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Man of Steel has divided Superman fans, CBM fans, and the general audience. Please help me collect information for a research article about how this movie has affected you. - Tstubbs
Man Of Steel had a better story than Iron Man 3! Find out why after the jump. - Daryda2009
High-Definition Look at ‘Man of Steel’ details, hit after the jump to see if you noticed them. - Supermanofsteel
High-Definition Look at ‘Man of Steel’ Easter eggs, including Booster Gold, Cyborg, Batman, Watchmen and more! Check it out after the jump! - alex4everdn
Has no one mentioned this yet? Or at least put it together? There's a giant easter egg in Man of Steel that seems to have both kryptonite and a possible lead towards Batman vs. Superman. - InvertedSpidey444
For decades and decades, comic book fans from across the globe have been debating who would win in an all-out brawl between the two heroes: Batman vs. Superman! Could this editorial introduce this argument to it's conclusion? Read on to find out! - Superior
Okay straight to the point...MARVEL SUCKS!!!! Okay now that we got that out of the way...oh wait that's just my opinion no wait they do suck. - smallvilleparks1932
WB's Man of Steel has one more international premiere left, Japan. Watch the Q&A portion of the press conference ahead of the Tokyo premiere for the film which includes Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder and Charles Roven. - MarkJulian
In order to portray Batman correctly in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, director Zack Snyder needs to follow these rules - TheBatglare
I have done some brainstorming about how Bruce Wayne could be introduced to the Man Of Steel Series and eventually a Justice League Film - cclass0623
HISHE present their thoughts on how Zack Snyder's polarizing Superman reboot really should have ended in the humorous animated effort. Check it out after the jump.. - TopCat89
Man of Steel flew past the $600M mark this weekend. Details after the jump! - LTTOBTS
My apologies to anyone who hasn't seen the movie "Man of Steel". I kind of spoiled one particular scene with my title. And from here on, I will refer to the movie as "MOS". I apologize again for the minor spoiler I am going to elaborate more on.

I know I will get flamed for my views here, but with editorial after editorial declaring that Superman killing is OK I figured I'd give a view for the other side on why it's not. - Knight
The immensely talented conceptual artist, Ed Natividad (Oblivion & The Amazing Spider-Man), has updated his website with early Man Of Steel concept art that features alternate designs for General Zod's (Michael Shannon) armor. A must see! - nailbiter111
Costume illustrator, Keith Christensen (Oblivion & G.I. Joe: Retaliation), spent seven months working on Zack Snyder's Superman film, Man Of Steel. Helping to create Krptonian costumes for Jor-El, Faora, and General Zod. Hit the jump to check it out. - nailbiter111
The collector's edition of Man Of Steel will only have 35,000 available. Check out the packaging after the jump. - LTTOBTS
a new video has surfaced and explains how was the process of krypton's language. Hit the jump for more details - Supermanofsteel
Man Of Steel continues to polarize cinema goers and critics alike with valid arguments on both sides. Though it is by no stretch a terrible film, let’s take a look at what didn’t quite work with Warner Bro's and DC's most recent adaptation. Hit the jump, check it out. - MrSundayMovies
Better late than never! Zack Snyder's modern twist on Superman has finally arrived in cinemas, but is it an explosive, action-packed triumph or a muddled disappointment? staypuffed reviews! - staypuffed
In 2006, Superman returns to the big screen in the movie appropriately titled, "Superman Returns". one cared. Movie quality aside, the general public has spoken - Grampa Superman is just not cool anymore - he's stuck in time while the world moves on to be charmed by the Dark Knight's raspy voice. Then Christopher Nolan (and others) comes along determined to prove us wrong. Fast forward to 2013, a trailer for a new Superman movie called Man of Steel is released then suddenly Superman is all the rage again. The hip kids with their Avengers T-shirts and Bane imitations stopped for a moment to lo-and-behold. Did it live up to the hype? Let me review. - dbatman
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