Why Chloe should have died on "Smallville" in season 8 and not Jimmy (plus more on the future of Chloe)

Why Chloe should have died on "Smallville" in season 8 and not Jimmy (plus more on the future of Chloe)

In season 8, the unthinkable happened there were speculations that someone would die but Jimmy was not one of them. In the season finale Jimmy was killed by David Blume. Superman fans who keep to the legend were outraged. All the while hoping that in an upcoming episode (to keep to the story right) Jimmy will be brought back. Until then, Superman fans wonder why someone who’s been in the story from the beginning is dead?

Chloe Sullivan was never in Superman's chronicled adventures. The actress Allison Mack was only supposed to be on for one season. But that changed. Chloe Sullivan never appeared in any of the comics or the movies. As for Jimmy, he’s been in it since the beginning. Chloe was meant to die in the season 8 finale, not Jimmy. The question, I and many ask, is why didn’t Chloe use her powers to save him like she did with Lois? Chloe was meant to die in the season finale saving Jimmy. However, someone had the bright idea to have her live.
Many say they rather have Chloe live. I understand why people would want that, but they don’t look at the big picture. They are only looking at two sides of the pyramid the past and the present. They are not looking the third side that shows what's going to happen or what they already know is supposed to happen. It may be that they're unsure if Jimmy is alive in the future. I think Chloe will be taken out of the story one of two ways: I don’t think there will be a Chloe when Clark suits up in the red, blue, and yellow. There will be a funeral for Chloe one day or she will be taken out of history completely from Smallville by a villain or by a hero in some situation. That is certain if Jimmy does not come back before the end of the final season, Superman fans will be outraged for its not being true to "Superman."
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JoNathanPetrelli - 9/10/2009, 1:45 PM
The reason Chloe didn't use her healing power on Jimmy is because she lost it when she was infected by Brainiac in Season 7. Remember in the Season Premiere, Odyssey, when Ollie shot Clark with an arrow and Chloe tried to use her power? It didn't work. So she couldn't save Jimmy. And if you have read any comics, then you would know that Jimmy was way too old. Jimmy is 15-17 years old, not 23. Besides, Jimmy was annoying until the last episode. He was out of loop and just plain stupid unitil the last 5 minutes of his life. Oh, and the name is Davis Bloome, not David Blume. David Blume never killed anyone nor was he ever on Smalliville. Davis Bloome was.
flames809 - 9/10/2009, 3:27 PM
she cant die yet she hasent finish her part yet to help clark turn into superman
KEROSENE - 9/10/2009, 6:48 PM
and if any of you actually watched the last episode you would know that the "jimmy" that died was the older brother of the "jimmy" of future superman lore. the younger brother that chloe gives the camera to at the end of the funeral is the "jimmy" that grows up to be the photographer of the daily planet that we all know and love. try to get your facts straight before you post an article about how angry all the fans are.
TheBumblingIdiot - 9/11/2009, 3:29 AM
jo's right and so's KEROSENE and Chloe will die this season
dellamorte1872 - 9/11/2009, 7:01 AM
i dont watch SMALLVILLE so i'm trying to understand, there are two brothers, both named "jimmy" one dies, and the other who's however old grows up to be the "jimmy" from the future?
LEEE777 - 9/11/2009, 8:23 AM
CHLOE should've bit the bullet!!!

Damn why wont she [frick] off outta SMALLVILLE lol, seriosly lame character that needed to go since atleast season 2 or 3!!! ;)

JAMES @ Great article man, thumbs up!
dellamorte1872 - 9/11/2009, 8:44 AM
i never watch SMALLLVILLE why is CHLOE still alive every season they say she'll die, shit they killed that LANA right?
Spilox - 9/11/2009, 10:27 AM
They didn't kill lana, she left smallville, came back, got super powers and left again. I know lame.

But chloe is gonna be watchtower. I think if/when she dies, her brain is gonna be uploaded bij Cyborg (don't ask me how) and put in a computer, wich ultimatally becomes the watchtower we all know.
TheBumblingIdiot - 9/11/2009, 6:01 PM
Liked Lane at the begining hate her now like Chloe i think shes cute and smart witch is hard to find in a actres
silentjay - 9/11/2009, 10:02 PM
SO true...smallville has a thing for paying homage to Superman lore so you have to give them credit for using as much as their allowed to use to talk about Superman. They can be literal about so they have achieve the true lore by incorporating things fans will notice and know that its true. And the younger jimmy is proof of that. Cant wait for the 25th
InstigatorGIRL - 9/12/2009, 9:50 PM
@Spilox I had that theory too. ^_^ I honestly feel thats where this is going is that she will be like what Jor-el is to the Fortress.
TheUnknown - 9/12/2009, 11:45 PM
I thought she was going to die back when Lois was introduced, oh well. I didn't really like Jimmy, plus (maybe I missed it) but wasn't he addicted to pain medication or was that just a one episode thing?
darthstern - 9/13/2009, 2:53 AM
i always thought they were going to do the old switcharo
with lois and chole like kill lois and have chole take her name for some reason. they hinted at it in seaason three but then let it slide and never went with the idea
Spilox - 9/13/2009, 8:09 AM
@ InstagatorGIRL Exactally! i hope they'll go down that road. Cause i don't see much use for Chloe anymore :D.
CaptainCanada - 9/13/2009, 8:48 AM
There trying to make this season clarks darkest hour and how he kinda turns away from his humanity and cuts his ties and just becomes a hero in the shadows(which we all know isnt superman). I think chloe will die at the end of this season and they'll set that death up in some way as to set clark back on his true path
InstigatorGIRL - 9/13/2009, 9:15 AM
I dunno. I would think that Chloe dyin would make the situation worst I mean if Jimmy dying put him in the state he was in IMAGINE if Chloe dies. No, I think Chloe will die but it will involve her giving her life for someone or what not and I don't know when they will do so because everyone has been saying She will die this season for the last few seasons, plus Lois will help bring Clark to the hero he will be.
flames809 - 9/13/2009, 7:22 PM
everyone knows Chloe will die and everyone knows every hero has there darkest hour but Wat is superman darkest hour with out doomsday which is the only thing i find dark in superman
scrivo29 - 9/26/2009, 1:23 PM
first its davis bloome and i agree chloe will die this season
scrivo29 - 9/26/2009, 1:29 PM
oh and by the way jimmie startede in season 6 or 7 not from the start and jimmys real name is henry his little bro will be future jimmy if u look at the supes films clark kent is older then jimmy if u actually watch it u would know it
SoratheKey - 9/26/2009, 1:40 PM
Actually every thing mentioned was right....

When it was "spoiled" that two characters were going to die, it was the obvious choice that 3 characters in the series could be the ones who died: Tess, Davis and Chloe...

Now I say that the best option would have been to kill Tess and Davis and neither Jimmy nor Chloe...

Jimmy Olsen is only good when he has a story, he was a photographer, a spy, Kara's confidant and Chloe's boyfriend. So he wasn't out of the loop he had an important role in the show.

Honestly up to the episode LEGION the show's status dropped and it was less interesting than before not only making Chloe a pain but also an expectation of Clark VS Doomsday that ended in a bum...

So NO Jimmy should have not died and NO maybe he wasn't age appropriate but the character was captured well by the actor and the Superman persona and story only exists with a Lois, a Clark, a Perry and Jimmy....
aaronlp - 4/21/2010, 10:52 AM
Ok yes if your a superman fan it should have been that way but its so better story telling this way it makes it a great show chloes been hear since the begining ok and at least perry whites comming back in season 10 alright like the directors said "its a different look on superman" a better one

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