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MAN OF STEEL Kryptonian armor for Jor-El and Faora plus, get a super close look at the new Superman suit in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. - MarkJulian
Here's a recap of all the top news stories from the past week. Catch up on any headlines you may have missed on The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel and DC Comics, and More! - MarkJulian
Why we need to stop forgetting about Superman: Man of Steel, and pay more attention to this promising franchise! - CaptainDC
There are many changes to our favorite comic book characters and stories once they hit the big screen but nothing brings out the hate better then changing the skin color of known characters. Spider-Man (although it's not Peter Parker) and Heimdall are prime examples. So is the world ready for a black Perry White? - NextHero08
Six Superman movies, but only two enemies that come from the comics? (first editorial, so any and all feedback is appreciated) - Thanos005
Michael Wilkinson spoke at the 5D | FLUX conference earlier this week, and dropped a few tidbits regarding Superman's iconic "S" costume design and how it will tie in to Krypton's history.. - RorMachine
Check out Christopher Meloni on the set of Man Of Steel as Colonel Hardy. - Superman9859
Well this is a tad bit unexpected. Why is it that Superman and his daddy needed scuba lessons for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel? - nailbiter111
A poster I made for the upcoming film. - SkinnyGlasses
Confirmation has come in that young Jadin Gould has been cast in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman tale Man of Steel as a younger version of Clark's high school sweetheart Lana Lang. - WaylonJones
Cavill was snapped in his Superman costume posing with a young fan on the Union Station set in Chicago, which is doubling for Metropolis Central Station.. - RorMachine
A new rumor has hit that Zack Snyder has cast a young Clark Kent and Lana Lang for his upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel. Click here for Details. - WaylonJones
Man Of Steel has wrapped in Vancouver and Zack Snyder along with his production team used an old Superman slogan as a way of saying thank you to the city. Click here to check it out. - WaylonJones
It turns out that the new General Zod doesn't really care all that much for comic books. Hit the jump to hear more about that as well as why dropping a few too many Man of Steel details has landed him in hot water with Warner Bros. - JoshWilding
Zack Snyder and co resumed filming earlier today in North Vancouver, and we have a few snaps of a scene involving Pa Kent and the family farm.. - RorMachine
In a report from last September which was somehow missed, a Chicago resident spotted a sign which potentially reveals a fairly major spoiler in regards to the fallout of some sort of battle in Metropolis. - JoshWilding
man of steel is the main topic in newest sfx magazine... but are these colors going to be the "real" ones in the movie? - Supermanofsteel
Has young actor Cooper Timberline been cast as a 9 year old Kent in Zack Snyder's reboot? Nothing verified yet but if he has that means that we will indeed be seeing flashbacks to Clark's youth.. - RorMachine
The man who is set out to play Superman in Zach Snyder's Man Of Steel, Henry Cavill, recently found out that he was going to be turned into an action figure for the film's release. Hit the jump for more! - TheSpaceGhost
Check out this artistic looking fan made poster for Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman movie, Man Of Steel, featuring Henry Cavill with cape blowing in the wind. - WaylonJones
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