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A while ago a new still from Man of Steel debut that showed Superman in the desert surrounded by the Military. Now, check out this new photo from the film that is similar, but offers up a full body shot of the character.
Man Of Steel screen writer, David Goyer, recently sat down to talk about the film. While a wide range of topics were discussed, the one that stood out was a tease that Lex Luthor just might find his way in to the movie.
The wait is almost over! The promotional tour for Man Of Steel will be gearing up starting next week when when star of the film, Henry Cavill, starts a three month promotional tour in Japan.
Some new, low-res, promo images from the upcoming Superman film, Man Of Steel have found their way online. Click here to take a look at Henry Cavill sans the Supersuit, as well as new shots of Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, and Diane Lane for a magazine spread.
A lot of people have been up in arms thinking that Jimmy Olsen would be replaced in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel by a female version of the character named Jenny. While Jenny will be in the movie, she is not replacing Jimmy.
A new behind the scenes photo has been sent our way from the upcoming Zack Snyder directed Superman movie, Man Of Steel. The photo features Henry Cavill in full Supersuit, along with Michael Shannon. Warning may be considered a little spoilerish.
While we have seen her in blurry set photos, we haven't really got a good look at Faora, one of the upcoming villains in Man Of Steel. Now, Mattel has debuted the first look at here via their Movie Masters toy collection. Click here to check it out!
The second trailer for Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel was met with a lot of praise, and left audiences wanting more. Now, a source has confirmed to me that we will in fact get another trailer in April, as well as be provided with some small details on advanced ticket sales.
Check out some concept designs for the Man Of Steel standees you'll be seeing in theaters everywhere pretty soon. Keep in mind these designs may change and aren't definitely even using images from the new movie, but the concepts may remain the same.
A new report is out that says Zack Snyder's new Superman film, Man Of Steel, is getting help from its upcoming toy lines. The Demand is so high that it rivals that of Christopher Nolan's last Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.
The comic book writer and proprietor of Millarworld has strong praise for Henry Cavill's Superman visage. He also revisits a few previous iterations of the character and echoes the same sentiments that the majority of fans voice when it comes to the past television and cinematic depictions of Superman.
Check out brand new stills from Empire Magazine's March Issue which is devoted to Warner Bros.' new Superman film, Man of Steel. The magazine features our first official looks at Jor-El and...Zod. Continue on to view.
A couple of days ago, a new rumor popped up that said an actor from a classic Superman movie or TV show would be making a cameo appearance in Man Of Steel. However, did set photos taken from the Chicago shoot reveal just who the cameo might be? Click here to take a look.
I had a happy surprise when I went to see “Django Unchained.” Not the movie itself, which I consider the equivalent of a bloated, particularly bad episode of “The Dukes Of Hazzard,” but in one of the trailers.
While talking about the latest animated feature he directed, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, Jay Oliva talked a little bit about drawing storyboards for Warner Brother's next superhero movie, Man Of Steel, and said that the film will contain a lot of action sequences.
Some new toys have been revealed for Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman movie Man Of Steel, and they give us some new promo images of Henry Cavill as Superman, as well as a look at what Zod's costumes will look like in the movie.
While at the Sundance Film Festival, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was asked about the rumor of him appearing in Man Of Steel as Batman. He also talks about being excited for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.
DC Collectibles will be releasing a new statue to go along with Zack Snyder's new Superman movie Man Of Steel. Today they have released the first image of the statue that features Henry Cavill's likeness.
Looking to squeeze as much as they can out of of the movie, DC is looking to use Man Of Steel to promote other Superman books and characters, and also look to announce the tie-in comic for the film sometime in February.
After the trailer release, the buzz for Man Of Steel is at an all time high. Looking to capitalize on the buzz, Warner Brothers has released a new photo from the movie that features Superman and the military.
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