FAN MADE: Man Of Steel Teaser Trailer

FAN MADE: <i>Man Of Steel</i> Teaser Trailer

I came across this impressive fan teaser for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot. It's basically just a recreation of the opening sequence from the previous movies but resists the urge to use the classic theme. Check it out..

The following fan teaser was put together by professional editor Julian Francis Adderley. The images are from the opening of the Jodie Foster movie Contact, only reversed and chopped up a bit. I'm not sure what the music is from but I think you'l agree it works brilliantly..

Very nice. The only thing I don't like are the "faster than a speeding bullet" subtitles. I know they are classic and maybe even iconic but imo they have become a bit stale. I guess it works fine for the purposes of a fan trailer but I wouldn't like to see them referenced in anything official from the movie unless it was with a wink and a nod. What do you guys think?

Just as a little addition, here are a couple of shots of Michael Shannon arriving on set courtesy of OLV. As you can see he isn't sporting facial hair for the role as he appeared to be in the other pics of him in his Zod costume. Was it a fake beard? Highly unlikely. Hmmmm..

Via MOS Facebook page


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TopCat89 - 9/19/2011, 6:49 AM
For fan made, not bad at all!
StrangerX - 9/19/2011, 6:51 AM
For a fan made trailer it's cool
NOLANITE - 9/19/2011, 7:01 AM
So what movie is this for?
Thomas the train engine and friends?
ManofSteel23 - 9/19/2011, 7:06 AM
the ''leap buildings in a single bound'' quote,is actually from where they didnt intend for him to fly...just jump really high lol crap
ComicBookGoth - 9/19/2011, 7:06 AM
SuperSomething616 - 9/19/2011, 7:12 AM
Ok why do people think that everything to do with superman is outdated...yes ground him more in reality and take away his outdated boyscoutish characteristics...even take away his inside out trunks...

But take away his quotes...come one!! Really?

That'd be like taking away Spidermans "With Great Power...Comes Great Responsibility"

The only thing outdated about this trailer was the planets zipping by...been there done that with the Reeve films...
BIGBMH - 9/19/2011, 7:35 AM
It's decent work for a teaser, but I think it unintentionally emphasized how ugly the S symobl is in this movie.
write33 - 9/19/2011, 7:39 AM
i dig it as a teaser............... because it didn't use Williams' score!!! the music fit, but was a break from the Donner films, which is what I'm hoping for. good stuff...... crazy to think that by Super Bowl (hopefully) we get a real teaser!
mbomb22 - 9/19/2011, 7:43 AM
@Bigbmh-i agree. it is a good teaser, but the S symbol for this movie is ugly. it kinda looks like the original symbol but given a more modern...tweak or something.
AlexDeLarge87 - 9/19/2011, 7:45 AM
Music was the best thing in the whole teaser
JWStubner - 9/19/2011, 7:50 AM
where's INTRUDER to bash even a DC fan made trailer? You'd think that dude would be all over this talking about how Marvel's fan made trailers are better and that this one is a "complete disaster"
SPACEDout - 9/19/2011, 7:58 AM
isn't bad, but i have seen better ones.
DarrkEvil - 9/19/2011, 8:09 AM
not bad !
NOLANITE - 9/19/2011, 8:59 AM
Oh truder truder where art thou truder? Come on out and play? Or maybe your all out of ur can of stupidness?
Ancar - 9/19/2011, 9:00 AM
Meh - too ,uch ado about nothing!
aaronite1999 - 9/19/2011, 9:23 AM
Kind of wish this guy did the credits for Superman Returns, it's far more fitting than what they actually used!
triation - 9/19/2011, 9:40 AM
good teaser
SomCin - 9/19/2011, 9:43 AM
Very good! Thanks!
Superman8 - 9/19/2011, 9:54 AM
Looks just like the opening credits for Superman Returns only with different music and subtitles.

nothing exciting here but the new shield.
SHHH - 9/19/2011, 10:53 AM
Perfect For A Teaser...
MaddMonkk - 9/19/2011, 11:10 AM
tough crowd! it was pretty cool. I think we ain't goona be happy until we see Superman knock a Zod in to orbit.
drfate - 9/19/2011, 11:11 AM
MaddMonkk - 9/19/2011, 11:12 AM
Shannon has started filming the BUNKER film short!!!
AC1 - 9/19/2011, 11:57 AM
that gave me chills (mainly the music)... if anything can replace the John Williams score for the reboot, it's that. The subtitles were kinda cheesy, but I can easily ignore them.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 9/19/2011, 12:02 PM

Calm the hell down
AGENTJAY1130 - 9/19/2011, 12:29 PM
blueorangeny - 9/19/2011, 1:31 PM
Yea that was kind of weak to be honest. Decent effort but weak, at least he or she tried right.

The real question is...when do you guys expect an official teaser and what do you guys think it would look like?

Jimdlux - 9/19/2011, 1:59 PM
Action - 9/19/2011, 2:13 PM
That was pretty good. I love the music, it was very inspirational. I'm glad zack snyder will be behind the actual movie.
superbatspiderman - 9/19/2011, 2:14 PM
I don't know what the hell is wrong with everyone who is hating on this because I thought it was awesome. The music was especially awesome in it and what song was that? You should have had the John Williams score in there tho because that still needs to be in this film.
stumbleMaster57 - 9/19/2011, 4:06 PM
Why are you guys freaking out. IT IS FAN MADE! jesus.
Super12 - 9/19/2011, 7:41 PM
Are you kidding? This was GREAT. I would love to see that teaser in theaters
darthstern - 9/19/2011, 11:11 PM
i hate that able to leap tall buildings in a single bound crap. that line was made before supes could fly why leap a tall building when you can just fly over it, very dated
JustinMSalvato - 9/20/2011, 3:32 PM
That was very lame. Even for a fan made trailer.
JustinMSalvato - 9/20/2011, 3:35 PM

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