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Check out my advanced review for Man Of Steel.
Everyone, from Snyder to Cavil has admitted that Man of Steel is a Snyder Movie, and that Nolan was rarely ever there. Nolan himself admitted this, and yet his hardcore fanboys, the Nolanites, constantly praised him when they thought Man of Steel would be critically acclaimed. Well on Man of Steel sits at 66% with an average rating of 6.8. Now what?
During a press junket for Zack Snyder's latest flick, Collider caught up with producer Charles Roven, getting the chance to talk about the film's script, how it compares with other blockbusters, as well as the upcoming World of Warcraft film to which he is also producing. Check it out!
For DC fans at least, Zack Snyder's Superman reboot is arguably WB's most anticipated movie ever -- especially since it will serve as the launching pad for a shared movie universe. Did Man Of Steel live up to lofty expectations? Read on for my take. Mild SPOILERS..
A list of the things that I'm looking forward to with Man of Steel and the things that I have a feeling might be a disappointment.
The press embargo has lifted! The first batch of reviews for Man Of Steel are finally in. Mild spoilers ahead. Tread with extreme caution.
Later today reviews are going to start rolling in tonight. Until then, check out this piece by Christian Post after the jump.
Kevin Smith has some advice for DC Comics and Warner Bros when making DC related movies... Copy Marvel. Yup. And he hopes that starts with this week's Superman relaunch, Man of Steel. Hit the jump to find out what he says...
Here we have a much longer version of the "you let them handcuff you?" clip from Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel, featuring Supes and Lois chatting each other up, only to be interrupted by Dr. Emil Hamilton (Richard Schiff).
Sunday to Sunday aims to take a light hearted look at the week’s movie news, comic book related or otherwise. This episode covers all things Man Of Steel, The Hobbit Pt 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Lone Ranger, X-Men, Insidious Chapter 2 and more! Hit the jump to see what it’s all about.
"Welcome to the Planet!" Man Of Steel review, No Apologies!
A shredding cover of the hans zimmer score!
An update on the filming progress of The Raid 2, James Gunn and Edgar Wright trade Marvel secrets Gunn also meets a furry bandit in unrelated news...or is it. Plus, another Man of Steel interview with director Zack Snyder.
When Russell found out he had to wear Spandex...Hit the jump to find out why!
A full 46 minute press conference of Man of Steel is now online in amazing quality. Check it out after the jump!
Man Of Steel has has beaten "The Lorax" in record held for a movie with most promotional partners. Read on for details.
CHRYSLER UK, the official car partner for Warner Bros. Upcoming summer blockbuster "Man Of Steel" have unveiled two new cars in their Promotional tie ins for the movie. Read more after the jump!
The Man of Steel talks a potential Justice League movie with Brainiac and Doomsday! Hit the jump for details.
Since production and BTS stills from Man Of Steel leaked online two years ago, a subject that has captured the interest of most fan has been the character dubbed "Mo-cap Man". Who is he really? Find out after the jump!
David S. Goyer recently sat down with SuperheroHype to discuss many things about Man Of Steel. During the interview, a few interesting things were said. So hit the jump to check it out!
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