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We still have a while to wait for the movie, but according to composer Tom Holkenborg, the musical score for Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel, which is being composed by Hans Zimmer, has been completed.
The Dark Knight Trilogy director, Christopher Nolan, is working with Warner Brothers and DC Comics again by producing Zack Snyder's Superman tale Man Of Steel, which he says is more of a task to develop than what Batman was.
Superman and Batman discusses about the new Man of Steel trailer...
Last week Warner Brothers unleashed the new Man Of Steel trailer on the world, and it was met with joy and praise. Check out this short list I complied that should get you even more excited to see Superman make his return to the big screen.
A while ago a rumor was floating around that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will have a cameo in the upcoming Zack Snyder Superman Film Man of Steel, and then JGL's reps shot it down. Well, now Christopher Nolan is keeping it alive by saying nothing at all.
An explosive new Man of Steel trailer has just been released featuring plenty of new footage of Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill's vision for the Last Son of Krypton.
While chatting about Les Miserables Russell Crowe talked a little bit about what he hopes to inspire in a younger audience when he plays Superman's birth father Jor-El in the upcoming Zack Snyder movie Man Of Steel.
A good while ago a rumor did the rounds that the Battlestar Galactica actor would make an appearance in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, but now it would seem to have been confirmed - and there's a SLIM chance he could be playing Metallo!..
While talking about about the upcoming Ultimate Cut of The Watchman, Zack Snyder talked a little bit about Man Of Steel, and taking him more serious than previous movies have. Click here to check it out.
Want to know exactly who or what "Black Zero" is? What type of back-up General Zod will be bringing to Earth with him? Then click ahead, but if you want to stay completely SPOILER free I would give it a miss..
Goyer talks Man of Steel, says he and Christopher Nolan will bring the same 'naturalistic approach' they used on Batman. Do you guys think that same approach will work for a Kryptonian alien who flies and shoots laser beams out of his eyes?
Some more from the lovely Miss Adams on playing Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot here. The Trouble With The Curve actress reveals one of the reasons why she accepted the highly sought after role in the first place..
We haven’t heard much of Amy Adams role as Superman’s iconic love interest in a while. But now Amy Adams reveals some Minor details of what is her take on playing Lois Lane.
A user from the SHH forums claims to have some details on one of the super-powered smackdowns from Zack Snyder's reboot. If it's on the level, Supes doesn't do too well against female Kryptonian Faora.
Amy Adams, co-star of the upcoming "Man Of Steel", discusses her role as Lois Lane and why she felt intimidated
Things on the Man Of Steel front have been pretty quiet lately, until now. A new description of some concept art has been posted online that contains some plot details for the film. WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!
"We decided to act as if no Superman film had been made - even though we love the films that have been made." --Zack Snyder
The San Diego Comic Con trailer for Man of Steel, that will most likely be removed in due course, has been uploaded again. Hit the jump and be quick!
The first teaser for Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel was just released in front of The Dark Knight Rises. Now rumor has it that the full length trailer could be released a head of another blockbuster movie that will be released in December.
"They can be a great people Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way..." Zack Snyder's Man of Steel with a classic touch.
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