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After a first pic of Henry Cavill as Superman was released I was reading other people's opinion on how they felt about it. and now here's mine.
Zack Snyder gives us the Superman that Bryan Singer failed to do six years ago
The scout for the upcoming Man of Steel gives away some details on the action sequence taking place in Plano, Illinois ,a.k.a. Smallvile in the upcoming Superman film "Man of Steel"
In an interview with io9, our new Superman speaks a little about preparing for Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel by revealing which comics he has been reading to get himself ready for donning the blue n red..
Could the upcoming "Man of Steel" be the best CBM we've ever seen? Hit the jump for my opinion!
Zack Snyder's production of Man of Steel is gearing up to start in late August and a new report says that they are going to use a portion of highway in Illinois as one of their filming locations.
My opinions on what the upcoming feature film from Zach Snyder needs in order to be the greatest CBM of all time!
Looks like Smallville might've gone through a tornado based on these incomplete sets. Or, quite possibly something super had something to do with it! Check it out.
My take on why "The Man of Steel" NEEDS Christopher Nolan as its primary writer.
Attention: The casting directors for the new "Superman" movie are hosting a casting call at 10am - 2pm (CST) today, at the Chicago Fire Museum. Click link for more info...
Most of us figured it was a foregone conclusion that Superman's most famous nemesis would be making an appearance in the upcoming reboot, but from what we hear this may not be the case..
As the upcoming Zack Snyder movie project is moving forward, rumors of the possible budget that is used for the movie have surfaced. Hit the jump to check it out!
Follow the jump to check out some minor yet well-compiled SPECULATION for the Superman Reboot I found...
If you had the power to create the new look for Superman's costume for the new film, how would it look?
New pictures of Superman Henry Cavill
Lindsay Lohan, rumored for a role in the upcoming Superman reboot, was sentenced to 120 days in jail today after a Judge convicted her of stealing a necklace. Is this the last word on Lohan and the Man of Steel?...
Could we be seeing a new version of The Fortress Of Solitude in 'Man Of Steel'? Maybe..Check it out.
The latest rumor surrounding the troubled actresses' association with Zack Snyder's Superman reboot has her linked to the role of Lana Lang...
Just my description of how I think the movie "Man of Steel" could work.
Coming off the rumor yesterday reporting that Harris, we now have confirmation that he has indeed met with Snyder, and has already gone through several stages of auditioning. Click here to read more...
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