloe/Green Arrow hostage trade...let the story develop! Rick Flag doesn't know whether or not she knows more than the Green Arrow. That's a fault of yours. We also know Clark's secret! With your logic, his alter ego is pointless (which isn't the fault of Smallville, but Shuster and Seigel). As far as Flag knows, she's more valuable, because she's Watch Tower. Chloe did what she did because she used Dr. Fates helmet. Not only does she see their future, but she sees her own. Let that story develop, too, before jumping all over it. It'll be so much more enjoyable if you watch instead of arm chair quarterbacking it.

Regarding the old Lex plot development, don't confuse villains by lumping an egotistical mastermind with a lunatic. The Joker was about mass destruction, while Lex is more calculating. His plan was as much about exposing Clark's pride and tormenting him by asking him to selfishly choose Lois over saving the lives of many as it was about it being high profile by sending the globe of Metropolises most famous landmark crashing down. That's classic comic book Luther.

Lastly, almost every critic positively reviewed this episode. Even many of the Smallville detractors on CBM thought it was good. Why do you think that is? Maybe it's because they went into it with an open mind. Maybe it's because the writers ARE using the source material to develop these stories more than ever. I won't repost the "pen" clip or the Jonathan Kent part, but I do suggest you re-watch it with an open mind.
gorgeousgeeks - 9/28/2010, 10:30 PM
I wasn't trying to compare Tom to anyone when talking about his bad acting at the beginning. It was just bad because it was badly delivered and cheesy. There were cheesy things that were in there as a scene, but the delivery and directing are what made the whole moment bad.

But the planting of the bomb on the roof was inconsistent with Lex's goal. He not only wanted Clark to fail, but he wanted the people to see that he had failed. What's worse? The globe falling and maybe hurting a lot of people or setting off a bomb and killing people? Which would make people more disappointed in The Blur? And even if Clark had to choose one, how was this even a choice? You know Lois will die if you don't save her but maybe no one will if the globe falls. It's not like it's a situation in Spiderman when Green Goblin gave Spiderman the option of saving MJ or the children or in Batman 3 when Batman had to choose between Robin and his girlfriend. Villains always come up with the sadistic choice, but this was like no competition. Then Clark said "I saved everybody." Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

But the Chloe trade is something that irks me fundamentally because I think they put too much value on Chloe and even though she's gone, now people are gonna be searching for her until she's found and she made a sacrifice like it's all for love or something when her relationship with Oliver was always pointless because he's supposed to end up with Black Canary.

The pen part was fine. It was something Lois (at least on Smallville) would do because she's bad at keeping secrets and so she's trying to be supportive without giving it away, but she's also making it obvious. However, Clark in the comics and of course on Smallville would be too clueless to get it so he'd just play along.

The part with Jonathan was good too. It for sure ended better than it started.

I will gladly wait to see how the story line plays out, because I do like Smallville and I want this to be an awesome ending. I hope the second episode is way better than this one.
YourMomNaked - 9/29/2010, 6:03 AM
@Gorgeousgeeks...Did Lex want Clark to fail in the eyes of the people or Lois? Ultimately, he wants it all. If Clark chooses Lois, then we have a bitter Lois similar to Dent in TDK or a resentful Clark. Either way, Clark looses Lois emotionally and Lex wins. If he chooses the people (all Clark knew was that there was a bomb @the Daily Planet), then he saves coworkers/strangers but sacrifices his love and looses Lois. Lex wins, again. Clark, out of selfishness, tries to save both and immediately shows pride. Lex wins, yet again. This is likely all still just a test of Jor-El's making and maybe he's still in the afterlife. I hate speculation, but it seems a likely direction and would explain the vision of Jonathan. Either way, it's typical Lex and Jor El. One thing I didn't like was the back pedaling the writers did in allowing Clark to waver, again. Clark allowed himself to be sacrificed for the sake of humanity and the Kandorians in the finale, that was HUGE. Now he's back to being selfish, but I guess he always has been (to a degree) by saving Lois all the time in the comics. Again, it's a Shuster/Seigel thing, I guess.

As for Chloe, I'm glad you admit that its you. The writers created the character so she means something more to them and her fans. I don't like the character either, but I'm not writing for the show. What they did to her makes sense for the story, though. You're still think in terms of canon rather than RETCON. Smallville often twists the DC universe to fit their characters.

@teabag...For the most part, I already stated my opinion in marvelguy's review (, but admittedly, my expectations were pretty high, too. And I felt let down, as well. But that's not the fault of the show, that's my own fault. We see it time and time again with premature fan elation ;) IM2 is a fine example of that (what a disappointment - for other reasons, though). I didn't think it was the greatest nor did I think it was the worst, either. My criticism wasn't over the story line or the acting (as I thought both were good), but with the volume of material they tried to CRAM in all at once. The pacing was rushed. I usually go into every CBM/TV show with the same level of expectation, which is that it's based on a comic book (they are what they are). But this time I was hyped. Nothing would have met that level of anticipation. That said, I think it was a classic Superman tale. The writers just need to slow down and let the magic happen. If it's forced, it'll feel forced. As someone that isn't the biggest Welling/Smallville fan, you have to admit, he/it had some surprisingly good moments ;) I'm glad to see you're at least giving it a shot rather than cutting it down blindly. Much respect!
YourMomNaked - 10/1/2010, 11:40 AM
@teabag...ah, well, you know how that goes...different strokes ;D

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