MAN OF STEEL New Easter Eggs!

MAN OF STEEL New Easter Eggs!

High-Definition Look at ‘Man of Steel’ Easter eggs, including Booster Gold, Cyborg, Batman, Watchmen and more! Check it out after the jump!

‘Man of Steel’ Easter Eggs - STAR LABS (Cyborg?)

‘Man of Steel’ Easter Eggs - WATCHMEN

‘Man of Steel’ Easter Eggs - LEXCORP

‘Man of Steel’ Easter Eggs - BATMAN

‘Man of Steel’ Easter Eggs - BOOSTER GOLD (BLAZE COMICS)

‘Man of Steel’ Easter Eggs - BRAINIAC?

‘Man of Steel’ Easter Eggs - UTOPIA CASINO/TONY GALLO

‘Man of Steel’ Easter Eggs - WGBS NEWS

‘Man of Steel’ Easter Eggs - CHRISTOPHER REEVE???

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nowtheresaBATman - 10/16/2013, 11:05 PM
Loved this movie. Can't wait to watch it again.

Great catch on the Watchmen :)
l0rdleg0las - 10/16/2013, 11:08 PM
Wow, I applaud those who go through movies with a fine tooth comb to find easter eggs like this. that Keep Calm and Call Batman find is awesome. I didn't even see the Wayne satellite easter egg while watching the movie.

arkhamknight - 10/16/2013, 11:12 PM
Nice! I didn't know about the Watchmen one. That's awesome.
HavocPrime - 10/16/2013, 11:16 PM
Oh wow I did not catch that Brainiac and Star Labs one, where does the Brainiac hint take place? Anyone know?
ItsATrap - 10/16/2013, 11:37 PM
Wow, I missed a bunch of these. The STAR labs one i knew about, but could never find. the Watchmen and "call batman" ones were completely new to me - i had no idea they existed until now. awesome find!
ReeferInferno - 10/16/2013, 11:51 PM
Really bad film, atrocious dialogue, I was so disappointed as this was my most anticipated film of 2013.
Moohika - 10/16/2013, 11:59 PM
Awesome, can't wait to buy it on blu-ray
MisterMagurlypse - 10/17/2013, 12:00 AM
That's pretty cool. I seen MoS twice in the theater and I could never catch that Keep Calm and Call Batman poster. I thought there was a radio station one that was somehow connected to Darkseid too.
alex4everdn - 10/17/2013, 12:08 AM
@MisterMagurlypse Yeap!! I just updated the post!
TheOneAboveAll - 10/17/2013, 12:12 AM
Everyone knows to call Batman instead of Superman
MrReese - 10/17/2013, 12:41 AM
CBM of the yr so far.
acheronmagnuz - 10/17/2013, 12:50 AM
I was looking for that "Call Batman" poster ever since I heard of it. Nice catch!
loki668 - 10/17/2013, 12:57 AM
ReeferInferno does NOT like easter eggs!!

SnapperCarr - 10/17/2013, 1:55 AM
Didn't notice the STAR Labs one.

And by the way STAR Labs isn't just for Cyborg.
AmazingFantasy - 10/17/2013, 2:10 AM
Wow amazing
SuperCat - 10/17/2013, 3:41 AM
Nice find! Love this movie.
Prime - 10/17/2013, 3:59 AM
Star Labs is part of Superman's world.
blvdnoise - 10/17/2013, 4:07 AM
Ha! The Watchmen
EpitomeofAwesome - 10/17/2013, 4:46 AM
Nice easter eggs
Ace101 - 10/17/2013, 4:46 AM
i dont know how people spotted these were shown during fight scenes the moved so quickly, the only one i manged to see was lexcorp on the tanker truck.
Zordan - 10/17/2013, 4:51 AM
i saw some of this but didnt know the meaning... i saw that first lex corp truck long time ago... full hd baby :)
Pokeysteve - 10/17/2013, 4:52 AM
Yeah none of these are new.
Nubase - 10/17/2013, 5:07 AM
I saw the wayne satellite first time around and it was not hard not too cos l watched on imax and it was pretty easy to see a massive W on the satellite.

As for star labs l only notice that by dialogue when the scientist mentioned it, also l heard trident being mentioned.

l'm sure there loads more, once the blu ray comes out many more will appear.

The watchmen and the batman poster is pretty cool though
RichardBoldly - 10/17/2013, 5:10 AM
GliderMan - 10/17/2013, 5:18 AM
MexicanSuperman - 10/17/2013, 5:20 AM
I knew the world engine had something to do with Brainiac. I hope Lex Luther get the remains on the world engine and finds Brainiac, which leds in the next Superman film after the Superman/Batman film.
jasonicus - 10/17/2013, 5:21 AM
The Reeve one has already been debunked. And the Braniac one is reaching.
Folchibas - 10/17/2013, 5:25 AM
jasonicus - agreed. The Braniac one is far reaching for sure
ctsketch - 10/17/2013, 5:28 AM
Holy crap, that's a lot of Easter egg
soldier1 - 10/17/2013, 5:32 AM
Did anyone catch the code word "trident" in the movie??Possibly reference to Aquaman?
CyberBishop - 10/17/2013, 5:33 AM
I really liked the movie and now when the blu ray comes out I will have to look for these scenes.
siggisuperman - 10/17/2013, 5:39 AM
I loved the movie. Not really an easter egg but When supes and Zod are fighting at the construction site there is a sign that says "207 days without incident" and then supes hits the sign making the 2 and 7 fall off, turning it to 0 days without incident
revloveR - 10/17/2013, 5:40 AM
i heard that the reeve one isn't real, but [frick] that i choose to believe it.
Prime - 10/17/2013, 5:40 AM
We are asking about the Easter egg MAC, don't bring that shit up.
revloveR - 10/17/2013, 5:41 AM
@soldier!, yeah from general swanwick. also, after the oil rigged exploded, we saw all those sea creatures. coulda been aquaman doing some eco terrorism.
TheVirgin - 10/17/2013, 5:46 AM
MOS is a great movie. The critics were too harsh...
Mothchild - 10/17/2013, 5:52 AM
@ AyamAgsa I agree.

Can't wait for the production to start on Supes vs Bats.
thewolveRAYne - 10/17/2013, 6:03 AM
I love the Reeves reference
MexicanSuperman - 10/17/2013, 6:04 AM
@MartianAbominationClone, we get it already, so shut up now. Every fricking MOS article you b!/@# about the script. Get over it. You can't change anything about it anyways.
ManDeth - 10/17/2013, 6:06 AM
The title itself 'Man Of Steel' is the largest easter egg. It connects the movie to Shaq's 'Steel' film.
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